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A simple plugin to control MagicHome devices.
This plugin is made to cooperate with Homebridge:
It also offers some tweaks and improvements to the original devices.

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Core Features

  • Device Control( view and control your lights color, saturarion, brightness )
  • Scene Support( use colorful scenes from MagicHome or some custom ones )
  • Color Switches( set the color of your own light groups by value )
  • HTTP Access( update and read device states via HTTP calls )

Preset Switch Configuration. Ips must be a key-value object where key is MagicHome LED IP Address e.g. or DC4F22C5XXXX MAC Address & value is default rgb color of the light. '255,255,255' (White) Turning off Preset Pattern Switch, all lights will be reset to this color. You can use MAC Address instead of IP Address as well. Apr 29, 2011 Language Switcher changes all that. It enables you to open applications in other languages - instantly. It shows you what language options are available for every single application on your Mac. Click the Add button, then search for a language (such as Chinese, Simplified). Select one or more input sources for each language you want to use. To begin writing in another language, select the language you want to use in the Input menu in the menu bar. Click Show Keyboard Viewer to see the keyboard layout of the language you.


  • Report us your Issues
  • Join our Discord Server


  1. Install homebridge using: sudo npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: sudo npm install -g homebridge-syntex-magichome
  3. Update your config.json file. See snippet below.
  4. Restart the Homebridge Service with: sudo systemctl restart homebridge; sudo journalctl -fau homebridge

Example Config

Info: If the baseDirectory for the storage can't be created you have to do it by yourself and give it full write permissions!

  • sudo mkdir -p /var/homebridge/SynTex/( create the directory )
  • sudo chown -R homebridge /var/homebridge/SynTex/( permissions only for homebridge )
  • sudo chmod 777 -R homebridge /var/homebridge/SynTex/( permissions for many processes )

Required Parameters

  • platform is always SynTexMagicHome
  • baseDirectory The path where cache data is stored.
  • accessories For the accessory config.

Optional Parameters

  • port To control your accessory over HTTP calls.
  • language You can use your country initials if you want to change it ( Currently supported: us, en, de )
  • debug For further information because of troubleshooting and bug reports.
  • pollingInterval defines how often the plugin should chech the Magic Home Device state ( in seconds )

Accessory Config

  • Every device needs these parameters: id, name, type, ip and services( required )
  • id has to be a random unique text( no duplicates! )
  • name could be anything.
  • type can be: light / preset-switch / scene-switch
  • ip Use a normal ip or a mac address.
  • services Should be a switch( for preset and reset switches ) or rgb / rgbw( based on your device: look below )

SynTex UI

Control and set up your devices by installing homebridge-syntex
This plugin is made for plugin management, automation system and device control.

Check out the GitHub page for more information:

Update MagicHome Devices

  1. Open http://Bridge IP/devices?id=Device ID&value=New Value
  2. Insert the Bridge IP and Device ID
  3. For the New Value you can type this pattern:
  • For all devices: true / false( preset switch, reset swithc, colored light )
  • For colored lights add &hue=New Hue or &saturation=New Saturation or &brightness=New Brightness( have to be numbers )

( Updates the value and hue, saturation and brightness of ABCDEF1234567890 to turned on, orange color, 100% saturation, 100% brightness as example )

Read MagicHome Device Values

  1. Open http://Bridge IP/devices?id=Device ID
  2. Insert the Bridge IP and Device ID

( Reads the value of ABCDEF1234567890 as example )

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Remove MagicHome Device

  1. Open http://Bridge IP/devices?id=Device ID&remove=CONFIRM
  2. Insert the Bridge IP and Device ID

( Removes ABCDEF1234567890 from the Home app )


To enable the automation module you have to create a file named automation.json in your baseDirectory >> automation or install the homebridge-syntex plugin to create them via UI ( only between syntex plugins )
Example: For manual configuration update your automation.json file. See snippet below.

Required Parameters

  • id is the same like in your config file ( or in your log )
  • name The name of the accessory.
  • letters See letter configuration below.
  • operation Use the logical operands ( >, <, = )
  • value The state of your accessory.

Optional Parameters

  • plugin Use the platform name of the plugin ( see supported plugins below )
  • hue is used for RGB lights.
  • saturation is used for RGB lights.
  • brightness is used for dimmable lights.

Download Language Switcher For Mac 1.1.7 Pc

Letter Configuration

Download Language Switcher for Mac 1.1.7 pc

The letters are split into two parts ( numbers )

1. Service Type

  • A : Contact
  • B : Motion
  • C : Temperature
  • D : Humidity
  • E : Rain
  • F : Light
  • 0 : Occupancy
  • 1 : Smoke
  • 2 : Airquality
  • 3 : RGB
  • 4 : Switch
  • 5 : Relais
  • 6 : Stateless Switch
  • 7 : Outlet
  • 8 : LED
  • 9 : Dimmer

2. Duplicate Counter

  • If there are more services of the same type the counter indicates which is which
  • Simply count from top to bottom.

Example: The first switch in your config has the letters 40, the second 41 and so on ..

Supported Plugins

  • SynTexMagicHome ( homebridge-syntex-magichome )
  • SynTexTuya ( homebridge-syntex-tuya )
  • SynTexWebHooks ( homebridge-syntex-webhooks )

Compatible Devices

Any devices created by Zengge and running on the Magic Home Wi-Fi (or other apps by the same developer such as LED Magic Color) app should work with this plugin. Some examples of compatible devices are:

  • 5 Channel Controller for RGB LED Striprgbw
  • SuperLegends Wi-Fi smart bulbrgb
  • Waterproof RGB LED Strips WIFI Controllerrgb

Preset Switch Configuration

ips must be a key-value object where key is MagicHome LED IP Address e.g. or DC4F22C5XXXX MAC Address & value is default rgb color of the light. e.g. '255,255,255' (White)Turning off Preset Pattern Switch , all lights will be reset to this color.

You can use MAC Address instead of IP Address as well. Please note format of MAC Address. It should be in capital letters and : should not be present. e.g. DC4F22C5XXXX

Do note : While using MACS : This plugin auto discover connected lights on the network and map IP's to their corresponding MAC. Initially it can take time to discover all devices. All devices should be discovered and mapped in 60-120s. Once mapped IP & MACs are cached, and gets rediscovered every 30s to map new IP to the light. This feature is useful for people unable to assign Static IP to their lights.


Setting pollingInterval to 0, will disable polling device for status update.

Available Presets Scenes


Available Custom Presets Scenes

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