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Download Spamcop Reporting Tool for free. Simple script to permit auto-validation to the website. Notice that you MUST use this script carefully to not report false positive SPAM. .NET Core 2.0 downloads for Linux, macOS, and Windows.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications. Downloads by operating system or theme. Linux/x8664 (64 bit) Linux/i386 (32 bit) Cygwin/64-bit (Windows) Cygwin/32-bit (Windows) Mac OS universal binaries (x8664/arm64) Mac OS universal binaries (ppc, i386 and x8664) Mac x8664 binaries; HTML documentation, a copy of Software name Version Release Note Download; KVMS Pro Win: V2.01.0.T.190521: CPPLUSIP FinderEngWin: V2.0.R.190410: N/A: KVMS Pro Mac: 2.03.0: CPPLUSOrangeSmartPlayer.

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  • PC Protect Your PC First screensaver application protecting your PC from
  • POP3 Spam Filter Proxy POP3 Spam Filter Proxy is a multiuser POP3 proxy written
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Ham Radio APRS GPS Other Radio Computer & Internet Digital Cameras Space & NASA Big Bands & Swing Spam Control Misc

Ham Radio

  • WA8LMF Collection of Diagrams and Technical Information An assortment of GIF images, annotated JPG photos and PDF documents.
  • Ham Radio in The 21st Century A nice writeup of the current state of amateur radio on the EDN (Electronic Design News) website
  • Ham Programs List of LinksIZ0AEX's compilation of links to most of the ham software sites on the Internet.
  • Automatic Power Off Device (APO) Allows mobile radio gear to remain on for a period after a vehicle's engine is shut down. It then disconnects power before the battery runs down or is damaged. This device is also being sold through N1VG's Argent Data Systems site at: APO Device .
  • 30-Meter Digital GroupA group of amateur radio operators and short wave listeners with a common interest in the 30 meter (10MHz) HF band.
  • 30-Meter Band Utilization Chart Frequently-updated listing of frequency usage on the 30-meter band (10.100-10.150 MHz) in PDF format.
  • 160-Meter Band Utilizaton Chart A similar chart for 160 Meters
  • 30-Meter Magnetic Loop AntennaEasy to construct single-frequency magnetic loop antenna for 30-meters APRS.
  • Magnetic Loop Antennas for ManPack HF Portable Operation PY1AHD builds remotely-tunable transmitting loop antennas for his backpack HF portable rigs.
  • Steve Gulyas SMA-to-BNC Adapter Many current down-sized hand-helds use tiny SMA connectors for the antenna. Trying to use the typical SMA-to-BNC adapter results in a top-heavy adapter assembly likely to break the internal SMA socket. This nicely-made SMA-to-BNC adapter has a thick rubber collar around the SMA male plug that spreads the stress out around the radio's top panel, resulting in a fitting that tapers down to the BNC socket instead. Easily supports longer, higher-gain whips. Also lets you safely use BNC fast-on fast-off connectors for external antennas instead of fussing with unscrewing fragile SMA plugs.
  • ARD 9800 Digital Voice Modem Links to sites devoted to this digital codec add-on for most SSB transceivers that can provide noiseless FM-quality digital voice on the HF bands.
  • FreeDV New open-source Digital Voice for HF soundcard software modem. Uses half the bandwidth of conventional SSB to yield completely noiseless FM-like comms on HF.
  • K9DCI Radio Memory Management Spreadsheets Manage Radio Memories with an Excel Spreadsheet !Click to tune. Click to capture Radio freq.
    All Memories on one page. Cut, Copy, Paste, Print 'em, etc... For: TM-D700 (not D710), TH-F6A & F7, TS-2000, Icom 706MkIIG
  • Eltima Software Serial Port Utilities MixW can be used as a TNC emulator, outputting data to a serial port for use with another program such as APRS or packet BBS. You are then required to connect two serial ports back-to-back to connect the software TNC to the application that is going to use it. The MixW site provide a serial port bridge utility that emulates two serial ports connected back-to-back with a cross-over (null-modem) cable. The two applications are then configured to use the two virtual serial ports with no physical ports required at all. This utility only works with Win NT/2000/XP however. Eltima Software offers a similar 'serial port bridge' driver that does the same thing in Windows 98. A second utility shares a single physical com port with multiple serial-port-using applications. Very useful for sharing the data stream from a GPS with several programs at the same time.
  • Pearson Computing Serial Port Utilities for Amateur Radio
  • Xport Serial Port Splitter Serial port splitter similar to GPSgate but with fewer features and FREE.
  • Virtual Serial Ports Emulator by Enterlogic More advanced serial port splitter than the one above (but larger and with more configuration issues). Can split to/from TCP/IP, and more more importantly, can accept any number of applications connecting to the SAME virtual COM port number. I.e solves the problem of too many applications only able to connect to COM1 through COM4, or COM1 through COM8 .
  • Pneumatic Antenna Launchers High-tech versions of 'spud guns' for installing wire antennas.
  • SpaceWeather.COMUp-to-date information on solar and geomagnetic activity that affects the behavior of our HF bands.
  • William Hepburn's VHF/UHF Tropospheric Ducting Page Lot's of information on VHF/UHF propagation via tropospheric bending, including maps of predictions based on weather service temp/humidity data
  • Purple Computing 'Share-hardware' source for hard-to-get Garmin GPS connector and USB-to-serial converter cable.
  • NB6Z - Digital HF Ham Radio This site has lots of info and actual .WAV audio clips demonstrating what each mode (PSK31, packet, amtor, pactor, etc) actually sounds like on-the-air.
  • M0CYP UI-View Page Registration information for the now freeware UI-View program and numerous adds for UI-View
  • AGW Packet Engine Send/Receive packet entirely in software with a PC sound card.
  • UZ7HO Website Home of an AGWpe work-a-like soundcard TNC (the UZ7HO 'Soundmodem'. Enhancements include a built-in monitor window, dual waterfall displays and fully-tunable 300 Hz HF audio tones in a manner similar to most PSK programs.
