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Download StarMessage Screen Saver For Mac 5.9.5 Free

StarMessage screensaver: 23.05.07: 51% 1.10 mb The StarMessage screensaver will show you: today's moon phase, the final moon: Big Ben 3D Screensaver: 23.05.07: 76% 4.80 mb What do you notice period of time looking at our fresh three-dimensional Screens: Ancient Aquarium 3D Screensaver. Free download of the StarMessage night sky and moon phases space screensaver for Windows 10 or MacOS. Download the free edition of the StarMessage screensaver. OS X Mountain Lion (v 10.8) Get it from the Mac Apple store.


Screen savers don't stop with keyboard clicks or mouse movements

I haven't tried screensavers in a while. Now, under macOS 11.6, it appears that screensavers don't stop when I press a key (any key, even Esc), or move the mouse.This happens with the built-in screensaver , such as 'Flurry' and others.The only way to escape from screesavers seems to be a mouse click.I was wondering if this is intentional by macOS or if I screwed up the settings of my Mac.If it is intentional, I was wondering what is the rationale behind that change? (it used to be the case that screensavers would stop immediately when the user pressed a key or moved the mouse).If it's my settings on my Mac, which one could it be?Way earlier, under Catalina and before, it used to be the case that screensavers could receive keyboard events and act upon them. Did Apple bring that back?I am asking all this because I am developing a screensaver myself.

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The StarMessage Screen Saver is a relaxing screen saver showing a realistic presentation of the night sky, with the moon in its actual phase.


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  • Today's moon phase and information - See an image of the moon at its current moon phase, together with the name of the moon phase, the percentage of moon illuminated, and the recent or upcoming dates of full moons and new moons.
  • Write messages with the stars of the night sky - No other screensaver can do this for you! The stars of the night sky will move around to write your messages. Will surely impress the recipient of the messages.
  • Prevent your Mac from going to idle (sleep) mode - If your computer is left to complete a lengthy operation, like downloading a big file, the computer might automatically enter an inactivity state and disrupt your operation. Do you want to leave the screensaver running (without the monitor being switched off) so you can see the night sky before you go to sleep? Go to the 'power' settings of the screensaver to keep your computer 'awake' for the next two or eight hours.
  • Compatible with multiple monitors.

The free version shows a 'please buy me' message after 10 days, but continues to run normally.