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Usenet is really just a huge interactive database where all the records get copied and shared among all the usenet providers. There’s the data (the articles) and the headers (the index). There is no web page or HTML or anything – it’s just a big database. So typically you need software on your PC (or Mac, or Smartphone, or whatever) to view the contents of the database. That software is called a Usenet Newsreader. (There is at least on online newsreader too, which we have included in the table below).

Usenet free download - XS Usenet, yrNews Usenet Reader, UsenetServer VPN, and many more programs. The usenet client for Mac Usenetic is an ultra fast, full featured usenet client for Mac OSX with integrated browse and search engine, with a retention beyond 10 years of posted binary and textual usenet articles.

Most Usenet (Newsgroup) newsreader software connects to your usenet provider using an internet address that your provider gives you. The first time you connect, it sucks down a list of all the group names on the server. You tell it which groups you would like to see the index of (i.e. the headers) and it downloads them all and saves them on your PC. Then you pick which articles or attachments you want to see based on the description in the headers, and the software goes out and downloads the articles and attached files and stores them on your hard disk. There are also a few newsreader programs that do not download headers (an index) for you. They rely upon article lists that you must find yourself using a file format known as NZB via usenet indexing websites.

Nearly all the newsreader programs have ways to save your favorite groups, build lists of file types that you prefer to download, filter out posters that you find annoying (i.e. spammers). Most let you post articles as well as read and download. SSL (encrypted data transfer) is built into the latest releases of just about every product. And – because there are SOO MANY ways to select, view, filter, and preview articles, the interfaces are quite often a bit confusing until you play with them for a while. None of them are perfect.

Though no longer updated it's available for download, its still the fastest Usenet client out there. It's age is showing in how buggy and crash-prone it gets, but the paid clients that I've used are deathly slow and cumbersome to use, and sometimes just as buggy and crash prone under heavy use as Unison is. Binsearch - Usenet search engine 1.1.4 – The fast and intelligent usenet NZB download. Basic OS Info on iMac full download magnet links A list of the best free usenet news reader clients perfect for downloading binary files and / or reading usenet forums. Free newsgroup reader software download (1.1.12 Build 818) full free. Grabit free download - GrabIt Fast Usenet Edition, Grabit - Anything Delivery, GrabIT, and many more programs. With NewzDroid NZB Downloader for Android, download files from Usenet newsgroups directly to your Android device. NZB files are one of the latest developments on Usenet to make downloading a lot.

Unison Newsreader for Mac OS X. Unison is only available for Mac OS X. This allows Unison to commit themselves fully to Mac OS X. So it comes in especially handy to all frequent Mac users. Work with multiple discussion boards belonging to the Usenet network. Access pages, view their content, download files with no limitations imposed on non-native users. Navigate the built-in browser for quick access to the desired areas, repair failed downloads, etc. UseNeXT 5.62 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library.

Features that we think add special value to a usenet newsreader are:

Must HaveOther Features
  • I – Interface complexity 1-5 (1=easy, 5=technogeek)
  • SSL – SSL Encryption Support
  • ST – Self Throttle Bandwidth to allow other Internet activity
  • HD – Header Download
  • HC – Header Compression
  • F – Filter header and poster terms to block spam and trolls
  • Q – Mark headers for later retrieval (Queuing)
  • NZB – NZB import
  • D – Place downloaded files in directories by newsgroup
  • RQ – Re-order items in queue to expedite retrieval of specific articles
  • P – Pause download
  • AFC – Auto fix (PAR) and combine RAR and 001 files internally
  • V – Built in viewers for text and image files
  • IS – Internal header Search
  • ES – Integrated external header search (Indexing service – extra fee)
  • BP – Binary Posting
  • MS – Pull articles from multiple servers
  • NZB-Only – No header support, import NZB files only

Before we get to the list of Usenet Newsgroup Readers, we also want to point out that there are a few usenet providers that have written web-based readers. They have pretty much the same features as a PC-based newsreader, except they run on a server and there is a browser based interface. You typically pay a bit more for these services, but they save you the hassle of installing software on your PC and they usually make selecting articles faster since you don’t have to download headers.

