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Please download one of the latest releases in order toget an API-stable version of cairo. You'll need both the cairo andpixman packages.

See In-Progress Development (below) for details ongetting and building the latest pre-release source code if that's whatyou're looking for.

Binary Packages

GNU/Linux distributions

Many distributions including Debian,Fedora, and others regularly includerecent versions of cairo. As more and more applications depend oncairo, you might find that the library is already installed. To getthe header files installed as well may require asking for a -dev or-devel package as follows:

For Debian and Debian derivatives including Ubuntu:

For Fedora:

For openSUSE:


Precompiled binaries for Windows platforms can be obtained in avariety of ways.

From Dominic Lachowicz:

Since GTK+ 2.8 and newer depends on Cairo, you can have Cairoinstalled on Win32 as a side-effect of installing GTK+. For example,see The Glade/GTK+ for WindowsToolkit.

From Daniel Keep (edited by Kalle Vahlman):

Go to official GTK+ for Windows page.

You probably want at least the zlib, cairo, and libpng run-time archives(you can search on those strings to find them in thepage). That should be it. Just pop libcairo-2.dll, libpng13.dll andzlib1.dll into your working directory or system PATH, and away you go!

That gives you the base cairo functions, the PNG functions, and theWin32 functions.

Mac OS X

Using MacPorts, the port is called'cairo', so you can just type:

And to upgrade to newer versions once installed:

If you use fink instead, the command toinstall cairo is:

In general, fink is more conservative about upgrading packages thanMacPorts, so the MacPorts version will be closer to the bleeding edge,while the fink version may well be more stable.

If you want to stay on the absolute cutting-edge of what's happeningwith cairo, and you don't mind playing with software that is unstableand full of rough edges, then we have several things you might enjoy:


We may from time to time create a snapshot of thecurrent state of cairo. These snapshots do not guarantee API stabilityas the code is still in an experimental state. Again, you'll want bothcairo and pixman packages from that directory.

Browsing the latest code

The cairo library itself is maintained with thegit version control system. You may browse thesource online using the cgitinterface.


Downloading the source with git

You may also use git to clone a local copy of the cairo library sourcecode. The following git commands are provided for your cut-and-pasteconvenience.

followed by periodic updates in each resulting directory:

Once you have a clone this way, you can browse it locally withgraphical tools such as gitk or gitview. You may also commit changeslocally with 'git commit -a'. These local commits will beautomatically merged with upstream changes when you next 'git pull',and you can also generate patches from them for submitting to thecairo mailing list with 'git format-patch origin'. To compile theclone, you need to run ./ initially and then follow theinstructions in the file named INSTALL.

You may need some distribution-specific development packages to compilecairo. If your are using Debian or Ubuntu, you may findadditional details for Debian-derived systemshelpful.

Git under Linux/UNIX

If you can't find git packages for your distribution, (thoughcheck for a git-core package as well), you can get tar files from

Git on Windows

You can use Git on Windows either with msysgit or git inside Cygwin. Msysgit is the recommended way to go as the installation is much simpler and it provides a GUI. In all cases, make sure the drive you download the repository on is formatted NTFS, as Git will generate errors on FAT32.


Download comics lib for mac 1.4 free

See the msysgit project for thelatest information about git for Windows. You'll find a .exe installerfor git there, as well as pointers to the cygwin port of git as well. This is all you need to do.


Download and run the Cygwin Setup.exe from Cygwin's website. Walkthrough the initial dialog boxes until you reach the 'Select Packages'page. Click the 'View' button to display an alphabetical list ofpackages and select the 'git' package.

If you want to build using gcc, you will also need to select thefollowing packages:

  • 'automake' ( anything >=1.7 )
  • 'gcc-core'
  • 'git' ( no need to click on this again if you did so above )
  • 'gtkdoc'
  • 'libtool'
  • 'pkg-config'

Whether you build with gcc or not:

Click 'Next' and Cygwin setup will download all you need. Afterdownloading, go to the directory where Cygwin is installed, and run'cygwin.bat'. This will open a command prompt.Mount anexisting directory on your hard drive, cd to that directory, and thenfollow the 'Downloading with git' instructions above.

If you want to build using Visual Studio and still want the latestsource, you will need cygwin, but you will only need to select the'git' package. See the VisualStudio page for more details.

