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It's becoming increasingly important to have a good app to make video calls using mobile devices. That way, you can contact your friends and family anytime, anywhere. It is also a very useful business tool, a must for teleworking.


One of the world's most advanced solutions for video and web conferencing.

There are plenty of applications for video conferencing in the Android catalog. However, most of them present connection problems and lack stability. This free app solves those problems, as it offers high-quality video calls with no time limit and up to 300 participants. Here's how TeamLink works.

Make video calls from the comfort of your Android

This multi-platform tool provides users the opportunity to call anyone you want by video conference. To use it, you can schedule a meeting, create one, or join one by adding the conference's ID.

No time limit and up to 300 participants.

Its interface is straightforward, so that it can be used by all. Its main features include

  • Video and audio calls.
  • Switching between front and rear cameras.
  • Possibility to share screen.
  • Recording and playback of meetings.
  • Up to 300 participants.
  • No time limit.
  • Multiplatform (smartphone, tablet, and PC).
  • Sending invitations during the call.

Also, this tool is specially designed for mobile IP networks with limited stability. This makes the data transmission more fluent, and the transmission cuts are minimal. If you are looking for a convenient, secure, and free video call app, this is the one for you.

Download Participants For Mac 1.3 Download

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.