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Download Signal on your desktop, available for Windows and Mac. For those who want to install it on their (business) phone, download the app in the Playstore or Appstore; Via de App you can easily connect desktop and phone via a QR-code; Next you can add contacts, create groups and chat; The complete step-by-step manual is available at Signal. Gnu Image Viewer Download; Lightweight image viewer for a fast image preview. It has been developed to have the same viewer available for all major operating systems - Microsoft Windows 10, MacOS and GNU/Linux. The main goal is to have a free of charge cross-platform viewer with a. GNU (Free) User rating. Download Latest Version for Mac (46.22 MB) Advertisement. IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser, with most, if not all, of the features that Firefox comes loaded with. The difference is that it is entirely free software. Newest to Windows and Mac is at this moment IceCat 38.8.0. GNU IceCat is available as a free download for the IA-32 and PowerPC architectures. Both binaries and source are available, though the current build is available only for GNU/Linux. Some distributions offer binary and source packages through their repositories, such as.

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Navigate the Internet, visit your favorite websites, with this reliable browser that includes several privacy protection features

What's new in IceCat 38.8.0:

  • LibreJS updated to 6.0.13
  • HTTPS-Everywhere updated to 5.1.6
  • Updated ssl cypher settings
  • Do not spoof user-agent on android
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IceCat is a suitable solution to navigating the Internet since it offers you a reliable, secure environment for visiting your favorite websites. The application is built on the same kernel as Mozilla Firefox, which is why it resembles this browser not only regarding the functions it offers, but also the interface.

Printing At NightI haven’t touched a Mac in over a decade but one came to my home yesterday in the hands of a visitor. A party was being planned and a document was produced on the Mac. It should ha...

Privacy protection in browsing

Similar to Firefox, IceCat is a reliable Web browsing tool, which is accessible to all Windows users. While there are multiple similarities between the two applications, the differences occur when it comes to the status of extensions.

Moreover, IceCat features several integrated security add-ons, which come with the program package. These extensions are designed to increase the stability of the browser, by managing JavaScript pages, as well as to block privacy trackers on any website you visit. The other plug-ins can replace online video players with the Firefox native player and automatically use HTTPS rules.

Simple to use Internet browser

IceCat offers you a reliable, familiar environment for browsing the Internet. The application supports opening websites in several tabs, starting private browsing sessions, saving the current page as HTML or printing it. The tool can save the browsing history and create bookmarks.

The browser can manage downloaded items, as well as help you configure the Internet connection. It supports certain applications, for emailing services, viewing PDFs or video rendering. Moreover, the browser supports intense customization, which can be performed from the developer menu. You may also set the program to start with a custom homepage, by entering the preferred URL in the Options window.

Enjoy browsing the Internet with a reliable tool

IceCat allows you to visit any website you wish, supports saving passwords or remembering accessed URLs. The program allows you to activate the private browsing, a feature that instantly disables the browsing history so that you do not need to worry about the cache or about storing unnecessary links.

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Gnu icecat browser download

Printing At NightI Haven’t Touched A Mac In Over A Decade But One Came To My Home Yesterday In The Hands Of A Visitor. A Party Was Being Planned And A Document Was Produced On The Mac. It Should Ha...

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IceCat 38.8.0

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