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System 7.1.1 is an updated version of Mac OS 7.1 and is also known as System 7 Pro in setup.

Download Tasks Pro for Mac 1.7.1 free

Download Tasks Pro For Mac 1.7.10

Download Tasks Pro For Mac 1.7.1

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Download Tasks Pro For Mac 1.7.1

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ForDownload Tasks Pro for Mac 1.7.1 serial
  • Welcome to Setup

  • Setup - delect disk

  • Setup - insert 'Install 2' disk dialog

  • Setup - Copying and reading files from the 'Install 2' disk

  • Setup - insert 'Install 3' disk dialog

  • Setup - insert 'Tidbits' disk dialog

  • Setup - insert 'Printing' disk dialog

  • Setup - insert 'Fonts' disk dialog

  • Setup - insert 'PowerTalk Setup' disk dialog

  • Setup - insert QuickTime disk dialog

  • Setup - Insert 'AppleScript Setup' disk dialog

  • Finishing setup

  • Safe to shutdown or restart

  • Empty desktop and first boot

  • Apple menu

  • File menu

  • Edit menu

  • Label menu

  • Special menu

  • About Macintosh

  • Alarm Clock

  • Calculator

  • Chooser

  • Control Panels

  • Control Panels - Color

  • Control Panels - Date & Time

  • Control Panels - Easy Access

  • Control Panels - File Sharing Monitor

  • Control Panels - General Controls

  • Control Panels - Keyboard

  • Control Panels - Labels

  • Control Panels - Map

  • Control Panels - Memory

  • Control Panels - Monitors

  • Control Panels - Mouse

  • Control Panels - Numbers

  • Control Panels - PowerTalk Setup

  • Control Panels - Sharing Setup

  • Control Panels - Sound

  • Control Panels - Startup Disk

  • Control Panels - Users & Groups

  • Control Panels - Views

  • Welcome to PowerTalk

  • PowerTalk setup - Question dialog

  • PowerTalk setup - Entering access code

  • PowerTalk setup - Reentering access code

  • PowerTalk - finishing setup

  • Find in Catalog

  • Key Caps

  • Note Pad

  • Personal Catalog

  • Puzzle

  • Scrapbook page 1

  • Scrapbook page 2

  • Scrapbook page 3

  • Scrapbook page 4

  • Scrapbook page 5

  • Scrapbook page 6

  • Scrapbook page 7

  • I'm at work...

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