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This is the error i get:

I tried installing the same module in windows also but getting a similar error in that too....not sure what the problem is...

Updated the question title and details as now my problem is I am not even able to install the flask-mysqldb. earlier I was getting only import error for this package.

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Please suggest any been three days now...even reinstalled ubuntu but still got no solution.

Shubham Pandey
Shubham PandeyShubham Pandey

A suggested by @rtaft

first doing

followed by doing

solves the problem. Thankyou @rtaft for suggesting the answer.

Shubham PandeyShubham Pandey

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Download Dragon Responsive Email Designer For Mac 2.10
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Is there a gui or better yet something via terminal for the Mac (unix) that can play a rtmp live stream? So be able to enter the rtmp address and also the stream name? I have tried VLC with no luck. I'm on Snow Leopard.

I just want to have a window pop open and the stream be available to when you play a file via command line for mPlayer.

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why not just create some embed code in a html page and point the stream at that?

Download the jw flash player demo and just change the rtmp stream.


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