Download GB Steptime For Mac 1.1.2

  1. Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2 -
  2. Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2
  3. Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2 Download
Updated: November 28, 2021Demo / Trial

Download copies of your favorite movies and clips from your Netflix and Amazon Prime account with the help of this intuitive application

The Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server can be downloaded and installed using package managers for Linux and macOS using the relevant installation instructions: Install ODBC for SQL Server (Linux) Install ODBC for SQL Server (macOS) If you need to download the packages for offline installation, all versions are available via the below links. Get more done with the new Google Chrome. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google’s smarts built-in.

What's new in AnyStream Beta:

  1. Free downloads for building and running.NET apps on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Runtimes, SDKs, and developer packs for.NET Framework,.NET, and ASP.NET.
  2. Create a virtual machine and access the disk using raw disk access. There are various guides for this (see Native Install Windows 10 on mac pro 1.1 / 2.1 without usb or dvd or bootcamp). This method is fairly straightforward but you need to install an OS first. Open the MBP, remove the disk and install using a Windows PC.
  • fix: Missing 5.1 audio in download configuration. (Amazon)
  • improved: Added 'Home' button to Amazon/Primevideo browser.
  • fix: 'Download' and 'Watchparty' buttons are now removed from the page (Amazon).
  • a few minor changes and fixes
Read the full changelog

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime are video content providers that require an active subscription. However, even for subscribers, neither of the services provide a download option to allow you to save your favorite movies or clips offline, even though you paid for them. Luckily, there are third-party applications that can help you out in this matter, and one of them is AnyStream.

AnyStream makes it possible for you to download both episodes of a series you like or movies in MP4 format. You can use it to save content locally and thus create an offline movie database, available to you regardless of whether your computer is connected to the Internet or not.

Configure first, download afterwards

Working with the application is fairly simple. Upon launch, you are promoted to go through the configuration settings first.

The Settings window enables you to set the destination folder where all the files will be saved and define a name template for both movies and TV shows. This is quite convenient, as it helps you avoid having to rename the files manually after the download is completed. Furthermore, it is easier to include the downloaded clips with media server applications afterwards. To avoid consuming lots of bandwidth, AnyStream can limit the download speed.

Browser-based GUI for downloading series and movies

The main window of AnyStream enables you to choose the desired provider: Amazon Prime or Netflix. However, both options are available to you one-click away, in different tabs, regardless of what you choose at this point.

AnyStream comes with a user-friendly, browser-based interface that enables you to connect to your account and then browse Amazon or Netflix just like you would in a regular browser. One thing worth motioning is that you can download files from Amazon Prime and Netflix simultaneously.

As for the quality, keep in mind that AnyStream can grab content with up to Full HD (1920x1080) and Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1. Embedded image or text subtitles can be grabbed as well but there is also support for external subtitle files.

Download ad-free videos from Amazon Prime

With an application such as AnyStream, you can easily create an offline movie library containing your favorite titles. It supports both Netflix and Amazon Prime and, as a bonus, it automatically removes ads from videos on the latter provider.

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AnyStream was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
  • The free 21-day trial version of AnyStream is limited to approximately 10 downloads.(A valid AnyStream license is limited to approximately 280 downloads per week to avoid being blocked by your streaming provider)
  • Nag screen
  • A Windows compatible PC with minimum 2 GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM
  • Requires a valid account for each streaming provider
  • Running AnyStream in a Virtual Machine requires a valid AnyStream license, trial versions will not work in VMs

Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2 -

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AnyStream / Beta

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Checkra1n is the only semi-tethered Jailbreak tool for the latest iOS 14.6, iOS 14.7, iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.8 & iOS 14.8.1 versions.

Tap the following button to select the Checkra1n Jailbreak download method as you prefered.

