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AI photo editing. Awesome. Faster. The first image editor was fully powered by artificial intelligence. With Luminar AI, creating striking photos is fun and surprisingly easy. Add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth — fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle — with Atmosphere AI. Create a magical mood without masks and layers.

Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +. Avalanche Software released Avalanche for Capture One 1.0 – a new solution for users who want to migrate their Aperture, Luminar 4, Luminar AI, or Lightroom photo catalog/library to Capture One: Here is the pricing: Here is everything you need to know. Avalanche for Luminar is THE companion for your Luminar editing software. But Avalanche for Luminar goes one step further, bringing migration to a whole new level if you choose to migrate a Luminar 4 catalog to Luminar AI. In this case Avalanche will migrate all the complex effects you have applied in Luminar 4 to give you the exact same result. Also: Nik Collection is still 30% off. Skylum will release Luminar AI update 4 next week with a new 3D Portrait BokehAI toolThe post Capture One 14.3, DxO PureRAW 1.2 released, Skylum Luminar AI update 4 coming next week appeared first on Nikon Rumors.


  • Atmosphere AI: Add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth — fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle — with Atmosphere AI. Create a magical mood without masks and layers.
  • Structure AI: Enhance details in all the right places, without overdoing it. Structure AI recognizes people, water, skies, and objects. Add depth and clarity to a scene to just the needed areas.
  • Sky AI: Сhange the sky in your photo in seconds and create a whole new mood. It works perfectly even with tiny details intersecting your sky. Relight the entire photo so the colors of the original image shift to match the lighting and colors of your new sky.
  • Color Harmony: Move beyond Saturation and Vibrance. Take complete control over color depth and refine color for balance. The perfect finishing touch.
  • Super contrast: Adding detail brings new depth to a photo. Precisely adjust the tone with six controls spanning highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.
  • Mood: Bring color to life with our Mood tool. Experiment with new color palettes that transform the style and emotion of your image.
  • Achieve great composition from any angle: You’ll always get the perfect crop with Composition AI. The smart engine blends the golden rules of composition plus the expertise of the world’s best photographers.

Repack Features

  1. Combined installation of the program or unpacking of the portable (portable app format) version in one distribution kit
  2. Does not require registration (patch)
  3. Multilingual interface (including Russian)
  4. Picks up external * .xml settings files (if located next to the installer)

Portable run as Administrator!


Download Link

Luminar AI 1.5.1 (8660) Full Version Rar (840.4 MB) Mirror


Luminar AI 1.5.0 (8567) Repack Rar (696.0 MB) Mirror

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Avalanche is a new software solution developed by the French company Cyme. With Avalanche you can import/export photo libraries between different platforms while preserving all edits (Aperture, Lightroom, Luminar and soon CaptureOne – new platforms are being added on a regular basis).

Cyme recently released a new version of Avalanche that is compatible with Luminar AI. The new Avalanche for Luminar can migrate existing Aperture, Lightroom (and soon CaptureOne) photo catalogs into Luminar catalogs while keeping all edits. The press release can be found here. Additional information is available here:

Feb 19, 2021 Avalanche is compatible with Aperture catalogs from version 3.6, Lightroom catalogs from version 7, and Luminar catalogs from version 4.2. You need around 145 MB of free space, 4Gb of memory (8Gb recommended) and enough space to accommodate the converted libraries. Dec 20, 2019 Avalanche for Lightroom, the first version of Avalanche, focuses on providing a solution for photographers with photos stuck in Apple Aperture that isn't supported anymore by Apple. Since the release of Catalina, Aperture users can't rely on launching Aperture anymore to access their photo libraries.

Download Avalanche For Luminar For Mac 1.0.1 Pro

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Version 1.0.1:

Avalanche For Lightroom Download

  • a new icon has been added to identify catalogs synchronized in the cloud and a dedicated alert is shown before migration to prompt a verification for the local availability of all images.
  • it is now possible to run a conversion to Luminar even if some volumes are offline. The number of offline masters is displayed next to each offline volume to allow the user to make a decision (cancel or proceed). Masters on offline volumes are ignored.

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Download Avalanche For Luminar For Mac 1.0.1

Download Avalanche For Luminar For Mac 1.0.1 Full

  • some complex Lightroom adjustments could fail to be decoded properly.
  • the GPS latitude was not properly inserted in Lightroom.
  • fixed a serious problem where some images or video would be migrated but would fail to appear in the target library.
  • fixed a memory consumption problem when migrating from Lightroom, that would cause the memory consumed by Avalanche to grow beyond reasonable levels.
  • it is now possible to cancel a migration from Lightroom.
  • many UI fixes, small performance and usability bug fixes.

Download Avalanche For Luminar For Mac 1.0.1 Pc

Avalanche For Lightroom Full


Avalanche For Lightroom 2020

Download Avalanche For Luminar For Mac 1.0.1 Torrent

  • Lightroom catalog that are synchonized with mobile or with Lightroom CC (Cloud) are now fully taken into account. In previous releases, all images that were synchronized from the cloud would be ignored.
  • migration performance is much better in some situations.
  • error reporting and display has been improved in the final screen and in the CSV file.