  • UZ7HO's 'Soundmodem' from the above site repacked into a full automated Windows installer, here on the WA8LMF website.
  • Sound Card Packet with AGW Packet Engine Detailed instructions compiled by KC2RLM for configuring sound-card-based (no TNC required) packet systems including APRSplus. [The APRSplus part was contributed by me.] Site is equally applicable to the AGW Packet Engine and the UZ7HO Soundmodem.t
  • FLdigi Multi-Digimodes Sound Card Program This free open-sourced program, available in nearly identical versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, sends & receives numerous modes with a computer sound card. Modes include classic CW, RTTY, PSK, MFSK, Olivia, MT-63 and more.
  • Oliva DigiMode Frequencies One of the most popular FLdigi modes. This page on the HFlink website tells you where to listen/call.
  • JT65 DigiMode Frequencies Another one of the popular FLdigi modes. This page also on the HFlink website tells you where to listen/call.
  • Site devoted to backpack/low-power portable HF operating.
  • G4ILO HF Propagation Real-Time Constantly-Updated World Map showing MUF (Maximum Usable Frequency) for all areas of the world.
  • LU7DID Homepage - Several add-ons for the AGW Packet Engine including the DigiPlex APRS digpeater for AGW
  • ZL1AMW's UI-View Resource - Setting up AGW Packet Engine with Winpack and UI-View
  • MMTTYHome Page for JE3HHT's freeware program to receive/send traditional RTTY (Radio TeleTYpe) with a PC sound card.
  • MMSSTVHome Page for JE3HHT's full-featured freeware program to receive/send SSTV with a PC sound card.
  • Narrowband SSTV using mmSSTV
  • ZL2AFP Narrow Band OFDM TVOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) Live analog TV in a voice bandwidth! A unique proprietary SSTV format with very fast transmission (10 seconds/frame).
  • EasyPal Digital SSTV Send/Receive Client Freeware program to send/receive SSTV images (or any other kind of computer file) error-free. Works very well but uses a LOT of computer horse power. Don't even think of using this one unles you have at least a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or higher. Scroll down to bottom of messy homepage for download link. NOTE: Author died as of late 2014. Website is now frozen in time, 'running on autopilot'. Google has flagged the site as hosting malware, but no one is maintaining the site or addressing the issue.
  • EasyPal Help Pages & Setup Info The EasyPal program has no built-in local help system. Selecting English-language 'Help' links you to this site.
  • EasyPal and DRM Overview Some background on EasyPal and the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) digital modulation it uses.
  • WB8DQT Ralph Taggart's home page. One of the 'founding fathers' of amateur SSTV.
  • Low Cost Video Titler - Character Overlay Generator Inexpensive title generator suitable for adding text to NTSC video -- ideal for SSTV cameras. I use this device to overlay text on my SSTV 'LiveCAM' transmissions.
  • PowerWerx Sells a variety of OEM DC power cords and noise filters for transceivers, and the versatile Anderson 'PowerPole' universal DC connector at very reasonable prices.
  • Argent Data Home of the Opentracker APRS TNCs, a lot of hard-to-find radio & TNC cables, and lowest prices for Anderson PowerPoles anywhere on the net.
  • N6QQQ Digital (ATSC) ATV Repeater First Ham ATV Repeater To Use The North American DIGITAL TV standard.
  • PC Electronics Ham ATV Equipment and Information
  • Mobile Radio Coverage Software A freeware (!) program for predicting coverage of radio transmitting systems. The website is hosted in Quebec Canada and is available in either English or French.
  • Vast collection of useful information on packet radio and PSK31 including connector pinout diagrams for many transceivers and TNCs, and a wide variety of plugs and other interface components for sale.
  • MH Electronics Good source for custom-made crystals for older radios.
  • KK7UQ Sound Card Pages Schematics and more info on soundcard interfacing and links to popular soundcard software.
  • DXLab ProgramsA suite of interoperating applications designed to automate DXing activities. Includes logging system, greyline map and HF propagation prediction.
  • MFJ-1270 TNC Tweaks and Mods
  • Tom Engdahl's Electronics Pages Vast collection of useful circuits, electronics reference data ,links and more on this Finnish site. Predecessor site at Helsinki University of Technology is here.
  • Interfacing Audio and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • Turbo-Tuner 2Automate turning of motorized ('screwdriver') HF all-band antennas. Formerly N2VZ's 'TurboTuner', now 're-incarnated as the Turbo Tuner 2, after N2VZ's death.
  • HF Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Now hams can experiment with this technique for automatically finding and using the optimum HF frequency. Already widely used by commercial and military HF operations. Yet another soundcard application.
  • Barrett Communications (Formerly Q-Mac Electronics) Australian manufacturer of an innovative mobile NVIS antenna based on a magnetic loop ant disguised as a rooftop cargo rack..
  • Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna Another source of an unconventional HF mobile antenna system. A magnetic loop antenna disguised as a heavy-duty rooftop cargo rack.
  • Batteries In A Portable World Everything you ever wanted to know about rechargeable batteries.
  • Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club New site outside of the domain. (The old one was on the engineering department subdomain of
  • Audio Equalizer APO A parametric / graphic equalizer for Windows. It is implemented as an Audio Processing Object (APO) for the system effect infrastructure introduced with Windows Vista. Allows you to adjust the audio response for any Windows applicatiion that uses standard audio drivers. Could be useful for tweaking audio quality or adding FM pre-emphasis to applications like Echolink or software TNCs like the UZ7HO Soundmodem. Works on Windows Vista/7/8.x/10.

