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IBM Installation Manager version 1.6.3 has been superseded by Installation Manager version

Download Description

IMPORTANT: This update has been superseded and is no longer available for download from You should update your product with the most recent version available. See for the most recent version.Download
Impact Assessment


This release is a maintenance release of IBM Installation Manager 1.6. It contains fixes for client-reported and internally found defects.
Test Results

Regression: An error in the Maintenance Delivery Vehicle (MDV) that produces incorrect or unexpected behavior causing a supported feature to stop functioning as designed.
This includes:

  • Coding errors that cause a regression
  • Documentation or packaging problems that cause a regression
  • Errors reported in a new function delivered in a MDV that cause a regression

Incomplete: An error in the MDV has not regressed, but does not work as designed.
This includes:

  • Fixed APARs which did not solve the original problem but did not break anything new
  • APARs reporting documentation errors, such as readme errors, that cause problems applying an MDV but do not lead to a regression
  • Regression and incomplete APARs are considered fix-in-error or MDV-in-error
  • Definitions above apply only to valid APARs that result in product fixes (APARs returned as working-as-designed are not assessed for being fix-in-error)
  • Issues in major releases due to new functionality do not apply in this definition
A critical issue was identified in Installation Manager version 1.6.3 and certain offering combination installed into the same package group would not install correctly. This issue was fixed in the IBM Installation Manager.

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Download MAC3dec 1.6.3 Version

[{'Product':{'code':'SSDV2W','label':'IBM Installation Manager'},'Business Unit':{'code':'BU053','label':'Cloud & Data Platform'},'Component':'Install','Platform':[{'code':'PF002','label':'AIX'},{'code':'PF010','label':'HP-UX'},{'code':'PF012','label':'IBM i'},{'code':'PF016','label':'Linux'},{'code':'PF022','label':'OS X'},{'code':'PF027','label':'Solaris'},{'code':'PF033','label':'Windows'},{'code':'PF035','label':'z/OS'}],'Version':'1.6.3','Edition':','Line of Business':{'code':'LOB45','label':'Automation'}}]

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25 October 2021