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VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and
framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD,
VCD, and various streaming protocols.

Joseph Whatley on Flactunes Download UPDATED Adobe. Free Download FLACTunes for Mac 1.1.4 - A streamlined and very handy Mac OS X utility for quickly importing FLAC songs in iTunes. Adobe Acrobat Pro396. Filmage Converter for Mac 1.1.4. 26 October 2021. Fast and easy-to-use video converter. The videos you download, any videos you have in this video converter tool. Extract audio from video files and save it as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, M4A, AU, WavPack, AMR, MP2 and more; Advanced Video Editor Mac: Clip video: set start point and end. Joseph Whatley on Flactunes Download UPDATED Adobe. Free Download FLACTunes for Mac 1.1.4 - A streamlined and very handy Mac OS X utility for quickly importing. Feb 14, 2007 FLAC for Mac OS X 1.1.4 for Mac by Josh Coalson. File Details; Reviews; Download Now. Rating 4.6 (9 votes) Add to Watch List. File Details: File Size: 1.0 MB.

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Two weeks after VLC 1.1.8, we present you a minor release of VLC.

Fixing important bugs and security issues, here is VLC 1.1.9.

  • Security update regarding a heap-based buffer overflow in mp4 demuxer
  • Update of libmodplug for security reasons in Windows and Mac versions
  • Major updates in most language translations
Download FLAC For Mac 1.1.4
  • Numerous updates and fixes on the interface and look of VLC for Mac OS X
  • Growl is bundled with VLC on Mac OS X now
  • Many miscellaneous fixes

Two months after VLC 1.1.6, and after more than 50 million downloads of VLC 1.1.7, here is a minor release of VLC 1.1.8.

Introducing small features and fixing important bugs and a security issues, here is VLC 1.1.8.

  • Security update regarding video width concerning some demuxers
  • Support for a new Dirac encoder based on libschroedinger
  • Package of the new VP8/Webm encoder 'Bali'
  • Notable updates in .mp4, .ogg, .ape demuxers
  • Major updates in most language translations
  • Fixes in skins2 supports of Winamp2 skins
  • Upgrade on the look of VLC for Mac OS X
  • Auto-detection for .txt subtitles is fixed
  • Fixes on Windows integration, notably regarding volume keys
  • Codecs updates
  • Many miscellaneous fixes

Two months after VLC 1.1.5, and after more than 58 million downloads of VLC 1.1.5, here is a minor release of VLC 1.1.6.

Introducing small features and fixing important bugs and a security issues, here is VLC 1.1.6.

Introducing a security fix over 1.1.6, here is VLC 1.1.6.

  • Security updates in codecs and demuxers
  • Support for RTP/PCM 24bits, audio/L24
  • Support for MPC SV7/SV8 on Windows and MacOS builds
  • Faster Webm/VP8 decoding
  • Support for Midi on MacOS
  • Major updates in most language translations
  • Support for projectM visualisation on Windows
  • KDE and PulseAudio integration improvements
  • Subtitles fixes and improvements
  • Improvements in visualisations and interfaces
  • Codecs updates
  • Many miscellaneous fixes

Two and a half months after VLC 1.1.4, and after almost 50 million downloads of VLC 1.1.4, here is a minor release of VLC 1.1.5.

Introducing small features and fixing important bug and a security issue, here is VLC 1.1.5.

  • 1000 Web-shows listing integrated inside VLC's playlist, provided by
  • New Game Music Emu (GME) support
  • Windows SMB security issue - VideoLAN-SA-1006
  • Major updates in translations, and new translations in Asturian, Armenian and Modern Greek
  • Mac/PowerPC port fixed in
  • live .webm streams support
  • GPU HD decoding using Intel IGP on Windows, using DxVA2
  • Miscellaneous fixes on all Interfaces, Demuxers and Decoders modules
  • Codecs updates

A bit after the 1.1.3, an important security issue was discovery inmost windows applications, and VLC is affected too.Since security issues matters, here is a new release, targeted for the Windows platform!

  • Windows Dll loading security issue, in Qt4 and dmo modules - VideoLAN-SA-1005
  • Fix for folders opening issue on Windows
  • Updated translations

A bit after the 1.1.2, we had to fix some important crashing bugs and you deserve a new release!

  • Taglib crash (CVE-2010-2937 / VideoLAN-SA-1004)
  • Fixes for FTP relative paths and directories
  • Fixes for Podcast and DVD modules
  • ... and many other crashes and errors fixed
  • Extensions and scripts updates
  • Miscellaneous fixes in interfaces
  • Updated translations

Quite soon after the 1.1.1, we were able to squash more annoying bugs, hence a new release for you!