Ham Radio -APRS-Related

  • INFO.APRS.NET A WiKi containing an ever-increasing amount of information about APRS, and links to other APRS-related sites.
  • APRS The home page of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, the creator of APRS.
  • "Fix 14439" Page WB4APR' s="" latest="" recommendations="" for="" optimized="" aprs="" path="" settings="" are="" always="">
  • 'APRS for Beginners' page by K9DCI.
  • APRS Paths and Digipeating 101 Extensive explanation of APRS digipeating conventions and paths, and how to set them.
  • UI-ViewExtremely flexible British-developed APRS client. Uses static bit-map map images (or in North America, Precision Mapping 7.0 or 8.x zoomable vector maps), Microsoft MapPoint vector maps and many on-line sources. Huge variety of 3rd-party add-ons and plug-ins also available. NOTE: The author, Roger Barker G4IDE, died in November 2004, but the website and program live on.
  • UI-View Notes PageREAD THIS BEFORE INSTALLING UI-VIEW!Roger Barker (G4IDE), the author of UI-View, died in late 2004. At his request, the source code for the program was destroyed, making impossible changes or updates to the final release (Ver. 2.03) of the program. The program, as distributed, is now frozen as of March 2004, with an increasing number of defaults and settings becoming outdated. Fortunately, many of these can be changed after the initial install. Here are some of the changes/updates you need to make after installing the program.
  • FloridaAPRS PHG Calulator Computes the PHG (Power - Height - Gain) codes used in APRS comment fields to display approximate coverage range of your station on other users' maps.
  • Another PHG Calculatorfrom M0CYP, the British author of numerous plugins for UIview.
  • M0CYP UI-View Page Registration information for the now freeware UI-View program and numerous add-ons for UI-View.
  • Chris van Gorp PA7RHM Homepage Download more UIview add-ons here, including a map server add-in that can create an unlimited number of maps for UIview from Google Maps or Open Street Maps.
  • Cross-Country Wireless APRS Messenger Freeware Standalone program for HF APRS operation over PSK63. Sends/Receives APRS messages and can beacon live position reports from a GPS. It can also link to APRS programs such as UI-View or APRSpoint via a built-in TCP/IP interface. Now being used on 30 meters - 10.149.700 Mhz
  • Green Light Labs dedicated GPS for Kenwood TM-D710 APRS transceiver. This is a tiny plug-n-play GPS receiver intended to be stuck to the back of the D710 control head and cabled to the 710 with very short (under 2') jumpers. If your control head is on top of the car's dash this is VERY tidy! Note that the later D710AG version of this radioi has eliminated the need for this device -- it has it's own GPS built into the control head.
  • 'Colorado Ham' UI-View Add-Ons including UI-Aloha and UI-Rgate from the Colorado Ham (now ActiveHam) website.
  • Xport Serial Port Splitter A freeware serial port splitter similar to GPSgate but with fewer features.
  • NMEA Generator and Monitor Freeware GPS Simulator, Monitor and other GPS-related software. The GPS Simulator is very useful for testing APRS hardware, trackers, etc. Site is in Japanese, but the download links are recognizable. Normally the GPS Generator would output to a physical serial port. Use the XPort utility above to fold the simulator ouput back into a GPS-using application on the same computer.
  • Virtual Serial Ports Emulator by Enterlogic More advanced serial port splitter than the one above (but larger and with more configuration issues). Can split to/from TCP/IP, and more more importantly, can accept any number of applications connecting to the SAME virtual COM port number. I.e solves the problem of too many applications only able to connect to COM1 through COM4, or COM1 through COM8 .
  • TeraTermGeneral-purpose serial and TCPIP/Telnet terminal program. Good replacement for the HyperTerm applet included with previous versions of Windows. Useful for debugging TNCs, serial radio control ports, or GPS hookups.
  • Com0Com Freeware open-source null-modem emulator to connect two serial-port-using applications to each other via a pair of virtual COM ports. Various add-ons can split single serial port to multiple outputs, or map serial to TCP/IP and back again. Serial-to-TCP/IP and TCP/IP-to-serial conversions are useful for remote-controlling radios with serial-port computer-control interfaces over the Internet.
  • APRS France Homepage (in English) Much information on APRS in general and the tier 2 server nework.
  • Download the current APRS server list here.
  • Byonics Inexpensive TinyTrak APRS encoder, and NMEA converter for the Delorme Earthmate GPS.
  • AE5PL Website Lots of APRS and weather-related stuff including the JAVaprs application.
  • JAVaprs JAVA applet originally developed by KH4G now being maintained by AE5PL - an APRS map display that runs in any Java-enabled Web browser.
  • APRS-IS (APRS Internet System) Info and lots of links related to the Internet server component of the APRS network.
  • APRS-IS Sytem Stats Continously updated realtime APRS server stats collected by APRS server sysop in Sweden.
  • APRS/CE APRS program that runs on the Pocket PC (HP Jornada, Ipaq, etc) - Uses DOSaprs or Mac/WinAPRS maps. Older alternate site here.
  • UI-DIGI -- Italian-developed firmware to convert any TAPR TNC-2 clone (e.g. MFJ-1270, etc) into a dedicated APRS digipeater.
  • Search Page -- Search the APRSs database in various ways
  • APRSplus SA Home page for APRS software that uses classic versions of Delorme Street Atlas as it's map source and display system.
  • VE5DGD's On-Line Manual for APRSplus. The documentation so desperately needed but not provided with the APRSplus program!
  • Download VE5DGD APRSplus documentation This is a capture of the site above into an Acrobat PDF file. (Right-click and choose 'Save Target As' to download file. Normal left-click may open the file in your browser.)
  • APRS Webring Links to most of the major web sites related to APRS
  • APRSpoint Home page for new APRS program that uses Microsoft MapPoint as it's foundation. The first vector-based APRS program to provide zoomablestreet-level detail of all of Canada and Europe in a manner similar to Street Atlas in the US.
  • Xastir The Linux/Unix open-source APRS program.
  • Coastal Chipworks Home of the TNC-X lowcost KISS-only TNC/digipeater controller and the Kenwood D700 keyboard interface. (Use a PC Keyboard to enter messages into the Kenwood D700 transceiver instead of going insane punching buttons on the Touch-Tone mic.)
  • Tap Into Onstar Accessing the GPS receiver in OnStar units provided on new vehicles for external use.
  • KD5OM Website Delorme TripMate mods for use with non-Delorme programs and devices.
  • Free Geography Tools Website packed with links to free downloads of useful tools for creating and modifying maps, GPS data format conversions, coordinate conversions, etc.
  • PC Serial Cable for Kenwood D710 Hookups The D710 has TWO serial port jacks. One is on the main chassis, and is used for radio remote control and memory programming. The other is on the control head, and is used for access to the APRS features and TNC (which is inside the head, rather than in the main chassis like the older D700. These jacks are 8-pin mini-DIN connectors pinned out exactly the same as serial ports on early Apple Macintoshes. You can either pay Kenwood something outrageous for the Kenwood 'PG-5H' version of this cable, or get the same cable for USD $7.00 from PC Cables. (Do not confuse either of these jacks which are actual RS-232 serial ports, with the SIX-pin mini-DIN 'data' connector which is actually TX and RX audio connections for sound-card interface applications. Details on the 6-pin mini-DIN here.

