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Software TitleDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Power
Blue Cat's Dynamics v3.32

All-in-one dynamics processor. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo DemonstrationFriday, March 21, 201440db
BlackBox-Keyboards v1.0

Provides several high quality keyboards in a single plug-in. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationTuesday, April 1, 200840db
Infinite Groove v1.0.4

Live drum loop virtual instrument. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationFriday, June 1, 200740db
UFO v1.0

Software synthesizer. [VST]

SharewareWednesday, July 11, 200740db

MaxxBass is a winner product at the European IT Prize and MacWorld.

Demo DemonstrationWednesday, November 4, 199840db
Epure v3.0.34

5-band equalizer. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo DemonstrationFriday, July 26, 201340db
Modal Ear X v1.7

Helps you write and play music

SharewareTuesday, August 16, 200540db

Intelligent equalizer plug-in that helps you discover the EQ settings that sound best to you [VST]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, February 17, 201140db
UniQ v1.0

High-quality 4-band 'instant results' EQ. [VST]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, June 26, 200840db
Logic Express

Create your own music using an advanced spectrum of features and tools for computer based music production.

CellSynth with ReWire 1.7

CD-quality soft synth with step & automation sequencing.

SharewareMonday, April 1, 200240db
Erectifier v1.0

Works as a doubler, demented phaser or exciter. [VST]

Freeware FreeMonday, March 16, 200940db
DJ Library v1.0.6

Song database software for DJs.

SharewareThursday, September 29, 200540db

An AudioUnit Instrument Plugin That Does Nothing

Freeware FreeThursday, August 26, 200440db

Stereo chorus.

Freeware FreeMonday, February 7, 200540db
String v1.14.8

Emulates the beautiful sound of the polyphonic string synthesizer. [VST/AU/RTAS/STANDALONE]

Demo DemonstrationFriday, June 13, 201440db
SqakAttack v1.0

MIDI controlled buffer synth. [VST]

Freeware FreeFriday, February 2, 200740db
Sonic Sweet v1.0

Plugin suite that consists of Sonic, Harmonic and Loudness Maximizer. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo TrialMonday, January 25, 201040db
Patterns X 1.8

Melodic shapes and patterns are created for use as practice materials.

SharewareFriday, March 11, 200540db
W735 EQ v1.4

W735 EQ is a virtual equalizer based on the rare W735/1 equalizer. [AU/VST]

Demo DemonstrationMonday, January 30, 201240db
mpressor 1.4

Compressor. [VST/RTAS/AU]

Demo DemonstrationMonday, December 9, 201340db
Mayhem RTAS

Four different effects designed exclusively for the abuse of your audio

Demo DemonstrationThursday, December 16, 200440db
Slip-N-Slide v1.0

Frequency domain audio morpher/mangler. [VST]

Demo TrialMonday, June 15, 200940db
PSP oldTimer v1.1.6

Vintage-style compressor designed for track and program compression and limiting. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo DemonstrationMonday, September 21, 200940db
Beeper Pro v1.0.3

Beeper Pro is a pro sound effects application for schools plays, etc.

Freeware FreeSaturday, August 12, 200640db

Audio to midi VST plugIn

SharewareMonday, April 15, 200240db
Smack! v1.02

Professional compressor/limiter plug-in

Demo DemonstrationTuesday, September 28, 200440db
MStereoExpander v9.22

This plugin givesyou stereo field modification to improve clarity and/or reduce differences between channels. [VST/AU]

Freeware FreeMonday, June 6, 201640db
FilterBank3 v3.3

Multi-functional plug-in - Filters, delays and more. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, December 8, 201140db

A collection of virtual instruments, synthesizers, rhythm machines..

Demo DemonstrationFriday, October 31, 200340db
relectro 1.0.3

The relectro is an effect plug-in designed to transform basic drum loops into unique percussion loops. [AU/RTAS]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, March 6, 201440db
FMHeaven 1.5 X

FM VSTi synth.

Demo DemonstrationWednesday, June 16, 200440db
Trident A-Range v1.0.2

Model of a channel equalizer from the legendary Trident A-Range console. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo TrialThursday, February 4, 201040db
Cheeze Machine

Emulates the classic string ensemble sound. [AU]

Freeware FreeFriday, April 6, 200745db
Pizzicato v3.0.3

Music notation software.

SharewareThursday, October 27, 200545db

Range of synths, beat-loopers, samplers, effects and more [osx]

Demo DemonstrationWednesday, October 15, 200345db
SFX Machine RT v1.0.9

Audio Multi-Effects Plug-in. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, May 8, 200845db
microSynth v1.1.5

Software synthesizer.

Demo DemonstrationSunday, May 1, 200545db
Equo Pack v1.0

Bundled pack of CX1V, L1V, GEQ15V, GEQ31V and PEQ1V. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationSaturday, August 12, 200645db
TAL-Bitcrusher v1.0

Bitcrusher with low and high-shelf EQ and a noise cross modulator included. [VST/AU]

Freeware FreeWednesday, December 10, 200845db
Spectra'Phy LE v1.6

Hghly optimized look-ahead Brickwall Limiter and Loudness Maximizer. [VST/AU]

Demo DemonstrationSaturday, January 26, 200845db
AWS Guitar Tuner 2.0

Tune your guitar [OSX]

Free DonationwareFriday, November 19, 200445db
CS-80V 1.5

Based on the TAE technology, CS-80V is a faithful emulation of the famous CS-80.

Demo DemonstrationWednesday, June 1, 200545db

InPhase is a phase coherence plugin.

Demo DemonstrationThursday, February 23, 201245db
Drumaxx v1.2.1

Percussion modelling instrument gives you total control over 10 physically modelled drums that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing. [VST/AU/FL Studio]

Demo DemonstrationThursday, May 27, 201045db
BiFilter2 v2.3

Stereo filter module. [VST]

Demo DemonstrationMonday, July 11, 201145db
xTrem v1.1

Tremolo unit effect. [AU]

Freeware FreeMonday, December 10, 200745db
Hipno v1.1.1

Over 40 effect and instrument plug-ins featuring the unique Hipnoscope user interface. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Demo DemonstrationWednesday, November 22, 200645db
ZapFilter^2 VST Fx v1.5 MAC

Daft-punky sweeps, Guitar wah-wahs, cats on uranus

Demo DemonstrationMonday, April 22, 200245db
Delay Calculator v1.0

Calculate digital delay timings based on a tempo.

FreeMonday, June 26, 200645db
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