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Free downloads for building and running.NET apps on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Runtimes, SDKs, and developer packs for.NET Framework,.NET, and ASP.NET. M-Audio DELTA 44 Driver and Manual and Utility for Windows and Mac OS. M-Audio DELTA 44 Driver, Manual, and Utility Download and Update for Windows and Mac OS. 2 M-Audio Delta 44/Delta 66 Audio Driver 2.0.8 Mac OS 10.5.4/10.5.5. File Name: deltaosx2.0.8.dmg. OS: Mac OS 10.5.4/10.5.5. focus on One-stop.

  • ISmKit Windows PC & iSmKit Mac. C lick here to download. ISmKitmac2.0.520180930 Click here to download.
  • MacOS Monterey: The essential step-by-step manual to mastering your Mac and macOS Monterey - October 2021.

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Watch the set of videos on the Best Practices for Using OceanView 2.0.

You may purchase OceanView online, or contact our Customer Support team. Upon purchase your Product Key is emailed to you automatically.

Once you have a Product Key and wish to activate:

  • Go to main menu under Help / Licensing.
  • Enter your product key and click the “Activate” button.

Please Note: Upon initial installation, OceanView 2.0 will automatically display as an Unlicensed, 30-day free trial until the Product Key is entered and Activated.

Part 1 - Best Practices for Using OceanView

Ocean Insight's Lab Services Manager, Yvette Mattley and Senior Application Scientist, Derek Guenther, walk through the new OceanView 2.0.

Part 2 - Best Practices for Using OceanView

The second part of OceanView 2.0 Webinar Series covers The Wizard and the Power of the Schematic.

Best Practices for Using OceanView Q&A

The last video answers some of the pressing questions from our customers. Thank You!

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Banktivity 8 manual

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Download Manual For Iphone 8

A most excellent useful utility that makes editing the hosts file child's play.Three minor issues that I have:-1. using this utility adds and additional 'Permissions Repair' job to OS X's permission repair procedure when executed from Disk Utility. There is a permission repair for the 'hosts file' that never goes away every single time permission repair is executed. It is perpetual.2. Not sure why, but if I click on setting within Gas Mask the setting windows won't show unless I open the editor window and then suddenly both windows open. This never happened on a previous version (a few versions back I think).... Or is it the other way round, i.e. click on settings to get the editor window open; I'm not 100% because I've just reinstalled Mac OS X & Bootcamp and have yet to install Gas Mask back as well as many other apps.3. If I remember correctly, Gas Mask may not always automatically run upon 'log-in/boot up' even though start with login is enabled.Otherwise an excellent utility and a must have if above could be remedied.