Download SpamCop Tool For Mac 2.03 Pro


  • Tri-M Systems Vancouver, BC Distributer of the 'Smart Skymaster' integrated GPS patch antenna and 12-channel receiver that I use in my mobile APRS installation.
  • San Jose Navigation GPS Locator Model GM-44 The actual Taiwan-based manufacturer of the Tri-M Systems 'Smart Skymaster' GPS.
  • GPS Add-On for Microsoft MapPoint. Both APRSpoint and UI-View use Microsoft MapPoint as a map source. MapPoint can also be used stand-alone for a moving map GPS display. The MS-provided GPS handler is very crude and limited. Unlike Street Atlas and Microsoft's own Automap, MapPoint only creates a fat round icon at your current location with no arrow indicating direction of travel, and no trail showing where you have been. This shareware add-in for MapPoint add fully functional track and heading displays, along with prompted navigation of a pre-defined trip. Not needed for MapPoint 2006 and later which have an excellent GPS handler with heading arrow, track line and prompted navigation built-in.
  • Franson GPSgate A low-cost utility for sharing one GPS with several programs at once, along with other useful GPS-related utilities. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the main GPSgate utility.
  • Xport Serial Port Splitter A freeware serial port splitter similar to GPSgate but with fewer features.
  • NMEA Generator and Monitor Freeware GPS Simlulator, Monitor and other GPS-related software. Appears to be a personal page on the Japanese NiftyServe service. Site is in Japanese, but the download links are recognizable.
  • Virtual Serial Ports Emulator by Enterlogic More advanced serial port splitter than the one above (but larger and with more configuration issues). Can split to/from TCP/IP, and more more importantly, can accept any number of applications connecting to the SAME virtual COM port number. I.e solves the problem of too many applications only able to connect to COM1 through COM4, or COM1 through COM8 .
  • TeraTermGeneral-purpose serial and TCPIP/Telnet terminal program. Good replacement for the HyperTerm applet included with previous versions of Windows. Useful for debugging TNCs, serial radio control ports, or GPS hookups.
  • Com0Com Freeware open-source null-modem emulator to connect two serial-port-using applications to each other via a pair of virtual COM ports. Various add-ons can split single serial port to multiple outputs, or map serial to TCP/IP and back again. Serial-to-TCP/IP and TCP/IP-to-serial conversions are useful for remote-controlling radios with serial-port computer-control interfaces over the Internet.
  • The GPS Store On-line source for a huge variety of GPS hardware and software.
  • GPScity Another on-line source for GPS hardware and the RAM Mounts system for installing practically anything (radios, GPS, computers, etc) into virtually any vehicle.
  • G7toWin Home of an extremely useful FREEWARE utility for downloading/uploading waypoints and tracks from Garmin and Magellan GPS devices. It can save points and tracks into comma-separated txt file (.CSV) databases importable by virtually any mapping application such as Street Atlas, TopoUSA, MapPoint, Streets&Trips, MapInfo, etc. Additionally it can save directly into Street Atlas overlay files usable directly with various DeLorme programs.
  • GPS-Related Links GPS Reference and Information Links compiled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Tap Into Onstar Accessing the GPS receiver in OnStar units provided on new vehicles for external use.
  • Garmin GPS Units Supporting 'Fleet Management' Interface. Many of the Garmin Street Pilot and Nuvi series GPS units have a hidden serial port interface intended for use with commercial land-mobile AVL (automatic vehicle location) applications. This feature is enabled by plugging a special cable assembly into the USB connector on the unit. This page lists the compatible units. [NOTE: By default, the FMI ('Fleet Management Interface') does not output standard NMEA-format data. The data stream is in proprietary Garmin binary format and needs to be translated for use by 'normal' programs.]
  • Free Geography Tools Website packed with links to free downloads of useful tools for creating and modifying maps, GPS data format conversions, coordinate conversions, etc.
  • Prolific Serial-to-USB Driver The Prolific PL-2303 serial<-->USB chip set is used in many USB<-->serial adapter cables a.k.a. 'dongles'. It is also used in many USB-interfaced GPS devices. [All USB GPSes are actually serial internally and converted to USB before exiting the case, typically with the Prolifc or FDTI USB<-->serial chipset. The only difference between a serial GPS with a USB<-->serial cable and a so-called 'USB' GPS is that the conversion takes place in a lump in the middle of a cable in one case, and inside the GPS cabinet on the other. The same driver works with either.]
    The link above is to the manufacturer of the chip set in Taiwan and always yields the LATEST version of the driver. An older version, originally distributed by SIIG (a computer accessories vendor) for a dual serial-port-to-USB box, is a 'golden version' of the Prolific driver that seems to work with more devices based on the Prolific chipset, with less hassle and difficulties, than any version before or since. It has since disappeared from the SIIG website. I have archived this install package (Win 98-2K-XP only! No Win 7 support!) here on my website: 2004-Vintage Prolific Driver
  • GPS – A Revolution for Cars! Introductory page about GPS. Hosted on a back page of a questionable car-title-loan website, but the article has numerous good links to other GPS-related websites. .

Other (Not Ham) Radio Communications-Related Sites

  • Common Coaxial Connectors History and details on coax connectors widely (and some not so widely) used) in radio
  • US Coast Guard Communications Page Extensive information on all marine radio communications and navigation systems
  • Jim Hawkins' Radio and Broadcast Technology Page Broadcast Transmitter Facilities of VOA, 700 WLW, WABC-77, RCI and other Standard Broadcast Stations with over 400 pictures, most with downloadable larger versions
  • 'Prime Time Shortwave' Your guide for English shortwave broadcast schedules.
  • DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)The world-wide standard for DIGITAL AM and shortwave broadcasting in the near future is here!

