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Swipes is a personal task manager that lets you organize your day quickly and easily, all through a simple and elegant interface. Using Swipes is very easy thanks to its intuitive interface. This is where a touch mouse comes into play, giving you access to gestures like swipes and multi-taps to help speed up navigation and bridge the gap between traditional desktop and touchscreen. Microsoft Device Center is designed for those with Microsoft-branded keyboards and mice (specifically Microsoft Touch mice) to take full advantage of.

Star of Words is a word game where we have to find words hidden in a grid and which is slightly different from what we normally find in this genre.

Swipe across the words in the right order

The gameplay is simple, but that doesn't mean we won't have to take a very close look. And even more so because each of the grids features a theme and we will have to find words related to that theme. We will also have to unlock the words in order: swiping across the only word whose letters are in the right order. When we do so, the word will be cleared from the grid and the remaining words will be reset and form a new word to be found. This will happen over and over until we find the final word.


The graphics are good, the gameplay is simple, and it gets more difficult as we progress; plenty of reasons for fans of this kind of game to download Star of Words. These are the main features:

Download Swipes For Mac 1.0 Free

  • There is always a word to search for in the puzzle.
  • Over 1000 game levels.
  • Get hints and power-ups.
  • Earn rewards.
  • Unlock animated backgrounds.
  • Weekly leaderboards.
  • Play while offline.

Download Swipes For Mac 1.0 Version

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.