Checkra1n supported devices : iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE (1st), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad 5th, iPad 6th, iPad 7th, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 1st, iPad Pro 2nd, iPod Touch 6, iPod Touch 7

Checkra1n supported iOS versions : iOS 14.8.1, iOS 14.8, iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.7, iOS 14.6, iOS 14.5.1, iOS 14.5, iOS 14.4.2, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.2.1, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.0.1, iOS 14, iOS 13.7, iOS 13.6.1, iOS 13.6, iOS 13.5.1, iOS 13.5, iOS 13.4.1, iOS 13.4, iOS 13.3.1, iOS 13.3, iOS 13.2.3, iOS 13.2.2, iOS 13.2, iOS 13.1.3, iOS 13.1.2, iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.1, iOS 13, iOS 12.5.5, iOS 12.5.4, iOS 12.5.3, iOS 12.5.2, iOS 12.5.1, iOS 12.5, iOS 12.4.9, iOS 12.4.8, iOS 12.4.7, iOS 12.4.6, iOS 12.4.5, iOS 12.4.4, iOS 12.4.3, iOS 12.4.2, iOS 12.4.1, iOS 12.4, iOS 12.3.2, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.1.3, iOS 12.1.2, iOS 12.1.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12

Note – Checkra1n iOS 15 – iOS 15.2 beta support is not included yet.

Checkra1n Jailbreak for MAC users

Step 01 – Tap the below button to download the Checkra1n dmg file to your Mac.

Step 02 – Drag the downloaded Checkra1n file into the Applications.

Step 03 – Connect the Mac and the device. Open Mac’s application folder > checkra1n > Contents > MacOS > Checkra1n_gui Terminal file. Now your device will be recognized by Checkra1n. Follow the special instructions when needed.

Step 04 – Click on the Start now. Then it will ask you to enter DFU Mode. Click on Next and it will guide you to enter the DFU Mode.

Step 05 – Again click the Start button and Turn the device into DFU mode by pressing the side button and Volume down button as the instructions right of the window.

Download GB Steptime For Mac 1.1.2

Step 06 – Once entered DFU mode successfully, it will start the jailbreak process. Wait until complete and close the checkra1n application after completing the jailbreak process. Then the Checkra1n app will be added on your device homescreen.

Step 07 – Open the Checkra1n application from your device homescreen. Click on Cydia > Install Cydia> Done. Now Cydia on your device.

Special Instructions
  • iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1 running A11 devices can not jailbreak with a passcode enabled. Remove it before jailbreaking. You must check the “Skip A11 BPR check” box in the options view and boot the device without a passcode. This is not recommended hence this is effective for the device security, but still you can try this method.
  • Also, it has some issues with USB-C on Apple Silicon macs when using A7, A9X, A10 and A10X devices. unplug and replug the lightning cable during the jailbreaking process when using USB-C on Apple Silicon macs with A7, A9X, A10 and A10X devices.

Checkrain Linux

It has added Checkra1n Linux support with the latest Checkrain update up to iOS 14.8.1. You just have to download the correct Linux Checkrain binary according to CLI builds of CPU types as follows. Then run the CLI.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Tap the below buttons to download the checkra1n Linux jailbreak file according to computer OS.

Step 02 – Launch the downloaded file. Open the terminal window and type the below commands.

chmod +x (drag and drop the checkra1n jailbreak folder on the terminal, enter)

Sudo (drag and drop the checkra1n jailbreak folder on the terminal, enter)

Step 03 – After that, it will ask your computer password (If you have setup), otherwise it will show the checkra1n Linux jailbreak on your Linux screen. Click on the Start button to go ahead with the CheckRa1n Jailbreak process. Steps remain the same as the above Mac guide.

Ra1nbox – Portable Checkra1n Jailbreak Solution using a Linux Board

Developer Fidelity88 has released on the go solution to CheckRa1n Linux users. This is a portable checkra1n jailbreak solution based on the NanoPi Neo2. With this method checkra1n runs together with the Ra1nbox software on this portable Linux board.