Computer & Internet

  • Depicus Wake-On-LAN (WOL) page. Many newer PCs are capable of being remotely turned on when the machine receives a special 'magic packet' containing the Ethernet card's MAC code. This interactive web page allows you to send such wakeup packets from the Internet. NOTE: WOL was originally intended for use over a local area network. Your router may require firmware upgrades and port forwarding configuration to do WOL from the Internet.
  • WOL Magic Packet Sender A locally-installed FREEWARE program that sends, and additionally monitors for, the WOL Magic Packets referred to above. A little application to send Wake On Lan Magic Packets to your computer. With a correctly configured computer, network card, and a little luck, you can turn on your computer across the internet!
  • TeraTermGeneral-purpose serial and TCPIP/Telnet terminal program. Good replacement for the HyperTerm applet included with previous versions of Windows.
  • Website Availability Tests: If you can't reach a given website, these sites try reaching it from various geographic locations to determine if it is down for everyone, or problems with your own Internet connection.
  • Com0Com Freeware open-source null-modem emulator to connect two serial-port-using applications to each other via a pair of virtual COM ports. Various add-ons can split single serial port to multiple outputs or map serial to TCP/IP and back again.
  • Revo Uninstaller This FREEWARE replacement for the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet in the Windows Control Panel is far more through and comprehensive in removing programs. When launched, it scans the Windows registry and your system for installed programs. When you opt to un-install one, it first runs the program'[s own uninstaller just like the Control Panel. When the official uninstall finishes, Revo then runs a comprehensive registry and hard disk scan to locate and remove trash the official uninstall overlooked. With some uninstallers, Revo will locate HUNDREDs of overlooked files and registry entries. For example, uninstalling the Sun Java 2 Runtime (highly recommended before updating to the latest version because of Sun's sloppy inconsistency about the install location of Java) leaves behind over 1000 registry entries and files that Revo then located and removed. The program also includes a general junk-file-scan utility, and an 'evidence remover' browser-tracks cleaner that works on all popular browsers.
  • Do-It-Yourself WiFi Antennas Huge collection of links to homebrew WiFi antenna construction projects.
  • Codec Guide Home of the 'K-Lite Mega Codec Pak', a bundled install of codecs for nearly ALL common media formats encountered on the Web including Real Media, Quicktime and many more obscure ones. It also includes the Media Player Classic. This media player, which looks like the classic Windows Media 6.4 player but is totally different under the skin, can replace ALL of your current players including Windows Media, Realplayer and the Apple Quicktime Player as well as dedicated MPG players such as Power DVD. It is totally free of the DRM, user tracking, profiling and forced advertising inflicted by the 'name brand' players.
  • File Hippo Massive download site for a vast array of free software. You can constantly check dozens of sites for new versions of popular programs like FireFox, IrfanView, the Mega Codec Pack, WinAmp, Skype, Flashplayer, Spybot, etc. Or check File Hippo once a day to catch ALL the latest upgrades in one place. By default, the site lists freeware, shareware and betas of both, but you can filter for just new production releases of freeware only. The site also archives PREVIOUS versions of programs just in case the latest isn't the greatest (or you need to install on an older OS such as Win98 or Win2k that the latest version of a program won't install on).
  • HDtune Freeware hard disk test and diagnostic tool.
  • 48-bit Logical Block Addressing (LBA) is a technology which extends the capacity of IDE ATA/ATAPI devices beyond a previous limit of 137.4 GB. This limit applies to IDE ATA/ATAPI devices only and not to SCSI interface devices. The original design specification for the ATA interface only provided 28-bits with which to address the devices. This meant that a hard disk could only have a maximum of 268,435,456 sectors of 512 bytes of data thus limiting the ATA interface to a maximum of 137.4 gigabytes. With 48-bit addressing the limit is 144 petabytes (144,000,000 gigabytes). This site provides a low-cost test utility that determines if your drive interface and motherboard BIOS supports 48-bit addressing
  • BK ReplaceEm is a sophisticated Windows string-replacing utility somewhat similar in concept to the Unix GREP command. At its core, BK ReplaceEm is essentially a text search-and-replace program. However, unlike the search-replace functionality of a standard text editor, BK ReplaceEm is designed to operate on multiple files at once. The program does not limit you to one search-replace operation per file, but you can setup a list of operations to perform in a single run. This seems to be an orphaned program but is too useful to die. Link leads to one of several freeware/shareware archives that still have this invaluable freeware utility.
  • Bulk Rename Utility Bulk renaming utility for Windows. Allows you to mass-rename groups of files (such as digicam pictures, groups of MP3 files, etc) using common prefixes, common suffixes, find-and-replace strings, etc. Finally mass file renaming capability in a Windows GUI that exceeds the capability of the classic DOS 'RENAME' command with wildcards.
  • CCleaner Excellent FREE small, fast Windows cleanup/garbage remover. Knows the behavior and hidden file locations for dozens of programs that routinely leave trash temp files behind, including the Firefox browser cache, AVG AntiVirus, etc. It's one of the very few automated cleanup utilities that seem to be absolutely foolproof (i.e. doesn't remove things it shouldn't).
  • JK Defrag Small, FAST disk defrag utility. Much faster and easier to use than Window's own DEFRAG utility. Just start it and walk away. It automatically processes all drives on the system and doesn't balk at drives with less than 15% free room like the MS Defrag. Runs from a GUI, from a command line, or can be set to run as a screen saver automatically when the computer is idle.
  • VU Player Small, fast multiformat audio player for Windows. This tiny utility not only plays common audio formats such as MP3, WAV and OGG, it directly plays lossless formats such as APE and FLAC. If you have more than one sound card in your system, it features effortless selection of the desired one INSIDE the program without having to fiddle with the default sound system in the control panel. The final touch is an on-screen virtual pair of classic analog VU meters that absolutely faithfully duplicate the look and mechanical ballistics of actual Ernest Turner 702 VU meters!
  • IrfanView Graphics Utility The indispensible FREEWARE Swiss Army Knife of image viewing tools. Displays virtually every graphics file format known to man, can convert from one file format to another, can resize, crop, convert color to gray scale, adjust contrast and brightness, do thumbnails of entire folders of pictures, create self-running slide shows, acquire images from TWAIN-compatible scanners, do automatic screencaps, play MP3s, MPGs,etc. All in an absolutely FREE utility less than 1MB installed! Current version includes a basic paint utility, IrfanPaint, that allows you to draw lines, boxes, circles, etc on top of the loaded image; i.e. annotate photos.
  • RyanVM Integrator for Windows by Ryan VanderMeulen . This freeware utility allows you to merge current post-WinXP-SP2 updates and service packs directly into the Windows install CD. This then allows you to directly install XP or 2K with all current patches and updates already included, avoiding hours of downloading Windows Update installs after the initial setup.
  • Windows-to-Ubuntu Transition Guide Very useful step-by-step guide for newbies to Unbuntu Linux.
  • Speedguide Internet Speed and Optimization Guide Internet download speed measurement and Windows 'tweak' tools that may increase your Internet access speed. Look for the 'SG Speed Test' in the left-hand column.
  • Numion Another Internet speed-testing site that uses a completely different approach to measurement.
  • Soundcard Audio Gadgets Soundcard-based software frequency-counter/instrument tuner, real-time spectrum analyzer, and a sinewave signal generator, all for use at frequencies up to 20kHz.
  • Snapstream Beyond TV Third-party replacement for the dreadful clunky DVR (DVR Video Recorder) functions in Windows Media Center Edition. It DOES NOT save captured video into the proprietary DRM-protected Microsoft MS-DVR format.