  1. Download and install zlib. Build zlib from its /projects folder, and use LIB RELEASE configuration.
  2. Download and install libpng. Build libpng from its /projects folder and use LIB RELEASE configuration.
  3. Install the MozillaBuild environment from here: MozillaBuild
  4. If you chose the default install path, you'll find in c:mozilla-build several batch files. Edit the one corresponding to your version of VC++ (or a copy of it), and modify the INCLUDE and LIB paths. You'll need to add the zlib and libpng INCLUDE and LIBpaths. Also include <your repository>cairosrc, <your repository>cairoboilerplate, and <your repository>pixmanpixman to the INCLUDE paths. Here's an example (your paths will vary obviously):
  5. Launch the batch file you just modified. It'll open a mingw window. Ignore the error messages that might appear at the top of the window.We'll now build everything in debug configuration. For release, replace CFG=debug by CFG=release
  6. Browse to pixman's folder (pixmanpixman), and run make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=debug
  7. Browse to Cairo's src folder (cairosrc), and run make -f Makefile.win32 static CFG=debug.You now have your library in cairosrcdebug (or release).You can build the remaining ancillary cairo parts with the following steps, or go enjoy your library now.
  8. Browse to Cairo's boilerplate folder (cairoboilerplate), and run make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=debug
  9. Browse to Cairo's test pdiff folder (cairotestpdiff), and run make -f Makefile.win32
  10. Browse to Cairo's test folder (cairotest), and run make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=debug
  11. Browse to Cairo's benchmark folder (cairoperf), and run make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=debug

Building in Visual Studio

You can create a Visual Studio solution and projects for each of these: pixman, cairo/src, cairo/boilerplate, cairo/test, cairo/perf. Check each project's properties, make them all makefile projects, and set the build command (NMake) as follows. This example applies to cairo/src in release configuration, residing in C:WorkCairosrc, with the Mozilla Build Tools installed in C:mozilla-build:

Modify the paths and the configuration as needed for the other projects.

Unify v1.6.2 is now available

This is a FREE UPDATE to all existing customers! Version 1.6.2 is a nice update that adds a few very nice refinements to Unify:

1) Layer Enable / Disable is now possible by clicking the MIDI Activity light at the far Left of the Instrument and MIDI Effect Layers. These also show up now in the knob assignment list for easy assigning to any MIDI CC controller or Unify Macro Knob. This AMAZING ability opens up really exciting doors because you can turn off Layers WHILE THEY’RE STILL PLAYING, and they’ll simply not get new notes when you play – so you can now play with seemless transitions of adding and removing layers using the interface of Unify. We had this ability if you used a MIDI controller in Unify 1.5, but now we have incorporated Enable/Disable Layers into Unify’s interface!

2) A “Variation” parameter that can display text in Unify, be modulated with a knob and that can display information based on a text file. With this ability, you can make a simple text file that says


And assign this to the knob that can now be set up to switch between different sets of Unify Layers for different sections of a song! For a live performance this means the sounds can change AND there is visual information YOU CAN WRITE into a .txt text file that can change as well.

3) Remove Redundant Plug-Ins – You can scan in ALL of your plug-in formats (VST, VST3 and on the Mac, Audio Units) and using this one command pm the Known PlugIns page, any duplicates will be removed so that ALL of your plug-ins are available for use in Unify. VST2 is the 1st choice but if it doesn’t exist, now all plug-ins using other formats are included.

4) Macro Knob names now show up in your DAW for easier automation!

5) Able to modulate what sample is playing in GuruSampler

Plus a multitude of additional optimizations and fixes.

Please scroll down the page to see the list of all the libraries available for Unify

Try the FREE DEMO VERSION of Unify before buying if you wish. Everything works (saving is disabled, it can’t load libraries, just play select patches from our factory content and stops making sound after 15 min of use.)

Anybody can now get the Updater download from either logging into your account or from our Distributer partner Ilio’s download links:

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch and interface walk thru videos (as well as other support videos) and you will be inspired with what YOU can create after adding this amazing plug-in instrument to your toolkit!

Say hello to a NEW WAY of working with Plug-ins of all types! Unify can work with MIDI Effects, Instruments and Audio Effects in super creative fun ways. Unify Comes in VST (technically known as VST2), VST3 and Standalone for PC and Mac (Mac version also includes an Audio Unit version of Unify).

