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When it comes to working or spending yourfreetime it is a good idea to have access to a tool that will allow you to monitor how much time you use on each task or action, moment at which you can resort to WatchMe.

Changes in Version 2.5.0: Next long awaited feauture is now ready to use: Weight (bodymass) values are now automatically synchronized with new synced blood pressure values if there is a value in Health that lies within the selected search period (see BP-Log settings). Alternatively, the weight values can be entered manually.

A dynamic clock

By using different timers, WatchMe is designed to be able to show the user how much time he/she has spent, be it for a specific task or summing up all the tasks that he has input into the application.

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To make things even easier, WatchMe allows the user to associate all the timers for a specific type of task in the same tab, so that the data won't get mixed up, and it even allows you to write specific notes for each of the timers.

On the other hand, WatchMe also allows you to use countdowns with alarms, so that the programme will notify the user after a certain amount of time has gone by, so as to remind him to take a medicine, for example.

Download Remind Me For Mac 2.5.0 Version

DownloadWatchMefree to control how you spend your time.

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Our phones distract most of us and that's why there is Remind. Become more aware of your app usage with a beautiful design and set helpful reminders to not be distracted for too long. Download Remind Me For Mac 2.5.0
In order to build this app I need permission to access your usage stats. Although that may be scary, nothing is being sent anywhere and done all in house. Which means you don't even need an internet connection to get all the functionality in the app!
- Simpe interface
- Material Design

Download Remind Me For Mac 2.5.0 Full

- Long click items in 'Present' to Tag/Share items

Download Remind Me For Mac 2.5.0 Serial

- Long click items in 'Future' to delete reminders
- Click button in 'Future' to add reminders
- Notifications when go over apps too long
- Widget available to view reminders easily without going to the app
- Tablet mode supported
- Don't need an internet
Download Remind Me for Mac 2.5.0 free

Download Remind Me For Mac 2.5.0 Free

If you would like to help contribute to this project, let me know about any bug(s), or feature request please contact me!
Finally, thanks to my family, friends, and peers for their support in making this possible. Will update the app more after I graduate in a month from Cal Poly!