    ****** Mozilla FireFox Add-Ons ******
    Once installed, these free add-ons will periodically update themselves automatically, and after any update of FireFox.
  • Adblock Plus - Very effective ad filter/blocker for FireFox browser. Removes nearly 100% of annoying banner ads, blinking images, etc. Unlike many such utilities, this one also removes Flash and Javascript banners that most blockers miss.
  • Flashblock plugin for FireFox Blocks the irritating and slow-loading Flash intros and 'mini-videos' clueless web developers feel compelled place on so many home pages, as well as Flash-based animated ad banners. If you DO want to see one of these, just click on on the 'play' button in the blank placeholder that takes the place of the Flash applet. HUGE bandwidth saver, when used with Adblock above, if you are browsing the web from a wireless or dial-up connection. (Advertising-related images and media-player 'crapware' applets may occupy about 25% of the screen area of a typical commercial webpage but can account for up to 80% of the data downloaded when the page loads.)
  • 'FireFTP' plugin for FireFox Adds a fully-functional FTP client to the FireFox browser.
  • PDF Download plugin for FireFoxrelieves the nuisance experienced when encountering PDF files on the Web. (You click on a link thinking it i leads to another web page, and instead a large PDF file takes forever to download, and tries to open your PDF reader inside your browser.) Whenever you click on a PDF file, PDF Download intercepts the link and lets you know before trying to open it. It then offers you choices such as downloading, opening, or converting it straight to HTML.
  • NoScript Security Lockdown plugin for FireFoxFree, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank), and provides the most powerful Anti-XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) protection available in a browser.
  • Ghostery plugin for FireFox 'Watches the Web Sites that are Watching You.' Find out how web sites are watching you across every page on the web with Ghostery. Alerts you when you visit a web site that has web bugs on it. Web bugs are hidden scripts that track your behavior and are used by the sites you visit to understand their own audience.
  • Show IP Address plugin for FireFox Shows the actual numeric IP address of sites you visit in the status bar at the bottom of the FireFox window.
  • Bart's Preinstalled Environment ('BartPE') Makes bootable install CDs for Windows 2000 and XP from already installed Windows setups. Boots to a menu-driven page with far more extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities than the standard Windows setup CDs. Even allows you to access NTFS-formatted hard disk partitions on non-working Windows systems to recover files.
  • Apple ][ History Page A bit of nostalgia for anyone who 'grew up' computer-wise during the late 1970s-early 1980s.
  • Review of VIA EPIA TC-10000 micro-ITX board. This 1-Ghz totally-integrated single board PC is a perfect building block for radio-related applications such as APRS digipeaters and EchoLink nodes since it runs directly on 12 VDC!
  • Making USB Flashdrives Bootable Invaluble for making newer Windows-XP floppy-less laptops bootable to DOS for running old utilities.
  • Total Recorder by High Criteria Software This inexpensive shareware program contains a driver that creates a virtual sound card in series with your physical sound card. It allows you to intercept and record, in digital form, ANYTHING that passes through your PC sound system; even streaming media sites normally protected against local recording. It even has a Tivo-like capability to use a programmable timer to automatically capture steaming media sites unattended!
  • MotherBoardMonitor Freeware utility to read out and display the sensors for temperature, fan speed and voltages that are incorporated in most modern PC motherboards.
  • AumHa Windows Support Center Supporting, Windows Operating Systems & Leading Application Software
  • Dataprobe Web X-10 Ethernet-based X-10 Controller Connect this firmware-based dedicated-controller 'website in a box' (no Windows PC!) to an always-on Internet connection like a cable modem or DSL. Access your X-10-based home automation system over the Internet from anywhere!
  • Pasadena Networks Source for WiFi Antennas, Jumper Cables, Connectors, Access Points and other related parts
  • Fleeman, Anderson & Bird (Fab-Corp) Wi-Fi parts and antennas
  • Hyperlink Technology Wi-Fi antennas, cables and related Parts
  • WiFi Parts Another source for 802.11 Wi-Fi long-range antennas, cables and related parts.
  • Spyware Warrior Message Boards Multiple public message boards discussing spyware-related topics.
  • Spyware Warrior Blog Current news of the latest spyware/adware/crapware.
  • Threats Against Spyware Detectors, Removers, and Critics Logs attempts to intimidate anti-spyware researchers and journalists.
  • ACME Labs - Home of various freeware gizmos including the ACME License Plate Maker that makes GIF images of personalized license plates from any state with the text of your choice on them.
  • AVG AntiVirus Anti-Virus software developed in the Czech Republic. Completely free for personal use! Note that this link bypasses the AVG home page, and deep-links into the site to avoid numerous prompts to purchase the paid-for version of the program.
  • Protecting Privacy & Security on a Home PC Eric Howes' University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana pages on computer security. Lots of good stuff here including updated ad block lists for AtGuard and Norton Internet Security.
  • Gibson Research Home of the SpinRite hard disk utility, the Shields Up! system security test, and important information on Internet security and privacy invasion.
  • Ad-Aware Excellent FREE utility detects and removes the ever-increasing amount of spyware, adware and other obnoxious parasites secretly being installed on systems by the setup utilities of other programs. If you are experiencing mysterious system slowdowns, performance problems, strange Internet behavior or browser crashes and lockups (a lot of spyware modifies your Internet communications components and steals your bandwidth to secretly upload and download unwanted crap), give this utility a try.
  • GPS Add-On for Microsoft MapPoint. The real-time GPS handler Microsoft provides in MapPoint before 2006 is very crude and limited. Unlike Street Atlas and Microsoft's own Streets & Trips, MapPoint only creates a fat round icon at your current location with no arrow indicating direction of travel, and no trail showing where you have been. This shareware add-in for MapPoint adds fully functional track and heading displays along with prompted navigation of a pre-defined trip.
  • World of Windows Networking Vast amounts of information on the setup and configuration of networking in all flavors of the Windows operating system. One of those techie sites absolutely crammed with useful info found nowhere else, and presented in a clear and useful problem-solving manner.
  • The Sonic SpotSite totally devoted to audio recording and editing utilities, MIDI composition software and more. Freeware Wavetools utility on this site at is a very useful soundcard accessory that creates an audio generator, audio spectrum analyzer, dual-trace scope and peak/average-reading VU meter, all in software.
  • Bootdisk.Com Downloadable self-extracting boot floppy disk images for various versions of MS-DOS, and other DOSes. Also links to a lot of other useful utilities and system info.
  • Trillian Possibly the ultimate instant-messaging program. This single program connects to users on AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Pager and ICQ, all at the same time!
  • PC Guide Superb guide to hands-on PC hardware setup issues. Absolutely crammed with hard-to-find information about PC hardware conventions, connector pin outs, processor generations, etc.
  • Infoworld FindDups DownloadHard-to-find Windows crashes are often caused by duplicate DLL files in different directories. This utility scans your disk and finds them.
  • Iolo TechologyHome of the excellent system maintenance utility System Mechanic.
  • Zone Labs Home of the amazing FREE firewall & system security program ZoneAlarm.
  • XTree Fan PageEverything About the Legendary XTree File Manager. Here is THE page for XTree devotees. The HTML pages have been cleverly made to look like XTree screens.
  • ZTreeWin Web Site True native 32-bit work-alikes of XTree for Win 32 and OS/2. XTree lives on!
  • DOS32 Home Page Supposedly a DOS clone that can be booted from a floppy and can deal with long file names. I haven't tried it yet.
  • Netmeeting Zone - ILS Listing pageThe independent guide to Microsoft Netmeeting listing Netmeeting servers
  • Netmeeting 101 Page Everything you need to know to setup and use the freebie Netmeeting VoIP communications program included in all recent versions of Windows.
  • -- Home of INF-Tool A utility for building extremely compact automatic installers for Windows programs.
  • Computer Stupidities Hilarious accounts from tech support types about unbelievably dumb end-users.
  • interMute - Block web ads, animations, cookies, and more An Internet ad blocking and cookie-blocking utility.
  • Tardis Time Setting Utility Homepage of a shareware utility than can automatically precisely set your PC system clock from a variety of online and GPS sources.
  • WebTime FREEWARE utility that precisely sets your system clock to the official US atomic clocks via the Internet.

