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Download BatchCrop For Mac 4.0.1 Free

Even though Mac users are growing quicker each day, there are still many programs that are impossible to find outside of Windows. The truth is that the majority of times there is equivalent software, but they are never the same as the original. WineBottler is here to solve this.

Download BatchCrop For Mac 4.0.1 Serial

Run Windows programs on Mac

This software is nothing more than an interface for the renowned Wine, thanks to which it's possible to launch more than 13,000 compatible Windows applications on a macOS. With WineBottler we'll be able to open programs like games, or professional software. This list is identical to that of Wine.

This software has a really simple way of working, only indicating the application that we want to install and where it can be found, WineBottler will start up, it will help us to install it and launch it without problems.

So now you know, if you need an application that is only on Windows, you may be able to save yourself the task of looking for a computer with the Microsoft system or installing BootCamp thanks to WineBottler.