Download IWik: Wikipedia For The IPhone For Mac 1.1

  • Aug 07, 2010. A Level 1.1.ipa (465.74 kilobyte). iWik- Wikipedia for the iPhone 1.0.ipa (51.48 kilobyte). Click to Download Part 1.
  • I've seen a few applications for offline Wikipedia but most were created for the iPhone before the App Store existed. More Less MacBook Pro, Mac OS X.
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Table 5-2 describes the information that HttpSessionManager provides. All of the names represent attributes, except resetStatistics, which is an operation. Several of the MBean attributes use the following prefixes: LocalSession, which indicates a session that is not distributed to all members of the cluster.The session remains local to the originating server until a later point in the life. May 15, 2021 Version 0.8 added support for jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS. Version 0.9b3 was released for Windows and Mac OS X, and it allows iOS 3.0 through 3.1.2 to be jailbroken. It includes support for all devices except the iPod touch (3rd generation), and supports a tethered jailbreak on iPhone 3GS units and iPod touch (2nd generation) units with new. Iphone/Ipod Touch 425 Apps Cracked 3150 MB Here are the 425 most Downloaded Itunes Apps.All cracked. List. o 2 Across.ipa (263.86 kilobyte) o 2Across-v11.2.2.ipa (458 kilobyte).

Due to various reasons, you need to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. At this time, iTunes can be a good helper to make the iTunes restore. However, for many iOS users, iTunes isn't an easy-to-use restoring tool. Do you know how to restore iPhone from iTunes backup? What's more, how to restore iPhone without iTunes? Keep reading to find the answers.

Part 1. iTunes restore - How to restore iPhone from iTunes

When you want to restore from a backup file, iTunes offers a regular way to do that. You can take the following guide to learn how to make iTunes restore.

Step 1Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to it with USB cable.

Step 2Click on the iPhone icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes window. Then click 'Summary' on the left list.

Step 3Click 'Restore Backup' and then choose your iPhone and click 'Restore' to start the iTunes restore.

Note: You may need to enter your password to unlock the iTunes backup files.

Part 2. How to restore iPhone without iTunes

Similar to iTunes, iCloud can also help you restore iPhone from backup. This method enables you to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes. Next steps will show you how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

Step 1Unlock your iPhone and open the 'Settings' app.

Step 2Tap 'General' > 'Reset' > 'Erase all content and settings'.

Step 3Log into your Apple account and tap 'Erase Now' to restore iPhone without iTunes.

Step 4When the iPhone restoring is finished, you will enter the 'Apps & Data' screen. Choose the 'Restore from iCloud Backup' option.

Step 5Log into your Apple account to download the iCloud backup. After that, you can restore iPhone from the backup.

Part 3. How to restore iPhone without iTunes/iCloud backup

With iTunes restore or iCloud restore, you can handily restore iPhone from a backup. What if you don't have a suitable iTunes/iCloud backup file? Do you know how to restore your iOS device? Here we sincerely recommend the professional iPhone Data Recovery to help you restore iPhone from iTunes backup or without iTunes. Free download it and have a try.

Step 1Launch iPhone Data Recovery

Download, install and run this powerful iPhone restoring software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2Stan iPhone data

Click 'Start Scan' to scan your iPhone files. After scanning, all types of data on your iPhone will be listed in categories on the left.

Step 3Restore iPhone

Click the file type on the left control, and you can preview the details of each data on the right window. Mark the files you want to restore and click 'Recover' button to restore iPhone.

FoneLab - iPhone Data RecoveryFor Mac
  • FoneLab is the professional iOS data recovering software which enables you to recover various iPhone files and make data backup from iPhone.
  • Recover contacts, messages, call logs, etc. on iPhone.
  • Copy photos, music, WhatsApp data, etc. to PC.
  • Support any iOS device like iPhone iPad iPod.
  • Restore backup data from iCloud/iTunes.

If you want to restore iPhone from iTunes backup, you can select the second recovery mode, 'Recover from iTunes Backup'. This mode enables you to make iTunes restore with any backup you ever created. Moreover, you are allowed to recover iPhone data from iCloud backup.

With this method, you can handily restore iPad, iPhone or iPod. Three recovery modes are provided in this tool, you can also restore iPad from iTunes/iCloud backup. In addition, it can work as a good tool to help you back up all types of iPad data to PC/Mac. Almost all frequenlty-used iOS data can be restored, such as contacts, messages, pictures, call logs, videos, audios, etc. You can free download it and give a try.

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  • How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

    How to restore iPhone data or disabled iPhone without iTunes? This article tells the best method to restore iPhone without iTunes.

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    Do you know how to retrieve deleted contacts iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4? Learn how to recover deleted contacts iPhone in this post.

  • How to Retrieve Deleted Notes from iPhone 5

    How to recover deleted notes on iPhone? Even without backup? Learn how to recover a deleted note on iPhone from this page.

