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Jan 10, 2021 Our antivirus analysis shows that this Mac download is safe. The most popular version of the software is 3.2. The application belongs to System Tools. You can set up this app on Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later. The program is also known as 'Drive Genius 2', 'Drive Genius 210', 'Drive Genius 2 kopio'. OS X Server v3.2.2. Available for: OS X Mavericks v10.9.5 or later. Impact: An attacker may be able to decrypt data protected by SSL. Description: There are known attacks on the confidentiality of SSL 3.0 when a cipher suite uses a block cipher in CBC mode. An attacker could force the use of SSL 3.0, even when the server would support a better.

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I know this is a duplicate question but the answers on other topics didn't help me.

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I'm using Eclipse Photon, Java Version :10, I've set jdk/jre versions on 10 in eclipse and pom.xml file. I've changed eclipse.ini file :

-Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=10 (it was set to 1.8)

and also I've added plugin in my pom.xml :

Download Osiris For Mac 3.2.2

Nothing helped. This is my pom.xml :

The dependencies aren't being read in class files and also I've tried deleting .m2 repository and starting Eclipse and doing the : Maven->Clean, Maven->install, and than Maven->update project. Nothing helped. I'm really stuck here for about 2-3 hours now.

Note: in Windows->Preferences->installed JRE's the jre10 was marked with the tick. I changed it to mark the jdk10. but still error :

Everything was working fine until I added the dependency of : spring-security-taglibs.

Deleting the dependency doesn't do anything aswell.


Download Osiris For Mac 3.2.2 Full

Check properly settings with version of your project in eclipse and version of your runner for maven.

I have reproduced the same issue with maven-compiler plugin, but using version 3.8.1:


My POM was:

To clarify:

in project I'm using Java 11 and IntelijIDEA (but logic I think the same for eclipse). So I'm using maven lifecycle phases fine only if my version of project (check properly Project Structure -> Project Settings) corresponds to version of maven runner.

Download Osiris For Mac 3.2.2 Pro

E.g. if version of runner is for java 8, but project settings are for Java 11 then I'm getting this error. If I have the same for both then I don't have any problems.

And I highly recommend to check all settings for maven and the whole project. It helps to avoid the issues in the future. Deleting folder for maven is as alternative solution, but it must be last thing that you need to do.

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It started working Automagically . FIX : delete .m2 repository.

I did that yesterday but it didn't help, today somehow, deleting the .m2 repository and updating the project helped !


Confirm, delete your entire local repository pointed to by .m2/settings.xml, usually this is .m2/repository


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I updated my Java SDK to 11.9 and reloaded the project. With this I solved my problem.

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