Computer - USB (Universal Serial Bus) Info

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  • Purple Computing -- Source for $25 USB-to-serial converter cable
  • USB Wholesale - Mail order source for everything USB including USB-to-serial converters and extra-long USB cables.
  • USB-Port.Com Another source for USB Converters, USB Hubs, USB Data and Extension Cables, USB Video Converters, USB Port Expansion Devices, USB Data Storage Devices and USB Computer Peripherals
  • Cypress Semiconductor Data sheets, application notes, and example code for the EZ-USB chip.
  • Dontronics SimmStick (an easy-to-apply general-purpose USB interface) info and boards
  • Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research USBSimm and other example code from my book USB Complete.
  • John Hyde's USB By Example USBSimm and other example code from John's book USB Design by Example. The code provided with the USBSimm is based on John's buttons and lights example.
  • FTDI USB Drivers and Info From one of the main venders of serial-to-USB conversion chips.

Digital Cameras

  • Unofficial Sony DSC-D700 FAQ Unofficial guide to the Sony D700/D770 digicam.
  • Steve's Digicams - Main Page Daily updated news and review site devoted to digital cameras.
  • Hamrick Software VueScan nearly universal film scanner driver.
  • RC Model Aerial Photos A fun application of digital cameras.
  • Tony Sleep - Film Scanner Tests Comparison test of several film scanners.
  • A few scanning tips A excellent guide to the complexities of effectively using scanners.
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Space and NASA

  • J-Track Satellite Tracking Real-time map display of current location of various spacecraft done with a Java applet in your browser.
  • SpaceDaily.Com Space news from around the world updated daily.
  • James Oberg Analysis and commentary on space news from a former NASA operations manager and columnist.
  • NASA Watch Unofficial web site frequently critical of NASA.
  • Global Positioning System Overview A good overview of the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites.
  • SpaceWeather.COM Up-to-date information on solar and geomagnetic activity.
  • Dragon in Space [Inactive Geocities site now preserved on the '' mirror site.] Un-official but obviously well-connected news of the Chinese space program.

Big Bands and Swing

  • Evergreen Colorado Jazz FestivalFantastic event in a fantastic setting the last weekend of July every year.
  • After Midnight Jazz Band A Goodman-style swing band located in Denver, Colorado. The standout act every year at the Evergreen festival above.
  • Swing TimesSwing and Big Band Events in Los Angeles
  • Tuxedo Junction is devoted to jazz and big band music. Louis Armstrong, The Airmen of Note, Count Basie, Les Brown, Benny Carter, Tommy Dorsey, Billy Eckstine, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Ted Heath, Woody Herman, Billie Holiday, Harry James, Spike Jones, Stan Kenton, Gene Krupa, Syd Lawrence, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, George Shearing, Chick Webb, and many others are featured on these pages
  • BILL ELLIOTT SWING ORCHESTRA Contemporary big band headquartered in Los Angeles.
  • George Gee Big Band Home page of a Basie-style big band led by a Chinese (!) headquartered in NYC.
  • ATOMIC Online By their own tagline 'The Definitive Guide to Retro Culture'.
  • Space Age Pop Devoted to the 'Easy Listening' popular music of the 1950s and 1960s. In the words of the site's home page: 'The web's most comprehensive guide to Space Age Pop, Exotica, Lounge, Cocktail, Incredibly Strange, Easy Listening, and other cool music -- and the people who created it.'
  • Paul Roth's Music Liner NotesLots of interesting bios and history from the golden age of jazz and American pop music approximately 1930-1965. Most of the text is taken verbatim from Wikipedia articles, but the bios contain numerous links to audio and video clips.

Spam Control

  • LinkScan Extensive list of addresses to complain about Spam, Frauds & Scams on the Internet
  • Spamhunter's Resource Information about 'spam'. What it is, how to deal with it, and how to get additional help.
  • UXN Spam Combat Comprehensive set of domain lookup tools for tracing spammers.
  • The Spamhaus Project This database tracks known Spam Support Services and lists the ISPs who keep organized spamming alive by knowingly hosting spam services on their networks.
  • Clueless Mailers Tracks the dramatic increase in spam that is transmitted by mailers and/or 'network marketers' using unconfirmed address lists supplied by themselves or their customers. -- includes the extraordinary 'Spamdemic' map that reveal the complex linkages and mailing-list-swapping that goes on between marketers, big-time spammers, and major ISPs.
  • Spambot Beware! How to foil the automated software 'spambots' that scan web sites gathering email addresses.
  • SpamCop Automated spam reporting/complaint site. The way to fight back and get spammers busted quickly. Paste a copy of a received spam into SpamCop's online form and it does the dirty work of tracing the addresses in the headers, eliminates the phony ones and generates a complaint to the correct addresses.


  • Dictionary of Units of Measurement Unbelievably comprehensive listing of units of measure from absolutely every trade and and national system.
  • Tech Library -- The Wenzel Associates Technical Library, a collection of articles and projects for the experimenter and hobbyist, including a lot of useful electronic circuits, and home made science instruments.
  • Chankstore - Fonts New fonts every week!
  • Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide The ultimate list of web cams organized by location.
  • WeatherBonk - More Webcams! Loosely connected with cable TV's 'The Weather Channel'<> site, WeatherBonk opens with a Google Map centered on your general location (based on your Internet IP address). You can scroll around the country, and then zoom in to reveal hundreds of web cams from everywhere.
  • Still more webcams. Link list on the site of a CCTV camera distributer.

