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Make sure your Mac can run OS X 10.6 and has at least 1 GB RAM. Go to the official Safari homepage and allow the site to auto-detect the best option for your Mac. How to update Safari on Mac? Go to the Mac's App Store, click on Update, make sure the update button next to 'Safari' is selected. Safari is included with your Mac. To keep Safari up to date, install the latest macOS updates. The most recent version of macOS includes the most recent version of Safari. If you deleted Safari and don't have a backup, reinstall macOS to put Safari back in your Applications folder. Reinstalling macOS doesn't remove data from your computer. Prior to the removal of PdfBoxEditor 1.2, you should first log into your Mac with an administrator account, and turn PdfBoxEditor 1.2 off if it is running. To deactivate an app, right click its icon in the dock and select Quit option (or choose PdfBoxEditor 1.2 Quit PdfBoxEditor 1.2 on the Menu bar).

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Jun 04, 2018 Upload a PDF file containing a data table. Browse to the page you want, then select the table by clicking and dragging to draw a box around the table. Click 'Preview & Export Extracted Data'. Tabula will try to extract the data and display a preview. Inspect the data to make sure it looks correct.

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Download PdfBoxEditor For Mac 1.2

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You have two versions of a document and now you want to know:What are the differences, what has remained the same?

Are you tired of the tedious comparison by eyeballing?

Or do you already use a comparison tool, but are not satisfiedwith the results?

Then you are exactly right here. Read on why our software PDiffreally helps you:

Why compare documents with PDiff (and not by eyeballing)?

Because you have better things to do. Not to mention themistakes that can happen to the best reader every now and then.

Error-free and tireless, so you’ll never miss something again.

PDiff does the proofreading with care and with constantattention, even for completely changed layouts.

So you won’t overlook even the slightest text deviation: You won’tmiss any legally or technically relevant difference. For sure.

Lightning fast and objective, so that the results are always the same no matter how much time is available or who the reader is.

Even for long documents, you have the results within a few seconds.

Differences are clearly and precisely documented on screen andin the proof report. The results are reproducible andobjective. And can be used for internal and externalcommunication.

Efficient, so you have more time to do what you really want.

With PDiff you see the differences at a glance. You can focus onwhat matters most: examining and reviewing your texts.

Performance comparison human versus PDiff. top: Speed inwords per minute(WPM)1,2, bottom:Precision as percentage of detected worderrors3.

How to compare PDF files with PDiff.

Drag two PDFs into the PDiff window and you will see all textdifferences in the unique synchronous display:

  • Insertions
  • Deletions
  • Replacements
  • Rearrenged text
  • optionally also style differences (fonts and attributes such asbold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscripts and subscripts)

The comparison works even for different layouts. So evenif fonts, hyphenation, column breaks or even page breaks havebeen changed.

PDiff shows all similarities and differences within a fewseconds2.

Proofreading becomes seeing instead of searching.

The screencast shows you how fast you compare your PDF fileswith PDiff.

Simplified workflow. 1, 2, 3, done.

In the simplest case, the workflow with PDiff consists of the following steps:


Details for the individual steps can be found in thefollowing sections. Or directly by a click on thecorresponding icon.

Typical workflow. Less is more.

Download PdfBoxEditor For Mac 1.2

In addition to the simplified workflowit is recommended that you carry out another important stepbefore reviewing the differences:


The aim of this step is to reduce the number of differencesas much as possible, so that the relevant differences standout clearly and you can focus your reviewing on these differences.

Automation. When things have to go even faster.

If you …

  • … want to compare a lot of documents
  • … have very large documents with longer computing times
  • … plan to integrate the document comparison into other software systems

then a fundamentally different workflow is possible:


You can automate PDiff – by batch processing in the GUI orvia command line interface (CLI) without any GUI. For details,see the section Automation.

Try out how easy it is to compare your documents with PDiff.
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Applications of PDiff.

PDiff is an ideal solution to compare versions of your documents:

  • important office documents
  • mission critical technical manuals
  • legal texts and business contracts
  • pharmaceutical packaging and medical leaflets
  • financial reports
  • manuscripts and thesis texts
  • scientific articles, reports, and proceedings
  • fictional books and non-fiction books
  • price lists and catalogs
  • copywriting to press-ready layout

Compare Word files (DOC/DOCX) with PDF.

PDiff provides an import mechanism for all common documentformats: DOC/DOCX, RTF, TXT, XLS (Excel), etc.

Formats other than PDF are converted auto­matically by callingtheir native applications. So you can also compare Wordfiles with PDF.

Checking foreign-language texts.