Iphone/Ipod Touch 425 Apps Cracked 3150 MB
Here are the 425 most Downloaded Itunes Apps.All cracked.
* o 2 Across.ipa (263.86 kilobyte)
o 2_Across-v1[1].2.2.ipa (458 kilobyte)
o 3-D Vector Pong.ipa (801.36 kilobyte)
o 300_Bowl.ipa (723.86 kilobyte)
o 3D Cube Puzzle.ipa (75.33 kilobyte)
o 4_in_a_Row.ipa (1.25 megabyte)
o [Book] (1.76 megabyte)
o [Book] (728 kilobyte)
o [Book] (581.92 kilobyte)
o [Book] (1.22 megabyte)
o [Book] (1.74 megabyte)
o A Level 1.1.ipa (465.74 kilobyte)
o Abacus 1.0.1.ipa (1.32 megabyte)
o aBalls.v1.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (1.09 megabyte)
o ABC.Sign.v1.0.2-Drejjmit.ipa (9.29 megabyte)
o Absolute Fitness 1.1.ipa (2.04 megabyte)
o Absolutely.Trivial.v1.0-Drejjmit.ipa (223.87 kilobyte)
o AccelaStudy.German.v1.0-brill301.ipa (225.26 kilobyte)
o AccelaStudy.Spanish.v1.0-brill301.ipa (222.4 kilobyte)
o AccuFuel 1.1.1.ipa (375.79 kilobyte)
o ACTCurrency 1668.ipa (278.22 kilobyte)
o AdrenalinePoker 1.2.ipa (12.11 megabyte)
o AeroGyro (v1.1).ipa (1.11 megabyte)
o Air Drummer 1.0.ipa (2.1 megabyte)
o Air Hockey 1.0.2.ipa (1.36 megabyte)
o Air Hockey Fingertip Sports.ipa (7.24 megabyte)
o Air Hockey.ipa (2.32 megabyte)
o Air[1].Hockey.Fingertip.Sports.v1.2-DsurioN.ipa (7.24 megabyte)
o AirWX_Aviation_Weather__v._1.0_.ipa (35.08 kilobyte)
o Aki Mahjong 1.0.2.ipa (8.86 megabyte)
o Alien.Invasion.v1.0.7-b00sted4fun.ipa (6.22 megabyte)
o Allis_Jigsaw_Puzzle.ipa (5.85 megabyte)
o allRadio.v1.0.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (446.63 kilobyte)
o aMaze! 1.0.ipa (2.18 megabyte)
o Amazing_Sudoku_(v1.0.2).ipa (4.59 megabyte)
o Ambiance.ipa (22.69 megabyte)
o American Heritage Desk 1.0.1.ipa (32.35 megabyte)
o Anatomy.ipa (44.38 megabyte)
o Animal Farm 1.0.ipa (12.06 megabyte)
o Animals Sound Machine 1.0.ipa (6.23 megabyte)
o Annotater 1.1.503.ipa (223.79 kilobyte)
o AquaForest.ipa (5.96 megabyte)
o AriaTouch 1.0.ipa (528.39 kilobyte)
o Art_Puzzle_1.0.ipa (6.33 megabyte)
o aSleep 2.0.ipa (172.23 megabyte)
o Asphalt_4_Elite_Racing_(v1.2.0).ipa (92.3 megabyte)
o Assignments 3.0.ipa (652.91 kilobyte)
o Asterope_1.0.ipa (4.52 megabyte)
o Astromo 1.0.ipa (337.36 kilobyte)
o At Bat 1.0.ipa (384.15 kilobyte)
o Atoms 1.0.ipa (201.05 kilobyte)
o Attaining Zen 1.2.ipa (864.28 kilobyte)
o Audi A4 Driving Challenge 1.0.ipa (2.18 megabyte)
o Auto Contra Sense 1.0.ipa (5.77 megabyte)
o azRSS.NewsReader.v2.6.3-b00sted4fun.ipa (287.46 kilobyte)
o Backgammon_1.1.ipa (619.75 kilobyte)
o Ball Fight 1.0.1.ipa (4.26 megabyte)
o Band.ipa (8.5 megabyte)
o Battle of Waterloo 1.0.ipa (2.02 megabyte)
o BattleAtSea.ipa (1.82 megabyte)
o Beach Volleyball 1.0.ipa (591.47 kilobyte)
o BeatMaker.ipa (115.26 megabyte)
o BeeCells 1.0.ipa (767.81 kilobyte)
o Beer 1.0.ipa (3.2 megabyte)
o Beijing2008 1.0.1.ipa (286 kilobyte)
o Bejeweled_2.ipa (8.29 megabyte)
o Belote_Expert_Online_1.2.ipa (11.67 megabyte)
o Big Bang Sudoku (v1.2).ipa (2.92 megabyte)
o Big.Bang.Board.Games (v1.0).ipa (31.34 megabyte)
o BiiBall_0.9.2.ipa (3.87 megabyte)
o Billy Frontier 1.0.3-hang1526.ipa (29.34 megabyte)
o Bingo 1.0.ipa (922.38 kilobyte)
o Birth.Buddy.v1.0.1-brill301.ipa (74.82 kilobyte)
o BJCardCounter.ipa (849.66 kilobyte)
o Black.Jack.Run.v1.0-brill301.ipa (618.89 kilobyte)
o Black_Mamba_Racer_1.0.ipa (2.14 megabyte)
o Blackjack (3-Hand Edition) 1.0.ipa (1.47 megabyte)
o Blackjack 21.ipa (1.17 megabyte)
o BlackJack.Helper.v1.0-brill301.ipa (124.81 kilobyte)
o Blitz (v1.0).ipa (1.73 megabyte)
o BlockPuzzle.v1.00-issinoho.ipa (5.4 megabyte)
o BlogWriter.ipa (338.87 kilobyte)
o BloXoR 1.0.ipa (2.82 megabyte)
o BlueSkies[1].v3.0-UNCCcracker.ipa (49.71 megabyte)