  • 'InstaCams' Live Weather-Oriented webcams from all over the U.S.
  • Fred's TDI Page A really specialized page devoted to the amazing VW TDI (Turbo Direct Injection) turbodiesel engine that powers my Passat.
  • The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet Lists thousands of radio stations world-wide with RealAudio feeds.
  • CheapTickets Flight Tracker(formerly the Features APRS-like real-time tracking maps of nearly any flight currently in the air in North America.
  • The World of Lily Wong A politically-oriented comic strip that ran in th Hong Kong South China Daily Post newspaper until 1997. Now politically incorrect and in exhile in the US...
  • Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!Topical and political cartoons.
  • The Universal Currency Converter Useful site converts to and from virtually any currency in the world at current exchange rates.
  • Fielding's Guide to Dangerous Places Very interesting travel guide to the world's hotspots.
  • NANPA: North American Numbering Plan AdministrationThe organization that hands out area codes and tracks phone number usage in the US.

Directory Reference Sites

  • Area Code Locations courtesy of AT&T
  • The Ultimate White Pages Search multiple on-line phone books from one site.
  • Investigative Resource Center Searchable Databases and Links for Investigators

Internet Domain Databases

  •'Network Solutions Home Page
  • Solutions WhoIs Lookup

The Internet -- 30 Essential Bookmarks

By DAVID COLKER, LA Times Staff Writer
The list that follows was excerpted from an L.A. Times article published on Thursday 12 July 2001 about useful Internet links. All are free to anyone with Internet access.

Area Codes: Type in a city and state at to get the area code.
Currency Converter: To change dollars into euros, lira, pounds, yen or any other of more than 180 currencies, go to the continually updated converter at
Dictionary: Several are available online. At are definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary and Webster's Revised Unabridged. At you'll find the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.
Earthquakes: If a local earthquake hits and you still have electricity, you can check its intensity at pasadena
Encyclopedia: The most complete compendium of general knowledge on the Web is the Encyclopaedia Britannica, at, and it's all free. Microsoft's Encarta, at, is not as comprehensive and parts of it are open only to paid MSN subscribers.
Federal Legislation: The Library of Congress site, at , provides a searchable database of bills for the current congressional session. Text, sponsors, voting outcomes (if any) and status are provided.
Game Cheats: Tired of spending hours trying to make your way through a computer or video game? Make it easy on yourself. Cheat. Tips and walk-throughs for hundreds of games are available at
IRS Forms: Not what you wanted to think about this summer, but in case you got an extension or need to make mid-year filings, you'll find forms to print out at ndex.html.
Literary Classics: Looking for some beach reading you can take with you a few pages at a time? Or do you need to quickly look up a Shakespeare passage? Project Gutenberg, begun in 1971, now contains more than 4,000 downloadable fiction and reference books, all in the public domain. The site is at http://www
Maps: For driving directions or to pinpoint an address in the U.S., go to MapQuest, at, or Maps on Us, at At MapQuest, you can get an aerial picture of many locales.
Metric Converter: In this era of globalization, an instant converter to change, for example, feet into meters or Fahrenheit to Celsius is one of the handiest of all Web tools. Some of the easiest online converters to use are at and http://www
Movies: Search for information on the Internet Movie Database, at http://www, by titles, actors, writers, directors, producers and crew members. Loads of links make this an invaluable research tool for cinemaholics. For current local show times, enter your ZIP Code under Find Showtimes at
Quotations: A 1919 edition of Bartlett's Quotations, the classic in the field, is available online at For more contemporary quotes, Simpson's Contemporary Quotations, at, covers 1950-1988.
Restaurants: The popular Zagat guides to 45 locales, including the Los Angeles area, are now online. You can search by cuisine, quality, price, neighborhood and other factors at
Road Conditions: This is rarely a big deal in Southern California except for wintertime, when some mountain highways can be closed because of snow or require the use of tire chains. To check conditions, go to and enter the state highway number.
Smog: To get current readings for areas in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, go to the clickable map at
Sports Scores: For the latest, go to the ESPN site, at, and click on the sport of your choice in the left-most column. Alternatively, at cbs.sports, you can find scores by clicking on a sport at the top.
State Legislature: To identify your state representatives, enter your address at csframeset9text.htm for the name of your Assembly member or at /senators/yoursenator.htp for your senator. For more information on the Legislature, go to and click on Government.
Stock Quotes: At, click on Finance/Quotes (under Media) and enter the stock symbol. If you don't know the symbol for a company, you can get it by using the Symbol Lookup feature.
Sunrise/Sunset: The U.S. Naval Observatory provides sunrise and sunset times for any day from the years of 1700 to 2100 at /RS_OneDay. The listings are for more than 22,000 cities and towns; if you're in a rural area or foreign country, you can get the times if you know your longitude and latitude.
Surf: For links to conditions, forecasts and beach Web cams in Southern California, go to, sponsored by the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation. A government site with a less detailed forecast is at
Telephone Directory: At you can enter whatever information you have about a person's name and address to look up a telephone number. If that doesn't work, try the similar service at
Television: As if you didn't waste enough time on the Internet. You can check out customized TV listings at Just type in your ZIP Code.
Thesaurus: Roget's famed reference book is at
Time: To look up the time in another part of the world, go to The correct time (give or take four-tenths of a second) anywhere in the U.S. is at
Traffic: You can check out traffic maps of Los Angeles and Orange counties and the Inland Empire at The maps show the general traffic speed on freeways and the location of 'incidents' that are slowing it down. Moving your cursor over an 'incident' gives you a brief explanation of what's going on there.
Transportation: The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority sponsors a highly useful site at with a Trip Planner for bus trips, subway information and links to community bus systems throughout Southern California. The downtown L.A. DASH bus system is explained at For Metrolink commuter train schedules, go to Finally, Amtrak schedules and reservation service are accessible at
Weather: The home pages sponsored by regional offices of the National Weather Service are far from elegant, but they provide localized forecasts. For Los Angeles and Ventura counties, go to Orange County and Inland Empire forecasts are at LAXZFPSGX. For national weather, satellite pictures and radar images, try or
World Facts: Few have access to CIA files, but everyone on the Internet can obtain the agency's highly useful basic research on countries around the world. The latest edition of the CIA World Factbook is at actbook.
ZIP Codes: The Postal Service ZIP Code finder is at It's not the most user-friendly tool available on the Web--the directions are in governmentese--but it does the trick.
* * * L.A. Times staff writer David Colker covers personal technology.

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Multi-Lingual Font Test Pages
Yahoo - Traditional (Big5) Chinese

Download Mr Corner For Mac 2.0.1

  • Download NCLEX PN Practice Test For Mac 1.3
  • Download Arachnid For Mac 1.4.1
  • Download SSD Health Check For Mac 1.5