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Jaybird MySound is an application for Android that allows users to keep the same volume for music and to explore Spotify for the right track.
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Right off the bat, Jaybird MySound is only designed to work with Jaybird Freedom, Freedom 2, X3, X4, RUN, Tarah and Tarah Pro, for the equalizer functions. It’s dedicated to a specific type of hardware, so it’s not going to work with other headsets. It turns out that people don’t like to listen to one song at a certain volume, only to be followed by a second one which has too higher volume, or maybe it’s not loud enough. In any case, with the help of the EQ, all of these problems are gone. Also, the application is also able to peruse your Spotify playlist in order to find the best music for your workouts, and that’s something that works with or without the Jaybird headset.


  • Control the volume on your Jaybird headset
  • Find the best workout songs on Spotify

What's new in Jaybird MySound APK 4.0.3:

  • Introducing the new Jaybird App. Fresh looks. Better organization. Access everything you need for tweaking your buds from one sleek dashboard. Don’t be shy, come on in and say Hello to audio that plays as hard as you do.

For more information on downloading Jaybird MySound to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


Other Jaybird MySound APK versions (47):

  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.92021-11-16
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.72021-09-30
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.62021-08-09
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.52021-07-08
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.42021-06-16
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.22021-05-28
  • Jaybird MySound 4.0.12021-05-25
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.272021-04-14
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.262021-04-07
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.242021-03-30
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.222020-10-29
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.212020-10-23
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.202020-09-29
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.192020-08-24
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.172020-07-22
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.162020-06-26
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.152020-06-23
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.142020-05-28
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.132020-05-11
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.122020-05-08
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.112020-03-03
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.102020-02-19
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.92020-02-14
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.82020-01-17
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.72019-12-19
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.62019-11-25
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.52019-11-14
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.42019-11-13
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.22019-10-07
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.12019-09-24
  • Jaybird MySound 3.6.02019-07-31
  • Jaybird MySound 3.5.32019-07-12
  • Jaybird MySound 3.5.22019-06-21
  • Jaybird MySound 3.5.12019-05-31
  • Jaybird MySound 3.5.02019-04-24
  • Jaybird MySound 3.4.12019-03-26
  • Jaybird MySound 3.4.02019-03-20
  • Jaybird MySound 3.3.32019-02-28
  • Jaybird MySound 3.3.22019-02-23
  • Jaybird MySound 3.3.12019-02-08
  • Jaybird MySound 3.3.02019-02-06
  • Jaybird MySound 3.2.12019-02-01
  • Jaybird MySound 3.2.02019-01-31
  • Jaybird MySound 3.1.52018-12-13
  • Jaybird MySound 3.1.42018-12-03
  • Jaybird MySound 3.1.32018-11-21
  • Jaybird MySound 3.1.22018-11-14
New in Jaybird MySound 4.0.3:
  • Introducing the new Jaybird App. Fresh looks. Better organization. Access everything you need for tweaking your buds from one sleek dashboard. Don’t be shy, come on in and say Hello to audio that plays as hard as you do.

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Jaybird MySound 4.0.3 (OLD) get current version instead (4.0.9)
63.0 MB
arm, arm64, x86, x86_64
API Minimum:
23 - Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
API Target:
29 - Android 10

Tidy Up! Editor's Review

Tidy Up! is a file utility that can search, display and delete the duplicate files from your hard drive.

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The application does the same job as dupeGuru, but it has pluses that include more advanced options, speed and stability. Unlike dupeGuru, Tidy Up! provides most of its functionality from the user interface, thus the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is more loaded. However, you get quicker access to some of the functions.
The interface allows you to quickly select drives or directories that would be scanned for duplicate files. It also provides you a list of attributes and files/packages options that you must check in order to find the duplicate files. The common attributes list gives you the possibility to use options like: file name, modification date, creation date; while the files/packages options allows you to use options like: item type, extension, item's creator, total item's size, or content of Files Options. The files and packages list also provides an option which, when selected, can find zero-length files.

Download Fresh For Mac 4.0.3 Crack

The speed and the stability of the application are quite good, even if you use lots of options with large quantities of data. I have tested this application using all the mounted drives, and the Local Area Network drives. The result was very good, and the application didn't get stuck.
Pluses: it provides you the possibility to clean-up duplicate files from your drives ; it's very configurable; is stable and fast.
Drawbacks / flaws:

Download Fresh For Mac 4.0.3 Product

In conclusion: if you would like an application which can clean-up your duplicate files, then Tidy Up! is a strong option.
version reviewed: 1.2.8