You need the following parts to complete the CheckRa1n jailbreak without a PC on iOS 12.3 – iOS 13.3 running A5-A11 devices including iPhone 5S to iPhone X. It should work with all the checkra1n compatible iOS versions too.

  • NanoPi Neo2 Linux board
  • Ra1nbox software
  • Micro-USB power supply ( Ex: powerbank)

Follow these videos to set up your Ra1nbox.

Checkra1n for Windows

Still Checkra1n Windows support is not available officially. According to the Checkra1n team, Windows support work is ongoing & will be added in a later release. Until then Windows users can use Checkra1n alternatives. It has several methods as follows

i. 3u Tools – Checkra1n Jailbreak for Windows users

3u Tools is a windows based universal application for restore, Install IPA Files, jailbreak or manage your iOS device. Now 3 u tools provide windows support for Checkra1n Jailbreak, because checkra1n officially is not available for windows.

Therefore, follow the Checkra1n jailbreak with 3uTools on Windows PC to complete the Jailbreak process. It requires a USB flash drive above 1GB storage.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Plug your USB flash drive to Computer. Download the 3UTools from the following button.

Step 02 – Run 3uTools from the computer. Then, go to Flash & JB-Jailbreak, tap Jailbreak & select “Make Checkra1n jailbreak USB flash drive.”

Step 03 – Now you can choose your USB Flash drive from the drop-down menu.

Step 04- Tap on the “start making” button, then tap ‘Yes’ for the popup message, You will get a Jailbreak U disk successful message. Then exit from the 3utools.

Step 05 – Plug your iPhone or iPad to Windows computer. Now Restart the computer. Once done, navigate to Boot Manager and select the USB drive from there.

Step 06 – Now you will get the Checkra1n jailbreak interface. Now tap Start > checkra1n options > Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions > OK. Follow onscreen instructions to put your device on DFU mode.

Step 07 – Your device will reboot and, Checkra1n app appears on your iPhone / iPad homescreen. Run the Checkra1n app to complete the Jailbreak process.

ii. Ra1nUSB Jailbreak

Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2

Ra1nusb is not a Jailbreak tool. It will help you to create a bootable USB on your Windows or Linux PC. It will boot with a pre-packaged version of macOS to run the checkra1n tool. It is a somewhat complicated method. You should have an 8GB USB drive.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Download Ra1nUSB according to your PC and balenaEtcher to create a bootable USB drive. Use the links below.

Step 02 – Plug your USB drive to thePC. Open Etcher, it will automatically detect your USB. Choose the Ra1nUSB image file that you have downloaded when prompted.

Step 03 – Navigate to your PC BIOS by pressing the F10/F12 or DEL. Disable the following features.


EL SerialPort


Stack Network


Wake on LAN

Then enable the Virtualization option and save the changes.

Step 04 – Now let it boot from the USB drive. Select the Boot macOS Install from Ra1nUSB option. Again you need to choose Boot Verbose from Ra1nUSB during the process.

Step 05 – You can see the macOS-like installer screen if Ra1nUSB successfully works. Don’t tap on proceed with the installation of macOS. Tap on the Utilities from the top.

Step 06 – Then type “ra1nusb” in the Terminal window > Enter. It should open the Checkra1n jailbreak tool. Now connect your device with PC and you can go ahead with the Checkra1n Jailbreak process. Use the same MAC guide to complete the checkra1n Jailbreak.

iii. Ra1nstorm Jailbreak

Ra1nStorm is a utility pack that allows you to run Checkra1n Jailbreak on Windows and Linux. It is available Ra1nstorm 0.9.2 to run Checkra1n jailbreak on your Windows. Use the following unofficial ra1nstorm (KVM/IOMMU) guide with checkrain jailbreak. Then follow the Checkrain Mac guide to complete the jailbreak process.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Download Rainstorm to your Windows computer using the button below.

Step 02 – Run the downloaded rainstorm file to install MAC.