o Bomberman.ipa (9.47 megabyte)
o BookShelf.ipa (455.87 kilobyte)
o Boom!.ipa (1.37 megabyte)
o Boxes.v1.0-b00sted4fun.ipa (3.64 megabyte)
o Brain Challenge I_Phone.ipa (88.33 megabyte)
o Break 99 Levels 1.0.3.ipa (3.13 megabyte)
o BreakClassic.v0.9.4-TheMonkeysBall.ipa (2.21 megabyte)
o BreakTouch 0.9.2.ipa (1.66 megabyte)
o BridgesManiak.v1.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (178.55 kilobyte)
o BtBx (v1.1).ipa (1.69 megabyte)1.1
o BubbleBash.ipa (72.04 megabyte)
o BubbleBay 1.0.ipa (12.73 megabyte)
o BubbleLevel.ipa (1.2 megabyte)
o BubblesTilt 1.0.ipa (509.08 kilobyte)
o (1001.51 kilobyte)
o Budget 1_2.ipa (205.31 kilobyte)
o Bug Bounce (v1.01).ipa (3.9 megabyte)
o Bullfrog Touch 1.0.ipa (3.81 megabyte)
o Byline.v1.0.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (156.56 kilobyte)
o Caissa Chess 1.1.ipa (1.43 megabyte)
o Caravan 1.2.ipa (768.89 kilobyte)
o Carrom.ipa (3.01 megabyte)
o CarStat 1.0.ipa (72.11 kilobyte)
o Castles 1.2.ipa (351.8 kilobyte)
o Catch.The.Egg.v1.0-~ If you are reading this report this SPAMMER to a moderator ~.ipa (9.47 megabyte)
o CaveCopter.ipa (677.36 kilobyte)
o CBNK_3D.ipa (7.37 megabyte)
o chain3 1.Awesome.ipa (3.75 megabyte)
o Checkers Touch.ipa (1.73 megabyte)
o Chess Classics.ipa (75.83 megabyte)
o Chimps Ahoy!.ipa (9.91 megabyte)
o ChocChocPop.ipa (9.69 megabyte)
o Chopper.ipa (2.93 megabyte)
o Chores 1.0.ipa (142.27 kilobyte)
o Circulate Prolouge.ipa (19.75 megabyte)
o ~censored~ 1.0.ipa (1.3 megabyte)
o Coconut Horse 1.0.ipa (1.68 megabyte)
o ColorTilt.ipa (805.65 kilobyte)
o Columns Deluxe.ipa (3.08 megabyte)
o Comic Touch.ipa (1.76 megabyte)
o Country.and.Area.Codes.v1.0-Turanli.ipa (977.08 kilobyte)
o Cow Toss 1.0.0.ipa (267.27 kilobyte)
o CraigsMobile 1.0.5.ipa (156.17 kilobyte)
o Crazy.Disco.v1.0.1-Adriankenny.ipa (4.18 megabyte)
o Crazy.Lighter.Gold.v1.0.3-Adriankenny.ipa (320.29 kilobyte)
o CritterCrunch.ipa (10.82 megabyte)
o Cro-Mag.ipa (58.53 megabyte)
o CubeRise 3D.ipa (1.3 megabyte)
o CubeRunner 1.2.ipa (5.93 megabyte)
o Cubes (v1.2).ipa (3.83 megabyte)
o CubicMan Deluxe.ipa (2.52 megabyte)
o Dactyl.ipa (729.99 kilobyte)
o DataCase 1.0.ipa (379.02 kilobyte)
o de_Blob.ipa (8.43 megabyte)
o DeadlySpace.v1.4-b00sted4fun.ipa (8.8 megabyte)
o DecibelMeter.v1.0-Turanli.ipa (97.02 kilobyte)
o DeepSpaceNewt 1.0.ipa (689.21 kilobyte)
o Dial[1].Home.Device.v1.0-iShoo.ipa (5.33 megabyte)
o Diamond[1].Twister.v1.4.2-Pikachu.ipa (62.69 megabyte)
o DiamondTwister 1.0.ipa (64.48 megabyte)
o Dice.ipa (160.05 kilobyte)
o DidYouKnow 1.0.ipa (96.53 kilobyte)
o Digga 1.0.ipa (438.27 kilobyte)
o Diner Dash (v1.0).ipa (12.85 megabyte)
o Disneys All Star Cards.ipa (7.33 megabyte)
o Dive.Planner.v1.2-Drejjmit.ipa (242.33 kilobyte)
o Dizzy Bee.ipa (8.28 megabyte)
o Domino 1.0.ipa (6.04 megabyte)
o Domino_1.0.ipa (1.61 megabyte)
o DominosaManiak 1.0.ipa (145.45 kilobyte)
o DreigIt.v1.3-steveboy12.ipa (1.94 megabyte)
o DVD.Dashboard.v1.1.0-b00sted4fun.ipa (865.14 kilobyte)
o Dynolicious 1.1.ipa (1.59 megabyte)
o Earthscape Basic 1.0.ipa (8.08 megabyte)
o Eat, Bunny, Eat! (v1.0).ipa (643.76 kilobyte)
o Elevens 1.0.1.ipa (6.27 megabyte)
o Elevens Balls (v1.0).ipa (6.52 megabyte)
o Emerald Chronometer.ipa (2.71 megabyte)
o Encore! 1.1.ipa (887.59 kilobyte)
o Endless Walls 1.0.3.ipa (103.87 kilobyte)
o Enigmo (v1[1].2).ipa (3.23 megabyte)
o Enigmo.ipa (3.22 megabyte)
o Etch A Sketch 1.920.ipa (4.06 megabyte)
o eWallet.ipa (683.75 kilobyte)
o Face.Melter.v1.3-prybar.ipa (440.09 kilobyte)
o Fan_Caps_1.0.ipa (7.71 megabyte)
o Feeds 1.02.ipa (336.38 kilobyte)
o FileMagnet.ipa (422.36 kilobyte)
o Files 1.0.1.ipa (690.22 kilobyte)

