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The MacBook Pro 'Core i5' 2.5 13-Inch (Mid-2012/USB 3.0) features a 22 nm 'Ivy Bridge' 2.5 GHz Intel 'Core i5' processor (3210M), with two independent processor 'cores' on a single silicon chip, a 3 MB shared level 3 cache, 4 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (PC3-12800) installed in pairs (two 2 GB modules), a 500 GB Serial ATA (5400 RPM) hard drive. Revision A (2-5-13) Schematic Checklist for LAN8720I Information Particular to the 24-pin QFN Package LAN8720I QFN PHY Interface: 1. TXP (pin 21): This pin is the transmit twisted pair output positive connection from the internal PHY. It requires a 49.9, 1.0% pull-up resistor to VDDA (created from +3.3V).

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About this MacBook

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch a1425 / MD212LL/A with Retina display was the first Macbook Pro to feature Apple’s patented “Retina Display”. In late 2012, Apple proceeded with the production of the MacBook Pro rebooted it with a slimmer design. The 2012 Macbook Pro 13″ MD212LL/A features a faster PCIe SSD than previous models. Apply introduced the MacBook Pro Retina Display with a Core i5 processor, 8 GB of onboard 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM, and 128 GB or 256 GB of flash storage on the base model.

The MacBook Pro comes with a combination of vibrant high-resolution LED-backlit, 13.3” widescreen 2560×1600 “retina” display, and of sleek case design. To learn more about this product, device specifications and capabilities for this MacBook Pro can be found below.


This MacBook Pro a1425 has a PCIe 128 GB or 256 GB SSD of 6 Gb/s. It’s flash-based storage is upgradable to 768 GB at an additional fee. This is a major improvement from the hard drives used in older generations. Since this flash storage performs better, it is still used in today’s models and units in the market.

Screen Size and Resolution

This MacBook Pro features a bright and colorful screen that has a 13.3” widescreen LED-backlit display with IPS technology with a 2560×1600 native resolution at 227 PPI or 178-degree viewing angle.


IPS or In-Plane Switching is commonly found in smartphones. While it is more expensive, it produces top-quality display with improved colors and angles. It is ideal for visual media editing, home photo, and video playing. It provides rich and vibrant hues.

Inclusive Features

The MacBook Pro includes the following features and ports:

  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 allowing for quick PAN (Personal Area Network) connections and transfers
  • Two USB 3.0 Ports are supplied for the connection of external keyboards, printers, external hard disks etc.
  • Optical digital audio in/out for connecting some external audio equipment like headphones and microphones
  • SDXC Card Slot
  • No button glass multi-touch trackpad with support for new “four finger” gestures and programmable zones
  • FaceTime HD webcam

Processor & Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Download Blueprint for Mac 2.5.13 pro

This model has a faster processor with its pre-installed MacOS X 10.8.2 (12C2034), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3210M (Ivy Bridge) processor and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor that shares memory with the system.

The Ivy Bridge refers to the “third generation” processors. It serves as a follow-up to the successful Sandy Bridge processor. It has doubled the graphics performance of the previous architecture, ideal for professional use.

Memory & Architecture

Any application installed on the MacBook Pro is guaranteed to operate faster with its 256k level 2 cache and 3 MB Level 3 cache plus 5 GT/s front side bus with 8 GB of onboard 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM. All of this centered around a 64-Bit architecture.

The 64-Bit system does more besides being compatible with 32-Bit applications. It works smoothly for stress testing and multi-tasking. This architecture increases program performance and enhances security features. It has multiple cores that can power a good number of calculations, making this unit run faster.

Download Blueprint for Mac 2.5.13 software

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Software

Download Blueprint for Mac 2.5.13 full

Battery Life

The MacBook Pro has a 74-watt-hour lithium battery that provides 7 hours of wireless web use according to the test conducted by Apple.

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Pro

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13


The default pre-installed MacOS X 10.8.2 (12C2034) is upgradable to the current MacOS X. It hosts a Windows OS 7 (32-Bit) and accommodates operating systems as high as Windows 8.1 (64-Bit). This MacBook Pro has dimensions of 0.75 x 12.35 x 8.62 and a weight of 3.57 lbs (1.62 kg).

Download Blueprint For Mac 2.5.13 Crack

Introduced:October 23, 2012

Discontinued: October 22, 2013

Screen Size and Resolution


Screen Size

13.3 inches

Level 1 Cache

32k/32k x 2



Level 2/Level 3 Cache

256k x 2, 3MB


RAM Type



1 (2 Cores)

Min. RAM Speed

1600 MHz



Standard RAM

8 GB


2.5 GHz

Maximum RAM

8 GB


Core i5 (I5-3210M)

RAM Slots


Processor Upgrade


Motherboard RAM

8 GB




System Bus Speed

5 GT/s

Video Card

HD Graphics 4000

Cache Bus Speed

2.5 GHz (Built-in)





Standard VRAM

768 MB

EFI Architecture


Maximum VRAM

768 MB


Inclusive Features and Ports

Standard Storage

128/ 256 GB SSD

Standard Optical Drive


Storage Speed


Standard Ethernet


Storage Dimensions

Proprietary (7 mm)

Standard Modem


Storage Interface

Proprietary (6 Gb/s)

Standard Air Port

802.11a/b/g/n (3-Stream)


Standard Bluetooth



74 W h Li-Poly

USB Port 3.0


Battery Life

7 hours

FireWire 800





Case Type


Inclusive Input

Trackpad (Inertial)

Form Factor

MacBook Pro (Retina)

SDXC Card Slot


Apple Order No




Apple Subfamily

Retina Late 2012



Apple Model Number

A1425 (EMC 2557)

Sound Out


Model ID

MacBook Pro 10.2

Power Adapter