Step 03 – Now, Windows users can run Checkrain jailbreak using Windows computer.

Step 04 – Continue above Checkra1n jailbreak Mac guide.

iv. Bootra1n Jailbreak

Bootra1n is an alternative for linux+checkra1n on any PC using a USB Flash drive. This method is very similar to the Ra1nUSB method.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Download the bootra1n file.

Step 02 – Then unzip bootra1n file that consists of ISO file.


Step 03 – Write bootra1n to USB with Rufus. (Link) Press SELECT, open the ISO file, and press START to flash it to your USB drive.

Step 04 – Now Reboot your computer to get BIOS settings and select flash drive. Provide the following details to the login prompt.

Log in Name – anon

password – voidlinux

At the $ prompt, enter sudo checkra1n

Step 05 – Then proceed with Checkra1n Jailbreak.

v. piRa1n jailbreak

piRa1n will turn a Raspberry Pi 4 into a Checkra1n dongle and it allows you to jailbreak your device from anywhere without a PC.

Currently piRa1n only works with the Raspberry Pi 4. It is a very easy method, just connect the Raspberry Pi 4 to a power bank, then plug your iPhone or iPad to the Pi & put your iOS device to DFU mode. piRa1n will complete the process.

You will need to have the following components to complete this piRa1n process.

RAM Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB, 2GB, 4GB)
Type-C USB Cable
Lightning cable
5V/3A output Power bank
MicroSD Card ( 8GB or higher)

Step Guide

Step 01 – First set up the Raspbian. Download the Raspberry Imager software and install Raspbian “A port of Debian with the Raspberry Pi Desktop on your MicroSD Card.

Step 02 – Connect the MicroSD Card in the Raspberry Pi 4 and turn it on, connect and configure the OS with the on screen instructions.

Step 03 – Then you need to install piRa1n. Then open the terminal and Copy and paste the following command and enter.
cd /home/pi && git clone && cd piRa1n && sudo chmod +x && ./

Step 04 – Once done, Connect the Raspberry Pi 4 to a power bank. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to the Pi.

Step 05 – Put the device into DFU mode. Now piRa1n starts the Jailbreak process. Once completed the Jailbreak process the Pi will be shut down. Now you can unplug the Pi from the power bank.

Enjoy your CheckRa1n Jailbreak with NO PC using piRa1n!

pira1n is an easy way to create a portable CheckRa1n dongle.

Checkra1n Android

Now you are able to jailbreak your device with Checkrain using an Android device. You don’t want to get Linux or PC or Mac support for this. Just follow the below steps to complete it.

Prepetition – Checkra1n compatible device, OTG cable, Rooted Android phone, termux app, any root file manager and lightning Cable.

Step 01 – Install Termux app and root file manager to your Android phone. Open Termux and let it update the repo.

Step 02 – Type and give the following commands one by one to upgrade the package.

Pkg update > press enter

Pkg upgrade > press enter

Download GB Steptime For Mac 1.1.2

Apt update && upgrade > press enter

Step 03 – Minimize the termux app. Then open Checkra1n website from your android device. Download the Linux version.

Step 04 – Open root explorer > Locate download folder > copy checkra1n > Paste the copied Checkra1n to root directory > Data > Data > com.termux > files > home.

Step 05 – Open termux app again > Type su > press enter > click grant > type is > press enter > chmod + x checkra1n > press enter > type ./checkra1n -c > press enter.

Step 06 – Now connect iPhone with Android device using OTG cable. Turn off the passcode of your device. If you want to check the connection of the device and recognize it with Checkra1n or not, just type Isusb in Termux and press enter. If you are able to see your device iD there, the connection your devices have completed.

Step 07 – Type su > press enter type ./checkra1n -c > press enter to Put your device into recovery mode. Disconnecting your iDevice. again connect your iDevice with an Android device using cable.