Download Iwik: Wikipedia For The Iphone For Mac 1.15

o FillingManiak 1.0.ipa (162.71 kilobyte)
o FingerMill 1.0.ipa (324.89 kilobyte)
o FingerTangle 1.0.ipa (154.7 kilobyte)
o Fire Words 1.2.ipa (2.04 megabyte)
o Firefighter[1].v1.0-kingasawa.ipa (1.4 megabyte)
o Five Dice.ipa (1.23 megabyte)
o Fizz Weather.ipa (1.51 megabyte)
o Flags.v1.0-hang1526.ipa (1.03 megabyte)
o Flick_Bowling_1.1.ipa (8.46 megabyte)
o Flick_Fishing-v1[1].0_1_.ipa (26.3 megabyte)
o FlightPlan 1.2.0.ipa (307.73 kilobyte)
o FlipBook 1.0.1.ipa (536.15 kilobyte)
o FLOverload.ipa (1.39 megabyte)
o FlyingRider 1.0.ipa (185.81 kilobyte)
o Folders.v1.0-Drejjmit.ipa (130.6 kilobyte)
o Food Additives 1.0.ipa (1.06 megabyte)
o ForeFlight Mobile 1.0.ipa (4.42 megabyte)
o Formulas.v1.01-hang1526.ipa (157.96 kilobyte)
o FroggerGL.ipa (2.59 megabyte)
o FTP.On.The.Go.v1.1-skatter.ipa (240.28 kilobyte)
o FunkyPunch.v1.1-PhYzIcX.ipa (9.34 megabyte)
o Fuzzle-v1[1].3.4.ipa (1.73 megabyte)
o Fuzzle_1.2.ipa (1.73 megabyte)
o G-Force 1.0.ipa (360.59 kilobyte)
o G-Park 1.0.ipa (216.61 kilobyte)
o G-Spot.ipa (176.43 kilobyte)
o GalaxiesManiak 1.0.ipa (134.28 kilobyte)
o Galcon.ipa (2.56 megabyte)
o Garf 1.0.ipa (2.89 megabyte)
o Gashog 1.3.0.ipa (169.9 kilobyte)
o GL_Golf_(v1.00).ipa (6.23 megabyte)
o GLF.Gym.v1.0-pavelivanov22.ipa (28.26 kilobyte)
o Go!.v1.0-b00sted4fun.ipa (1.21 megabyte)
o GoSkyWatch.Planetarium.v2.1-Adonious.ipa (915.76 kilobyte)
o gottago.ipa (7.75 megabyte)
o GPS_Kit 1.0.ipa (228.26 kilobyte)
o Grafunc.v1.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (183.19 kilobyte)
o GTS.World.Racing (v1.0.06).ipa (7.87 megabyte)
o Guitar_Rock_Tour_v1[1].0.1.ipa (167.15 megabyte)
o GuitarToolkit.ipa (2.24 megabyte)
o Hangman.v1.3-~ If you are reading this report this SPAMMER to a moderator ~.ipa (1.09 megabyte)
o HangmanSim.ipa (429.67 kilobyte)
o Hanoi_Plus_1.2.1.ipa (971.29 kilobyte)
o HappyDayz!.ipa (81.33 kilobyte)
o Head2Head.ipa (6.1 megabyte)
o Hebrew 1.0.ipa (33.55 kilobyte)
o Hi-Lo1.1.ipa (411.24 kilobyte)
o HoldEm.ipa (127.87 megabyte)
o I Am Rich 1.0 .ipa (92.09 kilobyte)
o i-Private 1.0.ipa (353.42 kilobyte)
o iAmpRemote 1.0.1.ipa (131.99 kilobyte)
o iBeer.ipa (8.83 megabyte)
o iBubbleWrap! 1.1.1.ipa (930.72 kilobyte)
o iCalc3D 1.0.ipa (195.96 kilobyte)
o iCave 1.1.ipa (292.66 kilobyte)
o iChillout.v1.2-Drejjmit.ipa (28.88 megabyte)
o iConvert 1.0.ipa (51.24 kilobyte)
o iDB.Datamaster.Pro.v1.0.4.ipa (990.69 kilobyte)
o iDrink.ipa (2.83 megabyte)
o iDrops.ipa (248.42 kilobyte)
o iDrum Club Edition 1.0.0.ipa (5.51 megabyte)
o iDrum Hip-Hop Edition 1.0.0.ipa (6.35 megabyte)
o iFlix 1.0.ipa (154.95 kilobyte)
o iGold 1.02.ipa (243.02 kilobyte)
o iGong 1.0.ipa (567.8 kilobyte)
o iGotchi.ipa (6.13 megabyte)
o iGraffiti 1.0.1.ipa (630 kilobyte)
o iHourglass 1.1.ipa (1.56 megabyte)
o iHunt-1[1].0.ipa (1.92 megabyte)
o iJezzball.ipa (9.1 megabyte)
o Ikanoid.ipa (2.57 megabyte)
o iKick 1.1.ipa (112.97 kilobyte)
o iLighter_1.0.ipa (1.33 megabyte)
o iLive 1.0.ipa (126.28 kilobyte)
o Imangi 1.2.ipa (1.88 megabyte)
o iMilk.ipa (6.82 megabyte)
o iMineSweeper 1.0.0.ipa (194 kilobyte)
o iMunchies.v2.0.0-Brill301.ipa (3.35 megabyte)