  • TS and DVB demuxing fixes
  • Audio filters fixes to solve the 'mono' bug
  • Fix of the direct3d output module that display nothing on older nVidia and ATI cards, when overlay was activated
  • Extensions and scripts updates
  • Miscellaneous fixes in interfaces
  • Updated translations
  • Various crashes and errors fixed

After more than 17million downloads of VLC 1.1.0 in one month,
this is a release focused on numerous fixes and small improvements:

  • Multiple libVLC improvements and fixes
  • Windows video output fixes
  • DxVA2 decoding on ATI GPU, with Catalyst 10.7
  • Various crashes and errors fixed
  • Multiple fixes for interfaces
  • Various decoders and demuxers fixes
  • Updated translations

Ready for HD

  • GPU decoding on Windows Vista and 7, using DxVA2 for H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2
  • GPU decoding on GNU/Linux, using VAAPI for H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2
  • DSP decoding using OpenMax IL, for compatible embedded devices
  • Improved support for MKV HD, including seeking fixes, and 7.1 channels codecs
  • Support for new codecs, like Blu-Ray subtitles, MPEG-4 lossless and VP8

NB: so far, on Windows for GPU decoding, VideoLAN is recommending nVidia® GPU, or ATI® GPUs, with the Catalyst 10.7. Intel® GPU support will come when VLC developers get access to some Intel® hardware supporting GPU decoding.


New add-ons and script framework so one can personalize its vlc.
  • Written in lua
  • 2 main types of scripts:
    • content add-ons, integrated in the playlist
    • functionnalities extensions, like metadata searching on the web, or subtitles look-ups
  • Very Simple

Web improvements

  • Support for WebM decoding and encoding
  • Improved web plugins
  • Better streaming capabilities

Better Audio experience

  • Integrated playlist in the Qt4 interface
  • Multiple views (like album art) in the playlist in the Qt4 interface
  • Support for AMR-NB, Mpeg-4 ALS, Vorbis 6.1/7.1, FLAC 6.1/7.1 and WMAS
  • CDDB and CD-Text works now on the Windows port when listening to CD-Audio
  • Support for DVD-Audio files (.aob)
  • Improved meta-data and album-art support

Faster, Lighter

  • Faster decoding, with up to 40% speed-ups, in HD resolutions
  • First part of the Video Output core rewrite
  • Removal or rewrite of dozens of modules, code simplification and tens of thousands of lines of code removed
  • Some functionalities that are less used are now moved to extensions
  • More assembly optimizatinons, especially SSSE3/SSE4 and ARM Neon
  • Fewer threads used

Better for developers

  • Simplified and improved libVLC, removal of exceptions for better C integration
  • New phonon-backend for Qt applications, on all platforms
  • New C++ bindings

Complete Changelog

Changelog for 1.1.6

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A General Purpose Utility package for Python 3

Project description

Beetroot, a general purpose library full of random python functions that I thought were useful. Has file manipulation, random, tts and more!Have fun using it!

Also, to make JSON dumping and reading faster, do pip install ujson or pip install simplejson

If you find a problem, feel free to report it here.

To install the bare minimum from pip, use pip install beetroot, to install all dependencies for all classes, use pip install beetroot[all]

Upgrading python-beetroot uses the command pip install --upgrade beetroot

Warnings/Known Issues:

  • beetroot.file.bdump() might not work too well, use with caution.
  • beetroot.file.delete() doesn’t throw errors when trying to delete non-existent files, wtf.
  • beetroot.crash() doesn’t even do anything, damn my horrible python skills

Different extras installation thingies:

  • beetroot[all]
  • beetroot[tts]
  • beetroot[img]
  • beetroot[yt]
  • beetroot[text]
  • beetroot[ram]

Bad Obfuscation Stuff:

  • beetroot.obf.strobfuscate(string) ; Minorly obfuscates strings, this is definitely not secure, don’t rely on this being irreversible or secure.
  • beetroot.obf.strunobfuscate(string) ; Deobfuscates strings made by beetroot.strobfuscate()
  • beetroot.obf.byteobfuscate(bytestring) ; Obfuscates bytestrings, this isn’t secure either.
  • beetroot.obf.byteunobfuscate(bytestring) ; Unobfuscates bytestrings created by beetroot.byteobfuscate()

Random stuff:

  • beetroot.random.randint(start, end) ; generates random number but using SystemRandom
  • beetroot.random.srandint(seed, start, end) ; generates seeded pseudorandom number

Stopwatch stuff:

  • beetroot.stopwatch.start() ; Starts global stopwatch
  • beetroot.stopwatch.stop() ; Stops global stopwatch and returns time in milliseconds between start and stop

File Manipulation stuff:

  • beetroot.file.move(start, end) ; Moves files
  • beetroot.file.rename(start, end) ; Renames files
  • beetroot.file.delete(file_to_delete, force=<bool>) ; Deletes files
  • beetroot.file.dump(file, data) ; Dumps data to file as string
  • beetroot.file.bdump(file, data) ; Dumps data to file as bytestring (doesn’t work too well)
  • beetroot.file.jdump(file, data, pp=<bool>) ; Dumps data
  • beetroot.file.load(file) ; Reads data from file as string
  • beetroot.file.bload(file) ; Reads data from file as bytestring
  • beetroot.file.jload(file) ; Reads data from file as JSON object

TTS stuff:

  • beetroot.tts.say(text) ; Reads text with tts installed, requires pyttsx3 to be installed or use pip install beetroot[tts]
  • beetroot.tts.changeRate(text) ; Changes global tts talk speed, requires pyttsx3 to be installed or use pip install beetroot[tts]
  • beetroot.tts.changeVoice(text) ; Changes global tts voice you can pick ids from 0-n, depending on how many voices you have on your computer, requires pyttsx3 to be installed or use pip install beetroot[tts]
  • beetroot.tts.changeVolume(text) ; Changes global tts volume, requires pyttsx3 to be installed or use pip install beetroot[tts]

Hash stuff:

  • beetroot.hashl.strhash(text, secure=<bool>) ; Hashes a string or non-bytestring that can be converted to string.
  • beetroot.hashl.bytehash(text, secure=<bool>) ; Hashes a bytestring.
  • beetroot.hashl.dehash(hash) ; Dehashes a hash, this totally works and is definitely possible and is absolutely not adumb joke that I’m making…

Miscellaneous stuff:

  • beetroot.betterstring(string) ; I made my own special kind of String, cuz why not. Also it supports regex by default.
  • beetroot.objtype(obj) ; python type(), but better
  • beetroot.test() ; Literally just a hello world program.
  • beetroot.quicksort(arr) ; Quicksort, which in most cases is slightly faster than Python3’s default Timsort.
  • beetroot.execfile(file) ; Execute .py script
  • beetroot.systemstats() ; Returns [Username, OS, OS version, OS architecture, computer nodename, IP address, MAC address]
  • beetroot.unline(string) ; Makes a multi-line string a single-line string
  • beetroot.reline(string) ; Reverses beetroot.unline()
  • beetroot.pixelgrab(x, y) ; Grabs the colour of the pixel on your screen at (x, y), requires PIL, use pip install pillow
  • beetroot.mousepixelgrab() ; Grabs colour of the pixel at your mouse, requires PIL and pyautogui, use pip install pillow pyautogui or pip install beetroot[img]
  • beetroot.remove(str, item_to_remove) ; Removes all occurences of item_to_remove in str
  • beetroot.siteize(str) ; Makes text into site names, for example “hello there” becomes “”
  • beetroot.taskkill(task) ; I see a task and I E A T it. Pass tasks to it through the “task” argument.
  • beetroot.crash() ; Crashes pyth-
  • beetroot.admin() ; Requests UAC elevation on Windows.
  • beetroot.cython() ; Generates a cython extension and cleans up afterwards.

Memory functions and stuff:

  • beetroot.mem.mem() ; Returns [All memory, currently used memory, available memory].
  • beetroot.mem.swapmem() ; Same thing as beetroot.mem(), except it’s Swap memory instead.

Youtube garbage:

  • ; Enter a search term, the function returns the link for the first hit on that search. Requires youtube-search, use pip install youtube-search or pip install beetroot[yt]
  •, filename, fileformat, playlist=<bool>) ; Downloads a video or playlist from url. Valid codecs include mp3, ogg, wav, m4a, aac, flac, mp4, webm, avi, opus, mkv, mov, flv, aiff and wma.Requires youtube-dl, use pip install youtube-dl or pip install beetroot[yt]

Text manipulation stuff:

  • beetroot.text.udown(text) ; Flips text upside-down
  • beetroot.text.zalgo(text, crazy=<int>) ; Adds zalgo to text, change crazy argument to modify craziness of zalgo text,default value is 1
  • beetroot.text.rouxls(sentence) ; Rouxls-ify text so it sounds stupid.

Amazing functions that should be called whenever possible

  • beetroot.beetroot() ; A great function that you should call whenever you can
  • beetroot.totally_not_a_rickroll() ; Totally not a rickroll.

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