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Mozilla Firefox for Mac. Mozilla Firefox for Mac has a long standing history of being one of the most efficient web browsers available and is available as a free download. Firefox for Mac is an extremely feature-packed and ve.

Check to see if your Macintosh meets Daylite CRM specifications below:


  • Mac OS X 10.2.6, Mac OS X Server 10.2.6 or later

For Daylite databases smaller than 5,000 records:

  • A 400 MHz G3 processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB hard disk space*

For Daylite databases larger than 5,000 records:

  • A 500 MHz G4 processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 1 GB of hard disk space*
  • 1024×768 minimum display resolution
  • CD-ROM required for installation of store-bought software
  • Internet connection for installation of download software
  • A high-speed network connection for sharing databases via LAN or WAN
  • *Hard disk space requirements vary depending on the size of stored notes & letters. These requirements are only for the computers running the database. Client computers require approximately 30MB for the Application itself.

Mac OS X Services Menu Support

  • Make and attach Notes from Apple Mail

And from any Services aware application

  • Make Timeblocks, Notes and Tasks from selected text
  • Make or find a Contact from an e-mail address


  • Included Text Import Maps


  • ACT! 2.8
  • Entourage v.x
  • Group Organizer
  • Now Contact
  • Palm 4.x Addresses
  • Customizable import maps for other data sources

Download MailDrop For Mac 2.6 Windows 7

Other Importers

  • ACT! 2000 & ACT! 6
  • QuickBooks Contacts
  • XML Web Leads


  • Tasks & Timeblocks to iCal (including iPod)
  • Contacts to vCard (including iPod)
  • Any list view as tab-delimited data
  • Copy/Paste list views into Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Synchronize with Palm Powered devices & Apple Address Book


  • Any Palm Device that synchronizes with iSync or Palm Desktop 4.x on Mac OS X

Included Palm Conduits

  • Date book
  • To do
  • Addresses
  • Notes


  • Distinct Objects for Contacts and Organizations
  • Synchronize with Palm Powered devices
  • Synchronize with your Mac OS X Address Book
  • Associate Contacts with Organizations through user defined Roles
  • Create unlimited Groups and Subgroups
  • Print envelopes and labels from over 800 standard templates—even create your own!
  • Send bulk HTML e-mail with MailDrop™
  • Merge Letters with the built-in text editor, Microsoft Word™ v.x, Microsoft Excel™ v.x, and OmniGraffle™ Pro 3
  • Quickly compose an e-mail to contacts with a single click
  • Use the Services menu to quickly create Contacts (See Mac OS X Services menu)
  • Comprehensive List and Card Views for Contacts, Organizations & Groups
  • Unlimited phone numbers, and physical and electronic addresses
  • See Activity Management for activities


  • Link any number of Contacts to an Opportunities and specify the Role they play
  • Define your own stages and types for Opportunities
  • Visualize your current sales status with the Pipeline graph
  • Visualize your upcoming revenues with the Sales Forecast graph
  • Visualize your long term performance with Win/Loss Trend graph
  • Visualize revenue potential using color gradients
  • Define your own win/loss reasons
  • Use units, unit price, probabilities and forecast close dates
  • See Activity Management for activities


  • Define and create unlimited Forms with unlimited fields
  • Attach unlimited file and web references
  • Automatically record outgoing e-mail and merged letters
  • 16 Extra Fields for custom data in your List Views (12 text fields an 4 date fields
  • Quick Filters on top of each List View
  • Multi-field Filtering
  • Favorite Filters
  • Global Find
  • Summary Views
  • Generate HTML, RTF, PDF and plain text reports. Customize reports using simple scripts.
  • Analyze lists with Chartsmith™ to create great charts
  • DetailView with ‘Recent’ 20 objects
  • Bulk editing
  • Display, hide, resize, reorganize most columns in each list view
  • Use Keywords and Categories to classify Objects
  • Use Priority to mark importance


  • OpenBase SQL 8.0 PowerCenter included in DayLite installer.


  • Create and manage single or repeating Timeblocks, Tasks and Subtasks
  • Set reminders for your Timeblocks and Tasks
  • Link activities to multiple DayLite Objects
  • Define and apply billing rates to activities
  • Define Activity Sets (sequentially ordered sets of Tasks and Timeblocks)
  • Start and attach Task Timers
  • Link rich text notes to multiple DayLite Objects
  • Print Notes or send as e-mail
  • Use the Services menu to quickly create Notes, Timeblocks and Tasks (See Mac OS X Services menu)
  • View Timeblocks and events in DayView, WeekView, MonthView and Time List
  • Viewable Task List
  • Display Mini Calendars in a drawer
  • Select incongruous dates for simultaneous display in DayView


  • Link any number of Contacts and specify the Role they play
  • Organize all of your Tasks, Timeblocks, staff, and objectives in one place.
  • Integrate file references and URL’s, Organization and contacts
  • Coordinate Activity Sets
  • Create Projects from Opportunities
  • Increased awareness through detailed summaries


Maildrop Download For Windows 10

  • Organizational User Management and Access Levels
  • 5 Access Levels (Privileged, Peers, Direct Reports, Team, Public)
  • Mark records as ‘read only’ or ‘read and edit by others’
  • Share calendars, contacts, organizations, groups, projects and opportunities.
  • Assign and reassign Objects to users
  • Access databases located on the current computer, on the local network or over the Internet
  • Create fully functional offline copies. Work on the road and synchronize
  • Delegate tasks and appointments to other users
  • Administrator can restrict offline databasecreation & synchronization
  • Pessimistic record locking
  • Connect to multiple databases simultaneously

What Is Maildrop For Iphone


  • 1-User, 5-User, and 10-User licenses available as individual purchases
  • Variable size licenses are available. Please email us at [email protected]


Download MailDrop For Mac 2.6 Desktop

  • Complementary installation support provided for 30 days to newly registered users, beginning from date of purchase.
  • Additional support available through the Marketcircle Advantage Program. Please visit the Marketcircle website for more information.