Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1

Step by step tutorial on creating multiplatform installers. Which version of the application are you using?: bitnami-mampstack-7.1.26-0-osx-x8664-installer.dmg Plea ⚠ IMPORTANT, please fill the questions We assume you are using Bitnami to deploy your application. Servicioexpreso January 18, 2019, 11:53pm #1. As this week I get Mac, I tried to set my local environment with MAMP and WP. Download the latest version of BitNami MAMPStack for Mac for free. Read 2 user reviews and compare with similar apps on MacUpdate. BitNami MAMPStack for Mac 7.1. Jun 16, 2021 Download the pre-compiled version and copy file to the PHP extensions directory. It is very important to install the right version of ionCube taking into account the PHP version included in your solution. For example, if you want to install ionCube on WordPress and it uses PHP 7.0.27, you need to install the version 7.0 of ionCube. Bitnami wampstack-7.1.18-1 php 여기서 php.ini 파일을 opcache zendextension=phpopcache.dll; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled opcache.enable=1 을 opcache.enable=0 으로 수정하면 됩니다.

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AMP, stands for Apache, MySQL & PHP. This is not the only platform on which Moodle runs but is the most common and fine for basic installations.

'All-in-one' Moodle installers for Windows and OSX are available at (not intended for 'production' sites).

Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1

First a word about PostgreSQL

If you would prefer to use the PostgreSQL database (and you should consider it) you can - when using the package type installers - just install it instead of MySQL. MySQL tends to be the universal choice with the simpler 'one-click' installers. For a 'one-click' installer with PostgreSQL, Apache and PHP you can check BitNami, it supports Windows (WAPP), Linux (LAPP) and Mac (MAPP).

Mac OS X

OSX comes with a suitable Apache web server and a not so suitable PHP (it doesn't have all the required extensions).

Here are some other possibilities (all are documented so this is not repeated here):

  • Liip 'one click' installer from Note that it is primarily biased towards developers.
  • MAMP: One click installer - easy to use and well documented. Probably only suitable for personal use.
  • Softaculous AMPPS: Another one click installer - for both Windows and OSX this time.
  • MacPorts: A complete Linux-style package repository. You will find the AMP components here. See Getting Apache, MySQL, and PHP Running under MacPorts
  • Fink: an alternative to MacPorts.
  • BitNami MAMPStack: On 'one-click' installer with for MySQL, Apache and PHP which supports the BitNami applications modules to installed on top of it like the BitNami Moodle module.


You should install the packages from your distribution's repository for Apache, PHP and MySQL. You will almost certainly need additional extensions for PHP (e.g. the extension for the database). The packaged versions of Moodle are not recommended (it's not much harder to install from download)

See (for example):

  • Ubuntu -
  • Debian -
  • RedHat / Centos -
  • SuSE / OpenSuSE -

While one-click installers (e.g. XAMPP or BitNami LAMP Stack) exist for Linux, it is so simple to install the components the 'right' way that they seem pointless. Using the standard method will make it much easier for you to obtain help and support.

Of course, if you wish to (or you need a particularly new version) you can compile all or some of the elements from source. All the elements have good documentation. The tricky one is PHP and some guidance for Debian/Ubuntu is here: Compiling PHP from source


Windows has slightly more variations as you can use Apache or Microsoft's IIS web servers. Again, here are some pointers

Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1 Pro

  • XAMPP: Probably the best known one-click installer for Windows. Lots of documentation and discussion around. Definitely only for a personal web server
  • EasyPHP: Another popular alternative to the above
  • BitNami WAMPStack: On 'one-click' installer with for MySQL, Apache and PHP which supports the BitNami applications modules to installed on top of it like the BitNami Moodle module.
  • Official PHP Documentation: A lengthy list of instructions for installing PHP on all manner of Windows and web server variations
  • MySQL: Select Windows and download installer.
  • PostgreSQL: Download installer for Windows

Installer packages and components

As a reference, the following table lists each package, its version and its components (as of July 30, 2012):

Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1 Torrent

ProductVersionHttpd (Apache)PHPMySQLPHPMyAdminAddress
WampServer2.2e2. page
BitNami WAMP Stack5. page
BitNami WAMP Stack5.4.5-0 dev2.
EasyPHP12.02.4.2 VC95.4.4 VC9, 5.3.14 VC9, page
EasyPHP5. VC95.3.8 VC95. page
XAMPP1. page

Versions 1.7.1 and 1.7.4 of the XAMPP package were included because those are the versions on which the Windows Moodle Package are built (1.9.18+ is under 1.7.1, and 2.1.7+, 2.2.4+ & 2.3.1+ are under 1.7.4).

Vista and Windows 7

Many people have trouble installing the stand alone local Moodle for Windows on Vista and Windows 7.

Here are some things you might want to try:

  • A simple one is to use
  • Another solution is to look at these videos at Sebastian Sulinski Design for Windows Vista.
  • For personal (evaluation) use - install XAMPP or EasyPHP and then Moodle using the normal installation instructions.
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1,080 downloadsUpdated: January 21, 2020The Apache License 2.0

An all-in-one native installer that allows you to deploy OpenProject on your Linux box

What's new in Bitnami OpenProject Stack 10.3.1-0:

  • Updated lego to 3.3.0
  • Updated Node.js to 10.18.1
  • Updated OpenProject to 10.3.1
  • Updated PHP to 7.3.13
Read the full changelog

Bitnami OpenProject Stack is a cross-platform and freely distributed graphical installer solution designed for installing the OpenProject web-based application and all of its runtime dependencies on personal computers and laptops. In addition, Bitnami offers a virtual appliance, cloud images, LAMP/MAMP/WAMP modules, as well as a Docker container for OpenProject.

Download BitNami MAMPStack for Mac 7.1.18-1 free

What is OpenProject?

OpenProject is an open source, platform-independent and free web-based application that has been designed from the offset to act as a project management solution. It includes a wide variety of unique functionality, a powerful plugin architecture, and an active community.

Installing Bitnami OpenProject Stack

Installing the OpenProject application on your GNU/Linux computer has never been easier with Bitnami OpenProject Stack. The project is currently distributed as native installers in the .run file format, supporting 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (x86) installations.

To install it, download the package that corresponds to your computer’s architecture from Softpedia using the dedicated download button above, save the file somewhere on your PC, make it executable by right clicking on it, go to Properties and navigate to the Permissions tab, where you must check the “Allow executing file as program“ box, double-click it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Run OpenProject in the cloud or virtualize it

In addition to installing OpenProject on personal computers, uses will be able to run the application in the cloud thanks to Bitnami’s pre-built cloud images for the Amazon EC2, Windows Azure or any other cloud hosting provider.

It’s also possible to virtualize OpenProject on either Oracle VirtualBox or VMware ESX/ESXi virtualization software, using Bitnami’s virtual appliance based on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu Linux.

The Bitnami OpenProject Module and Docker container

Besides the Bitnami OpenProject Stack product reviewed here, Bitnami also offers modules for installing OpenProject on top of a Bitnami Ruby stack. A Docker container for OpenProject should be available on the project’s website (see link below for details).

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Bitnami OpenProject Stack was reviewed by Marius Nestor

Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1 Free

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Download BitNami MAMPStack For Mac 7.1.18-1 Full

Bitnami OpenProject Stack 10.3.1-0

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