Download IOscilloscope For Mac 1.0

A software oscilloscope attempting to mimic the aesthetic of old school ray oscilloscopes.

After starting the oscilloscope a welcome message is already loaded, press ▶︎ play to make sure your audio setup works. If it doesn't, open settings and try to choose another output device.

Universal Software Oscilloscope Library 1.0.0 Download at Download32. Chart Data Acquisition Debugging Graph. Download File, (3.3 MB). Wavosaur for Mac for Macintosh OS X - Free audio sample editor now available for Mac. Supports VST plug-ins.VST - Download Wavosaur for Mac here. See user reviews. Post your comments. Download Oscilloscope Mac Software. Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi for Mac OS X v.1.7 The Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi was designed to be a unique several tracks real-time waveform renderer and comparator: it will let you visualize the content of multiple audio tracks on the same screen, then compare them using its X-Y view.

To open files you can either click the folder icon, or drag a file from Explorer/Finder/Nautilus/... to the application.

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eExport to image sequence
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  2. Download Universal Software Oscilloscope Library for Windows to view and use oscilloscope GUI library for data simulation, debugging, and acquisition.

For more information

  • either visit the user page at

Project setup

Things are moving around a bit sometimes.Make sure to read these instructions before each build.

Download ioscilloscope for mac 1.0 torrent
  1. Download and unzip Openframeworks 0.10.1
  2. Open the folder apps/myApps/ (in the OpenFrameworks folder)
  3. Clone the repository with submodules: git clone --recursive
  4. Download the binary release for ofxAvCodec from
  5. Replace the addons/ofxAvCodec/libs with the libs folder from the download

Compiling with XCode (OSX11.5+)

  1. Add the --deep value to the Other Code Signing Flags key in the Build Settings tab
  2. Open apps/myApps/oscilloscope/Oscilloscope.xcodeproject and then Build&Run
  3. (Optional) Sign&Notarize with apple: Copy scripts/ to, then run scripts/ osx 1.1.0

You can also build with make && make run on the command line. The resulting build will have no icon/no proper name/no retina support.

Compiling with Visual studio 2017

The shell commands can be run from a git bash, cygwin, msys, or any other shell emulator.

  1. run scripts/
  2. run scripts/ win64
  3. Open oscilloscope.sln and Build&Run

Compiling with make in Linux

This is a full install including OF (thx rrolison68!)

See scripts/ for the full distribution process.

Download oscilloscope for mac 1.0 windows 10

Package the software

  • for osx run scripts/ $platform $version
  • platform is one of osx linux linux64 win64
  • version is whatever version you want, e.g. 1.0.6


  • Linux support
  • Linux support

License/Source code

  • Openframeworks. A creative coding library. The larger part of it is licensed as MIT/BSD.
  • FFmpeg and ofxAvCodec. FFmpeg is the encoder/decoder library and licensed under the gpl/lgpl 2.1. The binaries included here were compiled to comply with the lgpl. A copy of the LGPL together with instructions how the library was compiled for each platform can be found in the legal folder.
  • The sourcecode for this application is freely available on github.

The application comes in 3 flavors (Default, Debug and Reload) and packed in two formats(.zip for windows users and .tar.gz for Linux users). If you don’t know what to download, just usethe Default App in the zip package.

Download last release (beta):
  • lock-in+pid-0.1.1-3:
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.1-3-devbuild [zip,tar]
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.1-3-devbuild_DEBUG [zip,tar]
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.1-3-devbuild_RELOAD [zip,tar]
  • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-48:
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-48-devbuild [zip,tar]
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-48-devbuild_DEBUG [zip,tar]
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-48-devbuild_RELOAD [zip,tar]
  • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-25:
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-25-devbuild [zip,tar]
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-25-devbuild_DEBUG [zip,tar]
  • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-15:
    • lock-in+pid-0.1.0-15-devbuild [zip,tar]

The difference between flavors

The application itself is the Default flavor.The Debug flavor is just the same application but with a more debugginginfo printed all the time in the internal Red Pitaya log files (/var/log/redpitaya_nginx/*.log) and is providedfor testing and development purposes.The Reload flavor has only one difference with the Default: it doesn’t loads the FPGA circuit on App loadingnor reset any memory reg value. This flavor is useful if you already made an FPGA configurationthrough the Default App, closed the browser and then you want to get control again of that FPGA without resettingall the register values.

First, you need an already running RedPitaya environment. If you don’t knowhow to prepare the device SDCard, just follow theRedPitaya help page instructions

To install the web application you need to upload the rp_lock-in_pid folderto the RedPitaya device in the path /opt/redpitaya/www/apps/. You can do that with several SSH clients.

If the device is connected to an standard dynamic-ip network (any standard router for internet access, any public network or network with DHCP) you can access de RedPitaya device using this name:


where XXXXXX are the last 6 digits of the device MAC address. The MAC address can be find in the Ethernet port of thedevice:

In this case, would be: rp-F113D5.local. This is an automatic name assignation made through ZeroConf system.

After that, you can access several RedPitaya services using this address, for example:

  • Web Applications: In your web browser…


  • Remote login: From a console application (linux):
  • Find IP address: From console:

    For more information or other options, refer toRedPitaya connect help

For Windows

Use PuTTY toget shell access to the RedPitaya Operative System (Linux) and run the command rw (default user: root, default pass: root):

Then use WinSCP to upload the lock-in+pid folder to /opt/redpitaya/www/apps/

If you want to use the remote control tools you need to copy the /resources/rp_cmds/py/*.pycontent to /root/py in the RedPitaya device.

Automatic login for PuTTY

Under construction TO BE COMPLETED

For the while, you can follow this site instructions (using your RP address rp-XXXXXX.local instead of the ip address of that example,

The key generated in that example can also be used in WinSCP

For linux

To enable rw, in a Terminal console run:

where rp-XXXXXX.local is the device address (copy & paste if you want).

Then upload the rp_lock-in_pid folder.

With GUI

Download Ioscilloscope For Mac 1.0 Full

You can use any SSH file transfer client, like FileZilla of gftp.

With console

Using the scp command (comes with linux) from console:

Script for automatic upload

The installation package includes a bash script to automatically uploadthe application to the RedPitaya device.

Run from the uncompressed folder path:

Configure automatic login into RP

Oscilloscope App For Pc

It’s useful to automate the login procedure to get into RedPitaya console withouttyping user and password each time. To do this you need to have an SSH key. If youdon’t have one, create it with this command in localhost console:

If it ask you for Pass Phrase, just hit enter key

Then upload the public key to RP:

Now you should be able to login without a password: