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Access Control Functions. Control up to 1000 GV-AS / GV-EV Controllers. Four access mode options: Card only mode, Card and PIN Code mode, Card or Common mode, Release mode. Alarm conditions: door held open, door forced entry, tamper, access denied, duress, fire alarm. SMS or E-Mail notification with user-defined content, video snapshot and user. Release date: 10 December 2018. This version drops support for macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion. Dropped support of MD5 algorithm. New unified UI with 2 color scheme options. Disabled tunnel compression by default (could be enabled back in the app settings) Ability to add proxies for connection from within the app.

We all know that timing is of the essence in everything we do. Whether you are working in an office, school, at home or traveling, the importance of timing cannot be overstated. Having a good time management system is important in each and every situation. Android Timer solves all timing problems and is the best alternative to stop fidgeting with your mobile phone. Android Timer has been developed by award winning development company Android, a Google Application Development Partner. Android Timer has been inspired by Google Calendar and was designed for use with Android phones running on Jellybean and above.

Android Timer has many handy features including the ability to add your Google Calendar to your Android Timer so that it appears on the Android toolbar. It also integrates seamlessly with Googlle and has a number of widgets to enhance your Android experience including the Googlle clock, Google Today widget, an animated calculator and Android widget. Android Timer comes pre-installed with many useful widgets such as the Google Search bar, calculator, weather widget, traffic widget, the battery widget, and currency conversion widget. Android Timer can be used as a desktop timer, a PDA or cellular timer, as a browser timer, a SIP enabled client and much more. Android Timer also contains various useful features such as auto-logging to save server logs, ability to export Google Voice logs, ability to see Google Calendar events, Googlle contacts manager and much more.


This is the latest release of Android Tester Kit- 2.2 which has fixes for the following: * Smart Keyboard bugs, * Tapping issue when typing in text box * App Drawer Opacity issue, * Network Adition support for SMS and MMS * Texting issue when using text box * Graphic Tablet mode bug fixing * Constant Dpi sizing issue, * Fixed rare application crash issue * Added functionality to set / reset default theme colors To get the latest version of Android Timer, download the APK from the official Google Android Software Downloads site and install it on your PC or laptop as a Portable Application (PDA). Once you have it installed on your system, make sure that you are connected to a wireless network. Otherwise, it will not work. If it does work, enjoy your new app.

MSA FRP is a free Android bypass APK like Lucky Patcher and LYKA that lets you override system settings to unlock features. In this case, the app unlocks your Google Account via the browser on your device instead of a PC. It removes Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP), negating the need to flash the phone.

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In some instances, you need to use your Gmail password to unlock your Android phone. MSA FRP comes in handy if you can’t remember what the details are. You’ll also receive the latest updates, specifically where security protocols are concerned to keep all your data safe.

Unlock your Android device

Sometimes your Android may become locked due to Google’s FRP policy. This disables access to your device, which can become distressing. MSA FRP helps you out by bypassing the security protocol via a web browser instead of a PC. You’ll have your data and files back quickly as long as you follow the correct process.

No password needed

Download GV Connect For Mac 1.1 Free

Thanks to the MSA FRP override system, you don’t need your Gmail password to gain access to your Android device. It uses other functions to unlock it for you, which you can find in the web browser if you have this app installed. If you cannot, then you won’t be able to use this feature and will have to find another way to unlock it.

Download GV Connect For Mac 1.1 Version

Protection of data

The beauty of MSA FRP is that it only allows the Google account connected to the app on your phone to unlock the factory settings. If someone has stolen your phone and FRP kicks in, they can’t use their accounts to open it. It’ll remain locked with your data secure until you bypass it with this tool.

Download GV Connect For Mac 1.1 Full

Hard resets

The main issue with Google's FRP is that you don't want to hard reset if the app is active. Doing so will automatically lock you out from your device as the app sees this as an attempt to steal your information. Fortunately, MSA FRP can help you gain access if you made this mistake.

Download GV Connect For Mac 1.12

Bypassing factory settings

Download Gv Connect For Mac 1.12

MSA FRP is an extremely handy tool if you’ve been locked out of your device after hard resetting or if someone stole your phone and you later retrieved it. You may have forgotten your Gmail password, but you can still get in as long as you connected your Gmail account to this app.