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So what are those WiFi analyzer apps and how does one use them? A WiFi analyzer app detects all available WiFi networks around and should provide you with detailed info on every network it found. You should be able to see which channels networks use, the signal strengths, WiFi encryption methods used, etc.


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Why can it be rather useful to know which channel a wireless network operates on? Because in a WiFi crowded space, where every neighbor has their own network, overlapping channels is the most common reason of a slower connection. When you figure out which channels are the least crowded and switch to one of those you'll see the immediate difference in your WiFi performance.

Use WiFi analyzer tools for everything

A WiFi analyzer app will be able to help you choose the most suitable WiFi network and select the most efficient WiFi channel for your router thanks to comprehensive visual graphs.

High-quality Mac WiFi analyzer tools have the possibility to create accurate WiFi signal strength heatmaps, where you'll be able to clearly see and analyze the areas with the strongest, not so strong, and the weakest signal and decide how you can mend the issues.

Let’s take a look at some situations when Mac WiFi analyzer tools come in handy:

  • Poor performance: There are many possible reasons why websites may load slowly, and WiFi analyzer tools can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your performance issues.
  • Unreliable connection: Many WiFi reliability issues boil down to signal interference caused by other networks in the same area, and WiFi analyzer tools can tell you which frequencies and channels are crowded the most.
  • Finding free WiFi: Using a capable WiFi analyzer app, it’s possible to discover hidden networks and analyze their security settings.

Check our picks for the best WiFi analyzer apps on Windows.

Here we are overviewing 8 best WiFi analyzer apps for Mac highlighting their pros and cons:

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  1. NetSpot — WiFi analyzer app for macOS offers the most visual and convenient heat maps and more.
  2. WiFi Scanner — WiFi analyzer app for Mac that also detects access points and clients in ad-hoc mode in case the SSID is broadcasted.
  3. iStumbler for Mac — WiFi analyzer app for Mac will display networks according to their types, i.e. Bluetooth, Bonjour or AirPort.
  4. WiFi Explorer — Detect issues that may be affecting connection and the performance of your network, such as channel conflicts, overlapping and configuration issues, etc.
  5. KisMAC — an open-source WiFi analyzer application for Mac OS that can map wireless networks and lay out the info on their performance so you can easily troubleshoot.
  6. Mac Wireless Diagnostics Tool — a built-in Mac WiFi analyzer that’s included in all version of macOS.
  7. inSSIDer — the basic version of this WiFi analyzer allows Mac users to collect all essential information about nearby WiFi networks.
  8. AirRadar 5 — this free-to-try WiFi analyzer for Mac is great for performing large-scale WiFi site surveys.

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Read, try, see what works best for you and your wireless network.