PDiff comes with full Unicode support. You can also easilycompare texts in non-Roman writing systems:e.g. Chinese/Japanese /Korean (CJK), Arabic, Hebrew.

To highlight the differences between two documents, with PDiffyou do not even have to speak the language yourself.

Synchronized display of PDF and text.

To show you a clearly understandable comparison result of yourdocuments, PDiff offers you a unique synchronous display andintuitive navigation tools:

  • See differences highlighted as colored markings in the PDFsand side-by-side in a tabular text synopsis.
  • With several tools you can directly navigate from difference to difference.
  • Different types of deviations can be inspected.
  • You can check off differences with an OK mark to markchanges that have been accepted or to hide less relevantchanges.
  • Optionally, differences can also be supplemented with comments.

Try out the synchronized display directly in the web browser.

Here you can try out the synchronized display of PDF & Textyourself: Move your mouse over the words in the interactivescreenshot and watch how the synchronous cursor runs through bothdocuments at the same time.

Synchronized display of PDF and text. top: Side-by-side PDF view of the compareddocuments, bottom: The extracted text from both documents. Alldisplays are synchronized with each other and show differenceswith colored highlights.

Everything in view.

The main window of PDiff consists of a fully synchronizeddisplay of both documents:

  • top: PDF view with a side-by-side display of document Aand document B
  • bottom: Text view with a synoptic comparison of theextracted texts from document A and document B,i.e. corresponding text passages each at the same height

Differences found are clearly highlighted in both window halvesby colored markings.

Advantages of the synchronized display.

This synchronized display gives you a unique insight into thecomparison process: You see …

  • … where text was found and where not.
  • … whether special characters, accent marks and symbols aredisplayed correctly.
  • … whether spaces and hyphenations were recognized correctly.
  • … in which order the words were read and compared.
  • … whether differences are possibly only caused byincorrectly recognized letters of an OCR.
  • … on which characters style attributes such as bold, italic,underline, and strikethrough were recognized.
  • … whether numerical values and chemical/mathematicalformulas were read correctly (sign, decimal point, order of digits,subscripts and superscripts).
What do your PDF files look like in the synchronized display?
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With PDiff you can generate your comparison results not only foryourself, but also for

  • customers
  • suppliers
  • internal documentation (colleagues or supervisors)
  • external auditors, such as regulators
  • other software systems for further processing

And if you give something out of hand, then it is not enoughthat the reports look only acceptable. They just have to beperfect. The format and content must be correct.

That’s why PDiff offers you 7 types of outputformats:

  • Tabular PDF report (for regulators like the EMA)
  • Annotated PDF A or B
  • Side-by-side PDF A + B
  • XML
  • CSV
  • PDiff projects
  • Return code for automation via CLI

The reports document comprehensibly and unambiguouslychanges and/or similarities with position, text and optionaluser comments.

The content and layout of reports can be configured to fityour needs.

So you can produce exactly the results you need to optimallypresent yourself and your work.

Output formats of PDiff. 7 output formats areavailable. Content and appearance are configurable.

Power functions to filter out unimportant differences.

PDiff offers you the following 6 power functions, which allow youto achieve clear comparison results even with complicateddocuments:

  • Exclusion areas to hide irrelevant differences in headersand footers
  • Page ranges to exclude single or multiple pages such as titlepages, table of contents, or appendices from the comparison
  • Text flow tool to synchronize different reading directions incomplex, nonlinear layouts
  • Table tool to match the text flow of data in tables
  • Replace function to systematically exchange differentcharacters or words in both documents, e.g. for lists withchanged bullets (“-“ vs. “•”)
  • Comments and OK checkmarks to explain individual differences orto manually hide irrelevant differences via a check-offfunction
Without exclusion areas: Differences on each page due to the footer and margin notes in PDF B.
With exclusion areas: Footers and margins on all pages in PDF B excluded from comparison.
Without page ranges: Additional pages in the front matter and back matter pages of PDF B create numerous differences.
With page ranges: Front matter and back matter of PDF B excluded from comparison.
Without replace function: Many differences due to exchanged characters.
With replace function: Significantly fewer differences by replacing uniformly exchanged characters. Differences by irregular exchanged characters become clearly visible.

Comparing apples and oranges? No problem.

With PDiff you can also compare documents where the layoutdiffers widely: for example, check the press-ready layoutagainst the copy text.

Special functions for packaging.

PDiff Professional also supports the comparison of rearrangedtexts. So you can check even complicated layouts of packagingagainst the original text. For example you can compare copytext with the text of a press-ready folding box that does noteven have a defined text flow direction.