o iNavX Marine Navigation and Charting 1.0.1.ipa (631.58 kilobyte)
o iNetwork Test.ipa (99.75 kilobyte)
o IQ boost.ipa (595.38 kilobyte)
o iQualizer.v1.00-hang1526.ipa (103.55 kilobyte)
o iQuran.Pro.v2.1.1-Unknown.ipa (9.43 megabyte)
o iRecorder.v1.2-b00sted4fun.ipa (102.64 kilobyte)
o iRSS.v1.1.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (268.4 kilobyte)
o iRuler 1.1.ipa (2.14 megabyte)
o iShoot.ipa (15.41 megabyte)
o iSnake (v1.0).ipa (431.67 kilobyte)
o iSnap.v1.0-b00sted4fun.ipa (1.49 megabyte)
o iSSH.v1.1-raz0r.ipa (346.28 kilobyte)
o iTanks.ipa (431.73 kilobyte)
o iTip 1.0.3.ipa (86.24 kilobyte)
o iVoodoo 1.0.ipa (778.62 kilobyte)
o iWallpaper 1.0.ipa (526.01 kilobyte)
o iWik- Wikipedia for the iPhone 1.0.ipa (51.48 kilobyte)
o iWOL 2.2.ipa (34.02 kilobyte)
o ixboxlive 1.0.ipa (125.69 kilobyte)
o iXpenseIt.ipa (430.45 kilobyte)
o JackpotCasino_1.0.ipa (3.02 megabyte)
o Jade[1].Dragon.v1.0-iShoo.ipa (27.32 megabyte)
o Jive.v1.0.2-b00sted4fun.ipa (1.8 megabyte)
o Kaleidoscope 1.0.ipa (893.05 kilobyte)
o KoiPond (v2.1).ipa (4.05 megabyte)
o Kyodai_1.1.ipa (4.11 megabyte)
o Labyrinth-v1[1].4.ipa (1.16 megabyte)
o Labyrinth.v1.3.1-DsurioN.ipa (1.15 megabyte)
o LadyBiz 1.1.ipa (517.95 kilobyte)
o LaserBattle 1.0.ipa (975.24 kilobyte)
o LED.Football.v1.0-~ If you are reading this report this SPAMMER to a moderator ~.ipa (845.78 kilobyte)
o Let em play (v1.0).ipa (3.73 megabyte)
o Let em sing (v1.0).ipa (2.81 megabyte)
o Lexitron__v._1.0_.ipa (3.96 megabyte)
o LifeTimer 1.0.ipa (156.15 kilobyte)
o LightUp.Maniak.v1.3-b00sted4fun.ipa (155.67 kilobyte)
o LineRider_1.1.ipa (627.1 kilobyte)
o Lingo.v1.2-LoBo.ipa (121.14 kilobyte)
o LocalEats 1.3.0.ipa (791.89 kilobyte)
o Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook 1.1.ipa (4.89 megabyte)
o LootMaster (v1.0).ipa (4.07 megabyte)
o lucky7slots 1.0.ipa (537.96 kilobyte)
o Lumen.ipa (232.16 kilobyte)
o Lumina.ipa (1.17 megabyte)
o MadFighters_1.0.ipa (394.75 kilobyte)
o MagicPad 1.0.ipa (615.89 kilobyte)
o Masyu.v1.2-Hiratai.ipa (364.2 kilobyte)
o Matches 1.0.ipa (239.34 kilobyte)
o Mediquations.v1.0-Pavelivanov22.ipa (655.49 kilobyte)
o MetalAngel 1.0.ipa (2.46 megabyte)
o MetaSquares 1.0.ipa (1.87 megabyte)
o Mind Warp 1.1.ipa (437.67 kilobyte)
o MinesManiak 1.0.ipa (167.02 kilobyte)
o MixMeister.Scratch.Plus.v1.0-hang1526.ipa (3.97 megabyte)
o Mobile_Fotos 1.2.ipa (291.73 kilobyte)
o MobileChat 1.0.ipa (373.01 kilobyte)
o MobilFinder1.0.ipa (2.6 megabyte)
o Mocha VNC.ipa (577.44 kilobyte)
o moleskinery+.v1.2-LoBo.ipa (1.19 megabyte)
o Mondo Solitaire.ipa (9.42 megabyte)
o MonkeyLab (v1.0).ipa (5.46 megabyte)
o Morse-It 1.0.ipa (147.27 kilobyte)
o Mote-M (v1.1).ipa (1.05 megabyte)
o MotionX Poker (v1.12).ipa (7.49 megabyte)
o MotoRacer.ipa (15.15 megabyte)
o Ms.PacMan (v1.0.2).ipa (1.48 megabyte)
o Muddle.ipa (201.54 kilobyte)
o MultiplayerChampionshipPoker 4.4.3.ipa (6.49 megabyte)
o MyMoney 1.0.ipa (114.01 kilobyte)
o MyNetDiary.ipa (327.15 kilobyte)
o NetManiak.ipa (128.46 kilobyte)
o NetShare.ipa (75.83 kilobyte)
o NetSketch.ipa (504.15 kilobyte)
o Nibbles 1.0.ipa (571.26 kilobyte)
o Ninja (v1.7).ipa (5.83 megabyte)
o Numba.ipa (7.78 megabyte)
