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writing some python in OS X, and it's saying several packages I installed with pip 'ImportError: no module named requests'

When running pip install requests

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it's erroring on twindb_cloudflare, requests, group, tarutil, and MySQL DB. I'm able to run the exact same imports on another script (in the same folder) without error.

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Run in command prompt.

Check what version you have installed on your system if you have an old version.

Try to uninstall the package...

Try after to install it:

You can also test if pip does not do the job.

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In my case, I was running a python version included with Jupyter, which installs modules in a different place than the default one apparently. I found that out by running this in Jupyter:

which gave me

I was then able to run the following command in Jupyter:

and then I was able to import my modules:

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i had the same issue(also in MAC OS) and solved it by instead running the python script with python3:python3

in my case i was also using pip3 and not pip.

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I suffered from this problem and finally found the solution.

Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable

Requirement already satisfied: django in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (2.2.12)

use'sudo' to crossoff user installation issue;

and pip install --target=/usr/local/python3.7/site-packages --upgrade {module_name}

someone mentioned this and worked for me.

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If you are using a Mac, it could be that you installed the modules with pip (meaning python2, but you execute your code with python3 which does not have the modules you installed for python2).

Mac has python version 2 set as default and usually does not come with pip preinstalled or is linked with version 2. I recommend leaving it that way. Use version 3 for your personal use cases and leave your Mac with version 2 as default. As you have to install python3 yourself, means you might also want to check/install pip3.

Check if you have python 3 installed:

Check if you have pip3 installed (usually included by default since python 3.4):

Check what packages you have installed with pip3:

If you use an editor tool, make sure to set it to use python3 when running your file.

Example for VS Code:Set VS Code to use Python3 on the bottom right corner, which you should see when having a .py file open:

And now if you want to import any modules into python, make sure to install them with pip3:

If you run into permission issue, you might consider to run the command with sudo rights:

Flavio CaduffFlavio Caduff

Just to share my findings and perhaps a newbie error, but in my case mariadb was installed using 'sudo pip3 install mariadb' and I tried to run my script with 'python' and that didn't work. But I worked when I use 'python3', seems to be that it matters which pyhton you use.


My Raspberry Pi 4 did not recognise the ipython command and the following was displayed when attempting to install iPython:

I knew this wasn't a PATH issue as iPython is a pip package.

I found an IPython directory under /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ and inside this directory I found program

Running started iPython:

I added the following alias to my .bashrc file to allow me to simply type ipython.

Hope the above is helpful. God bless


i have also same issue with PyPDF2. one day before it was working but now i am unable to import. while i am installing again it show me that already installed.

here we need to know that where it installed and from where it imports.when both path will match then may be this issue will get resolve.

ORif there is version issue we need to understand version compatibility.which version of PyPDF2 will support with python 3.8xxx

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If you have Python(python2) installed you then you can use the following command to install pip(for python2).

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Now you can check for pip2 and can try to run your program

I hope these will help you

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