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Filigree is a Java application that calculates partial correlation networks for sets of metabolites,clusters the resulting networks, and then performs enrichment analysis on the clustered subnetworks.It implements and expands on our previously published DNEA algorithm.

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ExecutableRelease DateDescription
Filigree-0.1.2.jar10/11/20First public release
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Filigree requires Java (or an open source version of Java) to be installed on your computer. Most machines already have Java installed. If you do not have Java installed on your machine, please see Java Installation for Mac or Java Installation for Windows and follow the instructions for installing the JRE (you do not need to install the JDK).

To run Filigree, download the jar file and double-click on the downloaded file. For help downloading and installing Filigree on Windows, watch this brief video tutorial.Downloading and installing Filigree on a Mac is similar to Windows, although depending on your security settings, you may get an 'unidentified developer' message when first attempting to launchthe program on a Mac. If this occurs, please navigate to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and click on the 'Open Anyway' button in order to allow the program to launch. You will only needto do this the first time you use Filigree.

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Gayatri R Iyer, Janis Wigginton, William Duren, Jennifer L LaBarre, Marci Brandenburg, Charles Burant, Alla Karnovsky, George Michailidis.
Application of Differential Network Enrichment Analysis for deciphering metabolic alterations.
Accepted by Metabolites, November 2020