o OmniFocus 1.0.3.ipa (705.2 kilobyte)
o OmniTuner.ipa (416.15 kilobyte)
o OmNomNom (Classic Snake) 1.0.ipa (2.12 megabyte)
o On-Core PictureFlip (v1.0).ipa (1.29 megabyte)
o OneTap Movies 1.2.ipa (376.46 kilobyte)
o Oscillator 1.0.ipa (153.23 kilobyte)
o OvuCalendar 1.0.ipa (173.44 kilobyte)
o Pad 1.0.ipa (336.8 kilobyte)
o PaklSound.v1.10-raz0r.ipa (1.32 megabyte)
o PaperFootball.ipa (3.48 megabyte)
o Par_72_Golf_(v1.0).ipa (473.35 kilobyte)
o Path.Tracker.v1.2-b00sted4fun.ipa (146.25 kilobyte)
o PatternManiak.v1.2-LoBo.ipa (134.78 kilobyte)
o Pennies 1.0.1.ipa (616.28 kilobyte)
o PhatLewt 1.0.ipa (2.5 megabyte)
o PhoneSaber 1.0.ipa (997.77 kilobyte)
o Photobucket For iPhone.ipa (333.22 kilobyte)
o PhotoCalc 1.0.1.ipa (222.81 kilobyte)
o Photogene 1.1.ipa (794.35 kilobyte)
o PhotoTwist.v1.0.1-Turanli.ipa (543.39 kilobyte)
o Pianist.ipa (6.94 megabyte)
o Picoli.ipa (888.08 kilobyte)
o PicVault.ipa (48.14 kilobyte)
o Pinball RC.ipa (9.69 megabyte)
o Pinch__n_Pop_-v1[1].1.1.ipa (2.54 megabyte)
o Platinum Solitaire.ipa (30.8 megabyte)
o PocketGuitar.v1.0-wilchy.ipa (3.46 megabyte)
o PocketMoney 1.2.1.ipa (527.26 kilobyte)
o Poker Timer Dealer Button.ipa (259.78 kilobyte)
o Pool.ipa (644.64 kilobyte)
o PowerBall (v1.2).ipa (2.87 megabyte)
o pTerm 1.1.ipa (309.37 kilobyte)
o Putt Putt.ipa (2.67 megabyte)
o PuzzLoop 1.0.ipa (6.96 megabyte)
o Quartz2Deluxe 1.0 UNCCcracker.ipa (2.99 megabyte)
o Quordy 1.1.ipa (1.32 megabyte)
o r u drunk 1.1.ipa (776.98 kilobyte)
o Raging_Thunder_1.0.2.ipa (2.51 megabyte)
o ReaddleDocs 1.0.2.ipa (547.7 kilobyte)
o Real_Soccer_2009_1.0.3.ipa (69.14 megabyte)
o Recorder 2.0.ipa (525.93 kilobyte)
o RectanglesManiak 1.0.ipa (170.3 kilobyte)
o ReelDealSlots 1.0.ipa (25.77 megabyte)
o ReignOfSwords.ipa (4.98 megabyte)
o reMovem.v1.0.1-LoBo.ipa (544.86 kilobyte)
o Restaurant Nutrition 1.2.ipa (766.21 kilobyte)
o Rockfall.v1.92-b00sted4fun.ipa (817.6 kilobyte)
o Rocky 1.0.ipa (362.99 kilobyte)
o Rooms - Your Mobile Chat Client 0.5.ipa (806.26 kilobyte)
o Rotary Dialer 2.0.ipa (905.84 kilobyte)
o Rulla.v1.0.2-TheMonkeysBall.ipa (60.81 kilobyte)
o School[1].Of.Rock.v1.1-bosspull.ipa (113.98 megabyte)
o Scoops-v1[1].3.ipa (598.67 kilobyte)
o Scrabble.ipa (6.56 megabyte)
o ScribBall (v1.0).ipa (1.26 megabyte)
o Seismometer.v1.0-DsurioN.ipa (830.04 kilobyte)
o Serpents.ipa (23.34 megabyte)
o Sextuple Word Challenge.ipa (572.94 kilobyte)
o Shake N Break 1.0.ipa (1.64 megabyte)
o Shanghai_Mahjong_1.1.ipa (1.76 megabyte)
o ShoppingList.ipa (312.24 kilobyte)
o Shout It.ipa (59.59 kilobyte)
o Shuffleboard.ipa (396.63 kilobyte)
o Shufflepuck 1.7.1.ipa (543.3 kilobyte)
o Siddur 1.5.ipa (1.95 megabyte)
o SignalScope 1.1.ipa (231.05 kilobyte)
o SignalSuite 1.0.1.ipa (426.57 kilobyte)
o Sketches 1.2.ipa (2.62 megabyte)
o SmartSokoban 1.0.ipa (86.57 kilobyte)
o Snake.v2-raz0r.ipa (284.88 kilobyte)
o SolarQuest.ipa (3.71 megabyte)
o Solitaire Top 3.ipa (1.3 megabyte)
o Solitaire.City.v1.20-raz0r.ipa (3.36 megabyte)
o SoLuna 1.01.ipa (142.02 kilobyte)
o SoundMeter 1.0.ipa (106.42 kilobyte)
o South Park Imaginationland.ipa (6.76 megabyte)
o Space Monkey.ipa (32.59 megabyte)
o Space Out (v1.1).ipa (4.09 megabyte)
