Download Mobile Mouse Server For Mac 3.5.6

‎Mobile Mouse is the server software to accompany the Mobile Mouse App for the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, and iPad Instantly transform your mobile device into motion based mouse, trackpad, and wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control yo. HotCorners Overview. V1.2.0 Do more with corners, cause' corners do matter! HotCorners is a recreation of a MacOs utility component for windows 10. This utility software triggers event when your mouse is pointed to any of the. Four corners of the screen, events can be choosed from the gui, or the user can. Set his own app trigger to run!

Download Mobile Mouse Server for Mac 3.5.6 download

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is an app that helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC.

This app is not available for Windows S mode.

Download the latest release of Mouse and Keyboard Center:

Latest release: Mouse and Keyboard Center 14

This latest release supports these new devices:

  • Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Artic Camo Special Edition

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Nightfall Camo Special Edition

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Forest Camo Special Edition

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

  • Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

  • Microsoft Number Pad

What's new or improved

Mobile Mouse Server Download

This latest release includes these new features or improvements:

Mobile Mouse Server Mac


Download Mobile Mouse Server For Mac 3.5.6 Download

  • Smart Switch now supports both mouse and keyboard.

  • Use Spotlight to show people what you're talking about during an online meeting—just click your mouse to put a spotlight on part of your screen.