One of the cool things with Unify is that any format of plug-in can load other formats of plug-ins – meaning the Audio Unit version can easily load VST3 and VST plug-ins while you’re using it in Logic Pro X (which doesn’t know what to do with VST or VST3 plug-ins).

Download Comics Lib For Mac 1.4 Free

We talked to a number of small (like us) developers who have made some rather amazing free plug-ins in the last 20 years and received their blessing to include their plug-ins and audio effects – along with our own Guru Sample Player and 14 Effects we built ourselves so that Unify ships with 400 ready-to-play patches when you install it. BEFORE you even start loading your own plug-ins! That puts Unify in a totally different class than any other multi-plugiin: we include 6 Instrument and 40 effect plug-ins that John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl used to make the 400 patches that come with Unify. From simple to complex and everything in-between PLUS Laurent “AIRWAVE” Veronnez was able to add 30 additional Patches that push the limit on what Unify can do even farther than Skippy did. It’s breathtaking what has been created here. I spent 1+ year making this with Shane Dunne (the programmer of all the code in Unify) and I am still in awe at what we have created.

New Libraries for Unify:

Libraries that require ONLY Unify to work:

UniChill V1 is an AWESOME chill oriented library created by Matthias Sauer and John Lehmkuhl. 260 patches of pure bliss for your musical adventures that require only Unify to work! Over 100 BPM Patches (Basses, Pads, Drum grooves, Keys and more!) plus 160 patches of Bass, Guitar, Keys, Lead, Pads and Plucks! While aimed at Chill, these sounds are useful in virtually any modern music genre.

CloudCity V1 contains Steel Tongue Drums (x2), 4 Urban style Hip Hop drum kits, 30 Percussion Instruments (multiple samples), Sub Basses, Granular Pads, Wind and environmental sound effects, Samples + phrases from Sunny Heartly playing custom built Native American flutes, Vocal Chops and more! A complete EDM/Dance/Chill/Ambient library.

300+ Recycled Drum Grooves created 20 years ago – still sounding awesome today! Also includes the grooves as audio loops.

Uniscream is a community programmed Sample + Patch library that is free for Unify. A Pipe Organ, screams (or course!), incredible drum and metallic hit samples recorded while in a huge mine, a pipe organ and so much more. Any day can be turned spooky with this library!

Libraries that require using an additional Plug-In to work:

A very special library where we use the incredible capabilities of Unify to layer all 5 of the Strings section (or brass section or woodwind section or all 3 at once + more) across the keyboard so you can play the entire BBC Symphony Orcehestra in real-time! Tons of MIDI Files give MIDIBox a chance to show off what a single MIDI file containing 1 note played in whatever rhythm chosen can turn into an entire string section in one of many BPM patches.

245 Patches for Unify and 133 patches for Serum (378 Patches total!) This library pushes Serum into new territory! Listen to the demos to hear what it is like when multiple instances of Serum (up to 8 in some cases) are running to make the entire groove of a huge mind blowing dance track – all in realtime and thanks to Unify’s multi-core management! Synthesis never sounded SO GOOD!

UNIFIED Libraries a Unified Library is where we save out each factory patch from a specific Plug-In in Unify format. This way you can easily combine any of the patches from ANY libraries you have to make new sounds. Instead of opening up a plug-in Interface to load patches, they are all there in Unify format. Right+Click to load ANY Patch into your existing patch to create a more complex PATCH!! Once you’ve start doing this – it becomes something you’ll do all of the time and wonder why no other plug-ins work this easily!

In order to use these Unified Patches, you need to own the specific Plug-In, Unify and have for the most part the VST2 version of this plug-in added to Unify’s “Known PlugIn” list so the patches will load without error. Some PlugIns only come with a VST3 plug-in, so that is the format we support in those cases.

Master List of the our 35 Unified Libraries:

Tone2 Warlock – uses VST3 format

Native Instruments Noire – Kontakt 6

Impact Sound Works Harpejji Sample Library– Kontakt 6

Surge – FREE SYNTH – Uses VST3 Format – LINK

Rhizomatic’s Plasmonic – uses VST3 format

New Fangled Audio/Eventide Pendulate – FREE SYNTH – LINK

PlugInGuru Libraries that come with Unify Patches:

Lib 1 Books

Massive Power Pack V1: One of the earliest libraries I created was for Massive and it is still a BARN BURNER 10 years later! If you own the Native Instruments Komplete package (whatever version over the last 8 years) it has included Massive and Massive NEEEDS these patches! They provide a solid foundation of basses, pads, rhythmic patches and more to get Massive deeper involved in your productions!

