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Nov 01, 2019 Firmware Version 1.0.3 incorporates the following improvement and fix: 1. Corrects a PTP communications vulnerability. Corrects a vulnerability related to firmware update. Firmware Version 1.0.3 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.0.2. If the camera's firmware is already Version 1.0.3, it is not necessary to update the firmware. The chat window itself works like any other regular chat tool, from Skype to Messenger. Just type your messages and hit Enter to send – you can also record short audio and video snippets to share, but audio calling and video calling hasn’t (yet) been implemented. 1.0.3 adds converters for importing from WordPerfect 5.x for the PC. Supported on Mac 512KE, Plus, SE, and Mac II. Installation instructions. Archives contains raw disk images that may be used in Vmac, Basillisk II or written to a disk.

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Chat with friends and family, or host massive group chats with up to 200.000 other users with the help of Telegram, one of the most popular security-oriented messenger apps

  1. Download Flock, a business communication and group collaboration app for teams on your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.
  2. Download Crunch for Mac to audio overdrive/distortion unit with tone control. Desktop Enhancements. Desktop Enhancements. Operating Systems.

What's new in Telegram Desktop 3.2.5:

  • Fix connecting in case bad characters appear in device name on Windows.
  • Fix custom input methods on macOS.
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Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps out there with well over 500 million active users. It was started in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov and has seen a steady yearly increase in user numbers ever since.

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Telegram's popularity has sky-rocketed even more in January 2021, when WhatsApp announced that it will share its data with Facebook. Since then, Telegram seems to be the go-to alternative for users who don't want to use WhatsApp anymore.

Telegram is without a doubt a very well-designed platform with a lot of benefits, but its security and privacy policies might not be as air-tight as many might think.

Getting started with the app

To create a Telegram account, you'll need either an Android phone or an iOS device. The sign-up procedure requires you to enter your telephone number, to enter the code received via SMS, and the app will ask for authorization to access your contacts list.

Of course, users can also use the Telegram web client, or one of its desktop apps available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. To pair the desktop app with the mobile one, simply scan the QR code with your phone (Go to Telegram -> Settings -> Devices - Scan QR Code)

It's worth noting that the desktop clients don't offer all the features you might have come to expect on your phone, however, they're a lifesaver when it comes to productivity.

Looks, feel, and ease of use

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Telegram has a certain quality feel associated with its apps. Everything is animated, the GUI is uber-snappy, and both mobile and desktop apps have a very well-thought-out layout.

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You are provided with various customization options as well, which are always good to have. In short, Telegram's GUI is as good as they come.

Feature rundown

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Telegram markets itself as a security and privacy-oriented messenger (more on that a bit later). Be that as it may, Telegram does have a few unique features that work in its favor even if it wasn't so keen on security.

To get to the point, Telegram breaks the mold and goes beyond basic messages. For example, Telegram's Groups feature supports up to 200.000 members. Channels allow you to broadcast information and messages to unlimited Telegram users.

The instant view feature is also something really nice as it allows you to quickly preview the article (but it's only available for mobile apps). Persistent conference calls, Telegram passport (allows you to store and encrypt your important documents on Telegram servers), Live Locations, and Bots are also part of Telegram's ecosystem.

The big topic: Telegram's security and privacy

There's a lot to unpack here. Let's start with the basics. IP addresses, device details, various history-related aspects are all stored on Telegram's servers for 12 months.

However, the biggest issues/concerns regarding Telegram's security have to do with the fact that NOT ALL conversations are encrypted. In short, the end-to-end encryption in Telegram is not applied by default. Most messages and conversations are encrypted while leaving your device and Telegram's servers.


To benefit from end-to-end encryption, you have to activate the Secret Chat feature (meaning your conversations will not be stored on Telegram's servers) or use Voice Calls (which are encrypted by default).

This is where the MTProto security comes into play. MTProto is Telegram's in-house mobile protocol and, long story short, it's not what one might call infallible.

The best advice we can offer is to take the time and read the official Telegram Privacy Policy, just to make sure that you are aware of what's actually going on.

Review conclusion

It's somewhat difficult to add a label to Telegram. On one hand, it's this amazing, cross-platform, strong messenger app with solid and unique features. On the other hand, it may not be as secure as you might think.

Not all messages are end-to-end encrypted, and the simple fact that users have to toggle this feature on each time they want to ensure ultimate security is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

To keep it short, Telegram has enough tech to potentially keep your data safe, it uses encryption, but it doesn't use it as extensively as other platforms.

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