Did you know…

…that the English idiom to compare apples and oranges, asdepicted in the PDiff icon, translates differently to otherlanguages. Another common idiom - e.g. in French, German,Spanish, and Italian - uses the expression apples and pears todescribe the comparison between dissimilar things.

Discover the power functions of PDiff for filtering out unimportant differences.
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Automation for high data volumes.

If you need to examine large document collections: PDiffProfessional can be completely automated, either within theGUI or even without GUI for integration with other softwaresystems.

Batch processing in the GUI.

A few mouse clicks, and the automation does the work forentire directories. Simply create PDF reports over alldocument pairs.

Automation via CLI interface.

Do you plan to integrate PDiff into your workflow or call itfrom other software systems? Through the CLI interface, PDiffmay be operated as a command line program. Hence, you canintegrate the powerful PDF comparison seamlessly in everypossible automation solution.

Get started with PDiff's automated PDF comparison.
Download ›Download PdfBoxEditor For Mac 1.2

Why compare documents with PDiff (and not with other tools)?

Because you need a solution that you can fully rely on. Whichwill not let you down with complicated documents. And whichallows you to shine with your results thanks to tailor-madereport formats.

Synchronized display of PDF & Text provides clear insights into the comparison process, so you can fully rely on the results.

With some comparison tools, you only see the text content andcompletely lose sight of your original PDF documents. With othertools, you only see the PDFs, but you never know exactly whichtext content was really compared behind the scenes.

Not so with PDiff. Here you see everythingsynchronized in an ingenious combination: thetwo PDFs side by side and the recognized text underneath.

Thanks to this display, with PDiff you know for sure what’s actuallygoing on with the comparison and how to find the differences inyour PDF documents.

PDiff uses the Adobe® PDF Library™ for standard-compliant PDF processing without nasty surprises.

PDF is a global standard for reliable electronic documents andISO standard for archiving electronic documents. PDiff uses theAdobe® PDF Library™ to ensure a platform-independent, accuratedisplay. And to guarantee a reliable and consistent textanalysis.

The powerful comparison engine will not let you down with complicated documents.

The most common reason that users are frustrated by comparisontools and switch back to manual proofreading: The display of toomany irrelevant, unaccountable differences. And just when thesoftware is needed the most – with more complicated documents –the benefits go to zero.

To make sure that does not happen to you with PDiff, we’ve added6 power functions to the software that let youfilter out unimportant differences in a surprisingly easyway. So, even with complicated inputs, you can rely on PDiff todo a lot of the work for you.

With know-how and horsepower to the finish, so you are quickly free again for creative tasks.

Comparing documents is probably not one of your core tasks. Yourexciting, creative, interesting work takes place before orafter. It is therefore all the more important that PDiff bringsyou quickly to your destination.

Thanks to the intuitive and field-proven interface of PDiff, youcan immediately start comparing your files. Without training or readingthick manuals.

And also under the hood, everything is geared for speed:64-bit technology and parallel processing on multi-core CPUscompare even 100-page documents in 17 seconds2.

Cloudless: PDiff works without the cloud. Your confidential documents stay with you.

Your confidential data remains on your computer. Your documentswill never be transferred over the internet.

Download Pdfbox Editor For Mac 1.2 Pro

In addition, a speed factor: The calculations are completelylocally. You benefit directly from the computing power of yourworkstation computer.

More information can be found here: Cloudless – Your data belongs to you!.

Flexible output formats let you deliver brilliant results.

Do you need proof of the unaltered text or the exact changes made?

With other tools, you can usually only produce one type of output where the format and content cannot be changed.

With PDiff you can create 7 types of result reportsto get output in form and content according to yourwishes. So that you deliver brilliant results that make youand your work shine.

Challenge PDiff with your PDFs that would not compare with other programs.
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Compare PDF: 10 insider tips how to get the best results

Our 10 insider tips are the condensate from years of work in the fieldPDF comparison and the feedback from renowned customers in allindustries. We are happy to share this secret knowledge withyou.

checks your press-ready PDFs for graphical correctness

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checks your print products against the press-ready PDF

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checks barcodes directly in your press-ready PDFs

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Download Pdfboxeditor For Mac 1.25

checks circuit layouts and technical drawings for differences

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1 The average human reading speed when proofreading texts is 200 words per minute.

2 Speed measurement of PDiff: Measured for a 100-page sample document with 59037 words and 590 word differences (1%) on a MacBook Pro, 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM by calling PDiff in CLI mode. The computing time including report generation (annotated PDF A + B) is 17s.

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3 According to a comparative studyby Ray Panko, University ofHawaii on proofreading error rates, thehuman recognition rate of word errors is about 75%.