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Atomic color scheme for Sublime Text



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Sublime-atomic is a dark & light color scheme designed to use on Sublime Text. It consists of sixteen colors selected procedurally (algorithms) and it's part of a bigger project: Atomic, which includes themes and color schemes for more code editors (Vim, Neovim and NetBeans), terminals (URxvt, XTerm, xfce4-terminal and konsole) and some terminal programs (tmux, zsh, irssi, cmus).


Atomic comes with five modes of color and two contrasts for each one:

Color Palette

Dark blue:

Dark cyan:

Night orange:

2.1Texts from last night 415

Night red:

Light sepia:



Texts From Last Night 616

Package Control

Download Texts From Last Night For Mac 2.1 Pro

  1. Make sure you already have Package Control installed.
  2. Choose Install Package from the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows/Linux, ⇧⌘P on OS X).
  3. Select Atomic in the menu: Preferences > Color Scheme > Atomic Color Scheme > Atomic - *.

Download Texts From Last Night For Mac 2.1 Free

With auto_upgrade enabled, Package Control will keep all installed packages up-to-date!