o Space Path 1.5.ipa (3.44 megabyte)
o Space_Invasion 1.5.ipa (1.63 megabyte)
o Spacemania (v1.0).ipa (837.9 kilobyte)
o (1.53 megabyte)
o Spanish-English Translation Dict.ipa (60.11 megabyte)
o SpeakEasy.ipa (335.22 kilobyte)
o Speed Dial.ipa (128 kilobyte)
o Speedometer 1.1.ipa (531.98 kilobyte)
o SplashID 4.0.4.ipa (522.54 kilobyte)
o SplashMoney.ipa (840.32 kilobyte)
o Spore_Origins_(v1.0.0).ipa (79.71 megabyte)
o Squirgle.ipa (15.54 megabyte)
o Star Trigon (v1.0.0).ipa (8.71 megabyte)
o Star Wars The Force Unleashed (v1.0.9).ipa (20 megabyte)
o Starmap 1.0.ipa (5.7 megabyte)
o Starsmasher.ipa (4.64 megabyte)
o Stay In Tune.ipa (5.39 megabyte)
o Steps.ipa (265.5 kilobyte)
o STM mobile.ipa (683.75 kilobyte)
o Sudoku (EA).ipa (5.82 megabyte)
o Sudoku Classic 1.0.ipa (542.74 kilobyte)
o Sudoku Unlimited.ipa (1.34 megabyte)
o Sudoku.Maniak.v1.1-b00sted4fun.ipa (233.79 kilobyte)
o Sumo 1.0.ipa (809.4 kilobyte)
o SunCompass 1.01.ipa (156.23 kilobyte)
o Super Monkey Ball.ipa (35.13 megabyte)
o Super Splash Word Game (HangMan) (v1.0).ipa (681.67 kilobyte)
o SuperBall_2.ipa (4.86 megabyte)
o SuperBall_2_2.0.ipa (4.51 megabyte)
o Swap BINGO (v1.0).ipa (15.08 megabyte)
o TalkingPics 1.1.ipa (5.64 megabyte)
o Tangrams.v1.1-raz0r.ipa (370.08 kilobyte)
o Tank_Ace.ipa (797.02 kilobyte)
o TanZen_1.1.ipa (2.71 megabyte)
o Tehilim 1.1.ipa (477.21 kilobyte)
o Teleport 1.1.ipa (985.8 kilobyte)
o Tennis Slam.ipa (4.68 megabyte)
o TentsManiak 1.0.ipa (174.01 kilobyte)
o Tetravex.v1.0.3-LoBo.ipa (799.67 kilobyte)
o Tetris.ipa (9.31 megabyte)
o The Chemical Touch 1.0.ipa (422.98 kilobyte)
o The Converter 0.31.ipa (1.23 megabyte)
o Things 1.1.ipa (364.81 kilobyte)
o TicTacTouch.v1.2.1-LoBo.ipa (1.02 megabyte)
o Tilt Fighter.ipa (6.83 megabyte)
o TinyViolin 1.4.ipa (1.49 megabyte)
o Tip 1.1.ipa (172.18 kilobyte)
o TipCalc 1.2.ipa (63.5 kilobyte)
o Todo 1.1.1.ipa (598.86 kilobyte)
o Touch4.ipa (1.33 megabyte)
o TouchPlot 2.2.ipa (180.72 kilobyte)
o TouchPong 1.0.ipa (355.9 kilobyte)
o TouchScan.ipa (883.6 kilobyte)
o ToyBot 1.0.ipa (11.46 megabyte)
o Tribal 2 (v2.000).ipa (5.59 megabyte)
o TriCalc.v1.2-raz0r.ipa (177.44 kilobyte)
o Trism.ipa (8.63 megabyte)
o Tuner Internet Radio.ipa (156.67 kilobyte)
o TurtleFlip[1].v1.0-bosspull.ipa (13.03 megabyte)
o Twitterrific.Premium.v1.1-Hiratai.ipa (1.05 megabyte)
o TymeLynz.ipa (144.6 kilobyte)
o Ulrtalingua Italian-English Translation Dict.ipa (2.18 megabyte)
o Ultranium4 1.2.ipa (3.51 megabyte)
o Units 1.3.0.ipa (304.61 kilobyte)
o Untangle.Maniak.v1.1-LoBo.ipa (157.62 kilobyte)
o Vay 1.1.ipa (51.38 megabyte)
o Vegas Pool.ipa (598.05 kilobyte)
o Vexed.v1.2-~ If you are reading this report this SPAMMER to a moderator ~.ipa (314.84 kilobyte)
o VideoPoker.ipa (2.21 megabyte)
o VideoPokerDeathManJacks.ipa (1.26 megabyte)
o videorecorder.ipa (524.06 kilobyte)
o Virtual Pool (v1.0).ipa (9.97 megabyte)
o Virtual[1].Pool.v1.93-Vinh.ipa (9.93 megabyte)
o Voice.Dial.v1.0.1-LaManoNera.ipa (1.78 megabyte)
o Voice4Fun.v1.0-b00sted4fun.ipa (28.82 megabyte)
o Watch It Change 1.0.ipa (12.66 megabyte)
o Watermelons (v1.0).ipa (1.22 megabyte)
o WeDictPro 1.0.ipa (906.83 kilobyte)

