Download DEVONthink Standard For Mac 3.8

Clean and speed up your Mac with CleanMyMac 3. It scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in two clicks, and optimizes your Mac to make it feel like new again.

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All-in-one tool for complete Mac care

CleanMyMac 3 has all the tools you need to take care of your Mac. Full cleaning, optimization, health monitoring, and tons more to help you get a smoothly-running system in no time.

Free up disk space

Cleaning your Mac with CleanMyMac is easy as pie. You just need to click “Scan” and then “Clean” — that’s it. CleanMyMac’s Smart Cleanup selects files that are 100% safe to delete, so you never put any personal files at risk. In just two clicks, you remove gigabytes of junk, giving your Mac enough space to breathe.

  • Cache files
  • Old logs and broken data
  • Unused language files
  • Photo junk
  • Outdated iOS backups
  • Trash bins
  • Large and forgotten files

Speed up your Mac

If your Mac’s getting slower day by day, then it’s probably time to bring it back into shape. With CleanMyMac 3, you can easily run a set of scripts to optimize your Mac’s performance. Take care of your drives, resolve system errors, improve search accuracy, and fix lags to enjoy the full power of your Mac.

  • Run maintenance scripts
  • Verify startup disk
  • Speed up Mail
  • Reindex Spotlight
  • Flush DNS cache
  • Repair disk permissions

Monitor your Mac’s health

CleanMyMac 3 will help you understand how your Mac is performing. Just load up the Dashboard and check what’s going on inside your system, including RAM usage, battery health, disk space, and more. And if there’s a problem with your Mac, CleanMyMac will inform you immediately and help you with the fix.

  • Monitor CPU usage
  • Check battery health
  • Free up RAM
  • Set your own cleaning schedule
  • Get health alerts

What else can CleanMyMac 3 do?

Get rid of various broken items, outdated cache files, old logs, and localization files for languages you don’t speak. That will save you tons of space.
Remove old software updates, broken downloads, device backups, and other supporting data that cannot be seen in iTunes but waste disk space.
Clean cache files hidden in your Photo library and heavy RAWs in just two clicks. Save gigabytes of space without losing a single picture.
Download DEVONthink Standard For Mac 3.8
Reclaim a lot of space by removing local copies of email attachments and downloads. But don’t worry, the original files are kept safe in your inbox.
Download DEVONthink Standard For Mac 3.8
Empty all Trash folders on your Mac, including Photo library and Mail trash, external drive trash, and other app-specific trashes. All it takes is a click.
Identify and review large and possibly forgotten files you might want to remove. With CleanMyMac, it’s so easy to find the files you haven’t opened for months.
Get rid of useless applications, including all extra files that go along with them. CleanMyMac leaves no leftovers behind so you get more free space.
Keep your online and offline activity private. Instantly remove browsing traces, caches, saved passwords, chat history in Skype and Messages, and more.
Remove or disable any undesired extensions and add-ons, including login items, launch agents, plugins, and widgets — all from one place.
Erase private data without leaving a trace. All confidential files or folders you want to get rid of will be shred to pieces in a few seconds.

Download Devonthink Standard For Mac 3.8 Free

CleanMyMac 3 speaks:

  • English

  • Deutsch

  • Español

  • Français

  • Українська

  • Русский

  • Italiano

  • Polski

  • Português do Brasil

  • Nederlands

  • 繁體中文

  • 日本語

Don't take our word for it

It's just what it says: best, simplest Mac clean ever. Well worth the money.
Fantastic app. I had no idea how much space could have been recovered. I've always done my best to keep my drive uncluttered. Forget maintenance, this does it all and super fast. Brilliant.
Just cleaned my Mac and I feel like I have a new computer!! Woot Woot!
I just used your CleanMyMac over the weekend, and it found over 150 GB of old lightroom backups, all the junk from over a year ago. Excellent product! Thank you!
CleanMyMac 3 is incredible. Your team helps set the bar for Mac app quality standards.
CleanMyMac 3 is a great programs to keep you mac run fast and smoothly. It's like having cleaning service for your house. Just press start and the programs will locate (and deleted) tons of trash that you never use or didn't know you had.
My MacBook Pro (early 2011) with Yosemite came back to life after running the clean up and maintenance scripts!! It's way faster.
I just downloaded CleanMyMac 3. It's awesome! It cleaned 10GB of junk from my Mac!
It's very nice - and I've finally shaved off an enormous chunk of stuff from Mail & iTunes that I wasn't sure of before.
CleanMyMac targets the useless stuff that piles up on your computer, like old log files, unused language files, iTunes backups, outdated caches and other items to help free space and tidy up broken files.
CleanMyMac 3 comes with new utilities for maintenance. You can ask the app to run maintenance scripts, reindex Spotlight, or repair disk permissions.
CleanMyMac 3 comes in handy in a world filled with incredibly fast but still relatively small solid state drives, where regaining a dozen or so gigabytes of space certainly isn’t a bad thing.
As someone with an SSD laptop as my primary computer, storage space is always limited and I’ve been using CleanMyMac for a few years to get a little extra space.
I'm normally wary of 'system cleanup utilities' because, to be perfectly frank, they don't do that much and can cause more damage than good. But for a long time I'd been hearing good things about CleanMyMac 3, so after taking a backup of my system -- just in case -- I decided to see what it could do for me. And I have to say that I'm impressed.

CleanMyMac 3

Download devonthink standard for mac 3.8 download

Make your Mac run like new

During a scan with CleanMyMac 3, the average user finds about 74 GB of junk to clear out. Get it now and see for yourself — you’ll be amazed at how much memory is wasted daily!

System Requirements:
Latest Version:
*4.9 - rating for all versions, based on 539 user reviews.

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