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You can also use this program to backup/restore all your important data, flash zips, set file permissions, push and pull files, install apps, generate logcats/bugreports, and much more. With the included file association options, you can perform tasks like flashing zips, installing apps, restoring android backup files, and flashing/booting img files with just a double click! The program includes a full featured interface for automating tasks in TWRP, enhanced restore features, an in-built auto-updater/notification system, ‘any build’ mode, advanced restore features,’NRT- Live Log’ for viewing the adb/fastboot cmds that are run in the background, quick tools utilities, and tools for taking screenshots/screen-recordings.

Increased sync speed. Reworked and improved quality-speed levels of synchronization. Now there are 7 of them: Approximate, Very Fast, Fast, Advanced, Optimal, Thorough, Utmost. Added mode of instant approximate synchronization by recording date and time stamps with an accuracy of 0-1 seconds. Nov 05, 2021 To operate P300-IMX version 2.1.6 with Dante Controller, reference the following minimum versions: v3.10.2.4 (Windows) and v3.10.2.3 (Mac OS X) To operate P300-IMX version 2.1.6 with other Shure networked systems, reference the following list of minimum versions supported. Comes as a desktop or Chrome application, compatible with all operating systems. The 4.1.77 version of Vysor for Mac is available as a free download on our website. This Mac app is an intellectual property of Vysor. The program lies within Internet & Network Tools, more precisely Browser extensions. Redirecting to (308). Aug 05, 2010 Version: 2.1.6 when i reply to a message using notify pro, the reply starts a new conversation/thread instead of continuing the original conversation. Notify pro addresses the recipient using only their email address, whereas if you reply via your browser, it will use the name and email address, thus continuing the conversation.

All the latest Android builds and Nexus devices are officially supported including the new Nexus 5, with full KitKat support. The program intelligently and selectively downloads the files it needs for your device and makes sure you are using the latest files available. The main changes in this release are enhancements to the screen recording feature, some added driver information, and extended support for all the latest KitKat builds

Supported Nexus devices:

  • Galaxy Nexus: GSM Models (both yakju and non-yakju builds)
  • Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Verizon Models
  • Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Sprint Models
  • Nexus S: Worldwide, i9020t and i9023 Models
  • Nexus S: 850MHz, i9020a Models
  • Nexus S: Korea, m200 Models
  • Nexus S 4G: d720 Models
  • Nexus 7: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 3G: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 (2013): Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 7 v2 (2013) LTE: Asus Tablet
  • Nexus 10: Samsung Tablet
  • Nexus 4: LG Phone
  • Nexus 5: LG Phone
  • Nexus 5X: LG Phone
  • Nexus 9: HTC Wifi Tablet
  • Nexus 9: HTC LTE Tablet
  • Nexus 6: Motorola Phone
  • Nexus 6P: Huawei Phone
  • Nexus Player: Google Device

What's New:

  • Extended support to the latest Marshmallow builds.
  • Partial support for the latest N preview builds (automated root support still in progress).
  • Support for TWRP’s new file naming/versioning convention.
  • Support for SuperSU’s new file naming/versioning convention.
  • Elimination of the depreciated Koush superuser as an option.
  • Extended the default wait time for adb recovery device detection and retry detection.
  • General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes.


  1. Select the correct device and build (what you are currently running)
  2. Configure your drivers if you haven’t already using the driver guide (If you aren’t sure use Step 3 of the driver guide to test your drivers).
  3. If you need to, backup your important data.
  4. Unlock your device
  5. Root your device
  6. Enjoy
    • Learn more about each option by mousing over the control, dynamic tooltips will provide you more information, also each button displays a message about what it does first.
    • So the best way to get familiar with the toolkit is simply to press the buttons and read what it says.
    • Please read the FAQ's

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