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Join us in shaping the next major release of Visual Studio

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Take advantage of all your computer’s resources to scale Visual Studio to the largest of projects and complex workloads without running out of memory. You can continue to run and debug your 32-bit apps.

Develop cross-platform apps with C# and .NET MAUI. Build responsive Web UIs with Blazor. Build, debug, and test .NET apps in Linux environments. Use hot reload capabilities across .NET apps. Edit ASP.NET Web pages with Web Live Preview.

Visual Studio 2022 comes with our latest toolchain for targeting C++20 and is binary-compatible with 2022. Develop cross-platform C++ projects from Windows and leverage the best the ecosystem has to offer.

IntelliCode now automatically completes larger chunks of code, up to a whole line at a time, by understanding your coding context better, and leveraging the wisdom of nearly half a million open source repos’ code patterns.

Visual Studio 2022 has a refreshed look with new icons and theme that’s improves clarity and consistency, while keeping familiarity. More than what comes out of the box Visual Studio has 100s of options for you to customize to make Visual Studio truly yours.

Unlock your potential as a developer with debugging tools that empower you to quickly diagnose issues. Use async visualizations, automatic analyzers, time travel debugging, and a dozens of others tools.

Install Visual Studio 2022 Preview side-by-side with previous versions.

Visual Studio Community is a free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source contributors, and individual developers.

Visual Studio professional is a powerful, fully-featured IDE for developers designing, building, and deploying innovative applications for any platform.

Download MedCodes-08 For Mac 1.0 File

Visual Studio Enterprise is a powerful, comprehensive IDE for developers designing, building, testing, and deploying complex applications for any platform—including the Microsoft stack.

This Preview is not licensed to build production applications. For production applications please download stable release of Visual Studio from our downloads page.

These Build Tools allow you to build Visual Studio projects from a command-line interface. Supported projects include: ASP.NET, Azure, C++ desktop, ClickOnce, containers, .NET Core, .NET Desktop, Node.js, Office and SharePoint, Python, TypeScript, Unit Tests, UWP, WCF, and Xamarin.

Future releases

The Visual Studio 2022 roadmap shows you a high-level overview of the key capabilities and features that we’re working on.

1.0Visual Studio 2022 roadmapDownload MedCodes-08 for Mac 1.0 pro

Our vision

Developer Division CVP Amanda Silver shares the big ideas behind Visual Studio 2022 and offers a glimpse at our plans for the future.

Download MedCodes-08 For Mac 1.0 Online

Read our vision for Visual Studio 2022

Remote Office Hours

Download Medcodes-08 For Mac 1.0 Software

Microsoft program managers Mads Kristensen and Andy Sterland take a deep dive into what the 64-bit Visual Studio will mean to you.

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Download MedCodes-08 For Mac 1.0 Pro

As you evaluate Visual Studio 2022 Preview, you can interact directly with Microsoft engineers in our Developer Community. Your bug reports, feature suggestions, upvotes, and comments all help us build the best IDE that we possibly can.