Step 08 – Type Isusb > press enter. Now your device is ready to jailbreak. Type ./checkra1n -c > press enter again. Now put your device into DFU mode. Now it will begin to process the Checkra1n jailbreak. Finally your device has jailbroken with Checkrain using an Android device.

Checkra1nOnline Jailbreak alternatives

Checkra1n is a computer based jailbreak. So, there is no Checkra1n online Jailbreak method.

But still, it has several Checkra1n online alternatives as follows.

Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor

Zeon is the best Checkra1n alternative method for iOS 14.6, iOS 14.7, iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.8, iOS 14.8.1, iOS 15, iOS 15.0.1, iOS 15.0.2, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.1.1, iOS 15.2 beta versions to install jailbreak apps. Zeon is compatible with iOS 14 – iOS 15.2 running latest devices such as iPhone 12 / mini / Pro / Pro Max, iPhone 11 models.

You do not need a Windows, mac or Linux computer to install Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor. Zeon has a very easy repo extracting method to install jailbreak apps, themes, tweaks and many more. Zeon works with all latest iPhone and iPad models which you cannot use with Checkra1n jailbreak.

It has a very easy installation process. Just tap the above Zeon Download button from your device Safari browser to install it. Then you can install any number of jailbreak apps to your iOS 14 – iOS 15.2 devices. Even Zeon is compatible with all iOS 14 and higher versions, it is the very best Jailbreak alternative for iOS 14.6 – iOS 15.2 latest device users, because of not having a proper jailbreak tool for iOS 14.6 onwards.

Also you can get more information about Checkra1n from the following pages.

iOS 15.2 Jailbreak (beta)

Hexxa Plus Jailbreak repo extractor

Hexxa Plus is the most popular Online iOS 13 to iOS 13.7 Jailbreak alternative for Checkrain. Even if you cannot jailbreak iPhone XS, XR, XS max, iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max devices with Checkra1n, Hexxa Plus is supported for all these device models to install jailbreak apps. Hexxa Plus is an upgraded version of Hexxa.

Hexxa Plus Installation process is so much easier than the IPA based Checkm8 based Checkrain Jailbreak. You don’t need to use a computer, iTunes or Cydia impactor to install Hexxa Plus. But all system related Jailbreak apps and tweaks are not available for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7 via Hexxa Plus. Also, Hexxa first release available for iOS 12 – iOS 12.5.5 versions.

Visit the following pages to find more jailbreak solutions.

Unc0ver Jailbreak

Now Unc0ver Jailbreak available for iOS 11 – iOS 14.5.1 versions. It is a semi-untethered Jailbreak for all device models including iPhone 11 series (2018) and iPhone XS series (2019). However, the latest Unc0ver release supports only for iOS 14.4 – iOS 14.5.1 running A12-A14 devices. Also, it has added online jailbreak support.

Uncover was the most popular Jailbreak tool since iOS 11. However, it has some issues with Online jailbreak. It is getting revoked. Also, it has a JB process using the alt store on Mac & Windows users. Also, it should have an Apple developer account to complete the Jailbreak method for linux users to work with the Cydia Impactor.

Taurine Jailbreak

Taurine is a newly released semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. It is compatible with the latest iPhone 12 & all other device models. Taurine’s default package manager is Sileo and developed by the same Odyssey team. You can sideload Taurine Jailbreak IPA with Altstore or sieloadly.

Odyssey Jailbreak

Odyssey is a semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7. It works up with all device models including A12, A13 devices. This is the same Chimera jailbreak which is available for iOS 12 versions. So, I installed Sileo instead of Cydia. You can install Odyssey Online or using the IPA sideload method as well as the Altstore method.

Apple TV Users

The checkra1n jailbreak has been updated with support for the Apple TV 4 for the very first time. The release was announced on Twitter by @nitoTV. Also, the latest Checkra1n 0.12.2 beta added Apple TV Jailbreak support up to tvOS 14.4.

Currently, it only works effectively on the fourth-generation Apple TV. Also, he said Owners would experience issues with DFU Mode if they attempted to use Apple TV 4K. It is available on a temporary site as follows.