Download IWik: Wikipedia For The IPhone For Mac 1.1 Download

o Wee Spider Solitaire.ipa (821.61 kilobyte)
o Whack The Groundhog.ipa (2.54 megabyte)
o WhereTo 1.01.ipa (875.34 kilobyte)
o Whip 1.1.ipa (465.58 kilobyte)
o WhoIs 1.0.ipa (27.81 kilobyte)
o WiFiFoFum.v1.0.WORKING-HunterX+adajet51.ipa (118.29 kilobyte)
o WiFinder 1.0.ipa (55.91 kilobyte)
o WikiMe 1.0.ipa (188.04 kilobyte)
o Wikipanion.v1.1-jwill83.ipa (111.05 kilobyte)
o WildWestBank.ipa (16.49 megabyte)
o WinAdmin 1.0.1.ipa (397.78 kilobyte)
o World Factbook 2008 (v1.0.1).ipa (13.24 megabyte)
o wurdle 1.0.ipa (2.25 megabyte)
o X-Plane_9[1].03-hang1526.ipa (14.46 megabyte)
o Zen Garden.ipa (1.39 megabyte)
How to install [email protected] IPA's:
1) Using SSH, navigate to the folder: '/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework' (winscp)
NOTE: MobileInstallation.framework is a FOLDER!
2) Backup the file 'MobileInstallation' file from the directory above
3) Copy the patched MobileInstallation file over to '/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework'
4) Set permissions to that new file to 775
5) Remove file : /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ else you won't be able to see Cydia apps
5) Reboot your iPhone - IMPORTANT! Otherwise Apps will not install!
6) Restart iTunes
7) Double click IPA files so they appear in iTunes and synchronize
8) Enjoy the app or game
download link : download manager with high speed.

Download Iwik: Wikipedia For The Iphone For Mac 1.12.2

Download Iwik: Wikipedia For The Iphone For Mac 1.14

Download Iwik: Wikipedia For The Iphone For Mac 1.12