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Record 1.5.1 is an update compatible with version 5 of Reason. Record 1.5.1 does not work with Reason version 4.

Please note: The Record 1.5.1 installer will overwrite any older version of Record on your computer. If you want to keep Record 1 installed, rename its folder first. See the included Readme file for details.

Download Record
Windows, 1 GB

Updating from Record 1.5

Record 1.5.1 is a maintenance release, fixing various bugs and issues in Record 1.5. A list of the changes introduced in Record 1.5.1 can be found here.

Version 1.5.1 is a free and recommended update for all Record 1.5 users.

Upgrading from an earlier version of Record

Record 1.5 can not integrate with Reason 4, and will also require a new license to run. Therefore, you should only upgrade Record to version 1.5 in one of the following cases:

  • If you are a Record+Reason user and have purchased the Reason 5 upgrade. Registering your Reason 5 license will automatically give you a Record 1.5 license.
  • If you own Record but not Reason. Then you will automatically get a Record 1.5 license registered to your account.

You should only upgrade if the above applies to you, using the following procedure:

  1. Download Record 1.5.1
  2. Uninstall your previous Record version
    Under Windows, please use the Uninstall feature. Also uninstall the CodeMeter Runtime Kit.
    Under Mac OS X, just drag the Record folder to the Trash.
  3. Install Record 1.5.1
  4. You might also want to download and install additional video tutorials, as several new tutorial videos have been added since Record 1.0.
  5. If you speak French, German or Japanese, download and install localized Help and Operation Manual.

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