Here is another Apple TV update that has been released.

Go for Apple TV Jailbreak page for more details.

Checkra1n Official Site is the official site of Checkra1n jailbreak tool. According to them, official domains are,, & Further they say, avoid other similar-looking domain names as there are known-malicious sites/fake sites.

Common Checkra1n error codes
  • Error code – 5

How to fix – If you are using a USB-A cable, remove it and use a USB- C cable or you can switch usb ports. Now quit the checkra1n application and open again. Also, you can restore your iPhone and get a frash Jailbreak with Checkrain.

  • Error code – 20

How to Fix – Use Lightning to USB-A Cable Instead of USB-C to Lightning

Backup & Restore iOS With A Fresh Install

  • Error code – 26 / 31 : Exploit Failed

How to fix – Try to jailbreak in safe mode(tweaks disabled),if that doesn’t work u can always restore root fs and rejailbreak

  • Error code – 31 : Checking if device is ready

How to fix – Try using a standard USB-A 3.0 to Lightning cable rather than a USB-C to Lightning cable /try changing USB port

  • Error code – 71

How to fix – Use the (USB Safe) option in the boot menu.

Download Gb Step Time For Mac 1.1.2 Download

  • Error code – 77

How to fix – Remove your passcode before starting the jailbreak, you can set it back once done.

  • Error code – 78

How to fix: Exit checkra1n and double-check you entered sudo checkra1n.

  • Secure Boot Errors

How to fix: You can disable Secure Boot in your BIOS settings.

  • Graphics Errors

How to fix: Use the (Graphics Safe) option in the boot menu.

  • ACPI Errors

How to Fix: On the boot menu, select RAM mode, then press TAB and add acpi=off nomodeset to the prompt.

Checkra1n Common Fact
  • CheckRa1n is a permanent semi-tethered jailbreak for every iOS version running A5-A11 devices. It cannot be fixed without a hardware replacement. This is based on the unpatchable bootrom exploit called Checkm8. It’s called a check rain jailbreak also.
  • Once complete the checkra1n jailbreak process it will automatically download Cydia. Currently, you cannot install Sileo or any other package manager with Checkra1n at this moment.
  • Checkra1n tool’s developers are axi0mX (Checkm8 exploit developer), qwertyoruiopz (Luca Todesco), Argp, danyl931, jaywalker, kirb, littlelailo, nitoTV, nullpixel, pimskeks, sbingner, siguza, haifisch, jndok, jonseals, xerub, lilstevie, psychotea, sferrini, Cellebrite (ih8sn0w, cjori, ronyrus et al.), et al.
  • CheckRa1n is similar to older BlackRa1n Jailbreak, limera1n Jailbreak, purplera1n Jailbreak. This was based on the bootrom exploit by George Hotz (geohot). It lets you select the package manager. It was used to Jailbreak all iOS devices running iOS 3.1, iOS 3.1.1 and iOS 3.1.2. It seems, Checkra1n followed that style. It will add Zebra package manager in future updates.
  • The Checkm8 exploit which is used to develop CheckRa1n is tethered. But the tethered jailbreak has been around a long time. That is every time your iOS device boots or the battery dies, you have to connect your iOS device back to your computer. Then it boots with the aid of the jailbreak app. Now, this is not practical. Untethered was the most popular and hassle free method. There is no issue with rebooting the process with untethered. Nowadays, a popular method is semi-untethered. It is a process of activating Jailbreak through running the Jailbreak app and there is no required Computer support. However, CheckRa1n was released as a semi-tethered Jailbreak because it has a Jailbreak app.
  • CheckRa1n will be compatible with upcoming iOS versions too. Because, it is based on the unpatchable bootrom exploit. Bootrom is the first significant code that runs on an iOS device. So, this is an unpatchable hardware based Jailbreak which can not be fixed through software update.