TetraSonics by Tim Dale – brand new library released in July 2020. 256 Patches plus 10 of the 64 Multis plus 27 new Patches by Tim Dale and John Lehmkuhl that combine Unify and TetraSonic’s together for incredible bonus patches.

OmniVerse I: The Beginning – The first patch library for Omnisphere I ever created. Still one of the very best, imo!

OmniVerse II: The Dark Hope – The Ominous 2nd chapter of this Trilogy about the planet OmniVerse.

OmniVerse III: Aurora – the surprising magical Aurora light that saves the planet. The most cinematic of the 3 and includes bonus comic book and demo song by Amin Bhatia.

OmniChill – Huge Basses, plucky synths, cool BPM patches galore.

OmniPulse V1 – Nothing but Rhythmic Patches that are all tempo sync’able to your DAW! Something for EVERY Genre in these inspiring patches for Omnisphere 2 and as magical layering elements to quickly stack in Unify!

OmniPulse V2 PERPEKTIV – I made rhythmic Multis FIRST and then saved out the Patches for a super special 100% rhythmic library for Omnisphere 2 and works incredibly in Unify.


OmniPulse V3 CineFire – Rhythmic Patches focusing on Cinematic pulses, STRING Orchestra-ish patches (as close as I could get with the limited string samples in Omnisphere 2 as well as a TON of the phrases, tempo sync’d by using the Granular sample effect. A very cool and useful library!

MegaMagic PADS – My best seller by far now with Unify Patches. 28 Unique Pads that have 6 samples across the keyboard in both Pad (slow attack) and Synth (fast attack) sample maps. Again – you MUST OWN Omnisphere 2, the VST (VST2) version MUST be known to Unify and this library MUST be installed IN Omnisphere 2 for these patches to work.

ESC Personal Flavours for Omnisphere – 256 Patches, 50 Multis and 45 NEW samples are in this super diverse library for Omnisphere 2.5! Created by 15 world-class programmers (some of them sell patch libraries on their own websites), this is a special library because the programmers made sounds that match their personal passions in sound design and patch making.

Percussa V1 for Omnisphere 2 Unify – Mind Blowing Cinematic Percussion created with unique NEW samples and synthesis in Omnisphere – over 800 Patches/Multis that will give your productions a totally different flavor because of how the sounds are created. The Unify version is

Bass Box for Trilian or Omnisphere – With 161 Patches and 110 effect “Rack” presets, there is some serious BANG for the BUCK in this library in the Bass department!

Repro 1 Repro 5 Power Pack – 128 Patches of Yummy Analog Inspiration – 64 patches for Repro-1 (monophonic with an awesome step sequencer) and 64 patches for Repro-5 (8 voice polyphonic with MASSIVE Unison capabilities) in a single Power Pack.


We’re working on an incredible library for Spitfire Audio’s BBC Discover Symphony Orchestra. This is a $50 plug-in that comes with 33 instruments (5 string sections, 5 brass, 5 woodwinds plus celeste, harp, glockenspiel, untuned orchestra percussion, timpani and more!). With the Spitfire Audio plug-in you can load 1 section per track…. however, with Unify we can load every section if we wanted into a single huge Patch! These 6 Bonus Patches show just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re working on for this library. With MIDIBox playing MIDI Files we’re going to present sounds you can interact with that will have your head spinning!


NOTE: You must own the BBC Discover Symphony Orchestra and have the VST (VST2) plug-in known to Unify.

Plug-In is available for PC and Mac OS X 10.9 thru Big Sur (using Rosetta 2 on M1 Macs, native M1 comoing soon!)

570+ Patches by John Lehmkuhl and Laurent AIRWAVE Veronnéz with Samples by John Lehmkuhl, Laurent AIRWAVE Veronnéz and Nato Feelz.

3.2 GB of samples from 12 PlugInGuru Libraries

Requires Windows or Mac OS X 10.9 and later INCLUDING Catalina (32-Bit Plug-ins can be access with 3rd party applications (JBridge on the PC and 32 Lives on the Mac.)

Download size: 2.8GB for the Unify Standard file / 80MB for the PC or Mac installer

File Delivery: Digital Download


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