Newsreader Listing

NamePrice / TrialDefining FeaturesProsConsComments
Newsbin Pro$20 / 10 dayV6.3 (2012)Nearly every feature under the sun, developers add new features regularlyi4, SSL, ST, HD, HC, Q, RQ, F, NZB, D, ACF, V, IS, ES, BP, MSFlexibility can make User Interface confusing. Internal text message viewer weakAnchordudes Top PickThis is the Usenet Reader software we currently use for our own posting and reading. We really like the new video preview feature (6.3). Optional external indexing service ($5 / mo) makes searching extremely easy.
FreeA&A v1.1B ( 2004)GB12.2.7 (2007)Dedicated binary upload tool – recognized as the best for large uploads.I3, BPVersion A&A 1.1b had a few bugs, version GB12 fixes manyAnchordudes Top PickConsidered THE tool for uploading large attachments with superb naming and queuing features. A&A version is most widespread but GB12.2.7 version added many fixes
sabnzbFreev 0.6.0Windows / Linux / OSX based NZB downloader with a nifty web interfaceI2, SSL, MS, ST, RQ, NZB, DRuns as a service – self installer usually works but if fails is hard to configure by handAnchordudes Top PickIf successfully installed, it’s a very easy to use NZB download program – the use of an HTML web interface is pretty cool. We don’t like all the advertising built into it, but for ease of use, it’s a winner. It’s open source, and there is a big community of add-on features for it too.
Easynews$10 mo / 14 dayN/AOnline newsreader – no software requiredI1, SSL, F, Q, RQ, AFC, V, ESLimited access to text articlesAnchordudes Top PickEasynews is a combined online newsreader and usenet newsgroup provider. You use a web interface to search for attachments with thumbnail image previews including motion previews of video. It also automatically combines RAR multi-parts so you can tag a complete article group as one single file. Once tagged, it zips the file to compress it and lets you decide on the download order to your PC. By far the easiest way to use Usenet!
NewsLeecher$20 / 14 dayV4.0 (2010)Nearly every feature under the sun, competes directly with Newsbin Proi3, SSL, SL, HD, HC, Q, RQ, F, NZB, D, ACF, IS, ES, MSImage and text viewers are external.Anchordudes Top PickIf we didn’t already feel comfortable with Newsbin Pro, we might have settled on NewsLeecher. It might even be the better tool for someone just starting with Usenet. Their monthly pricing option also makes it easy to give the software and its built-in indexer a try without having to pay the full license cost.
NewsRover$30 / 30 dayV16.2 (2011)Downloads headers as background process to support a good internal global searchI2, SSL, HD, Q, F, NZB, ACF, V, P, AFC, IS, MS, HCNo throttling or external index serviceAlthough the interface feels a bit dated, Newsrover has pretty much all the features most new readers should have.
HogWasher$49 / 60 Day4.3 (2006)Mac OS X NewsreaderI1, HD, Q, F, F, V, BPNo SSL, limited support for new Usenet features and large groupsNo new releases since 2006, but still considered the best Usenet Newsreader for Mac by most users
Agent$29 / 30 day6.0 (2009)One of the first widespread GUI newsreaders. Handles threaded conversations very well.I2, SSL, HD, ST, Q, F, NZB, D, V, BP, MS, HCNo AFCThe first newsreader we ever used, it has kept up with the times. Be careful not to change user interface settings – they can be hard to get back.
GrabitFreev1.7b (2009)A simple to use free usenet newsreader program.I2, SSL, HD, D F, NZB, P,ACF, IS, ES, MSNo V, BP, STA very easy to use program that fits basic needs of most users (no picture viewer though). The price is right. Shemes also offers an optional NZB search service to make searching headers easier.
BinTube$59 / 14 dayv3.6 (2011)An NZB-based downloader that lets you listen and watch audio and video as it is downloadedI2, SSL, ST, HD, HC, NZB, D, ACF, VNo Headers! NZB reader only – requires external header search tools / site. No PostingA cool NZB-based reader. No internal header lookup – you MUST use an external NZB index site, or BinTube’s own external index service
Unison$29V2.1.4 ( ????)Mac OS X Newsreader, easy to use interfaceI1, HD, NZB, F, ACF, V, BPNot a power user tool by any meansWe weren’t able to run Unison ourselves, but many Mac users lament its very simplistic filtering and thread display
MT-NewswatcherDonation Warev3.5.2 (2006)Simple Mac-based newsreader, no longer updatedI3, SSL, FSlim feature set, may not work on OS X 10.6 and upIn its time it was a good start, but the developer obviously moved on to other things



I have received a couple of emails the past couple of days regarding usenetnewsgroup readers and nzb downloading apps. Its a popular, albeit old method of reading news and finding help. The advantage of it is that the posts are global, so you can communicate with the world. I read the latest mac news, of which I have found some helpful advice, on the mac newsgroup. Therefore, I give my list of the top newsgroup readers. If you wish to access the latest newsgroups, I get my subscription through giganews.

This list is in no particular order, and there is a mix of paid and free apps. The list also includes apps which you can use to download nzb files for accessing binary files.

1) Unison

Unison is regarded as the best newsgroup reader. It is a well rounded app designed as a simple way to access the latest newsgroups. It is very similar to mail in its interface and function with regard to messages and articles. I have this app and I find it useful to reader a large number of posts and messages.

It also has a comprehensive nzb file downloader so you can download the various files from newsgroups as you please. This is great if someone has posted a collection of images, or videos and you wish to view them.

Unison is a well rounded reader and nzb downloader.

2) NZBVortex

If you have a usenet subscription and you only use it for downloading files (its a good way of finding unique files), NZBVortex is a fully fledged app designed to download files, unpack them and clean up after itself. Many downloads can have a lot of extra, unneeded files that you don’t need and have only been downloaded to support the file download.

NZBVortex has a simple downloader interface and is designed to be uncluttered.

If you only download files, NZBVortex is a good app.

3) SABnzbd

If you don’t want to shell out for a paid app, SABnzbd is the app for you. It is a free app, designed to be low maintenance and get the drop done. It focus is on file download and is designs as a simple way to download files.

4) NZBDrop

NZBDrop is very similar to NZBVortex, it is designed as a focus app for downloading files. Some people have had a few problems with the app, however once it works it is a good way to download nzb files. I have included it for completeness, however I would recommend Unison or NZBVortex.

5) Mimo

The last app on the list is Mimo is available for free is on all subscriptions from giganews. It allows you to view newsgroups and download files, it is continually updated unlikely some of the apps on this list. It does everything you need from an app.

Mimo is used a well rounded app for reading newsgroups and downloading files.


There are many great apps out there for using newsgroups. Various people have contacted me on this subject and this is the definitive list. I recommend Unison as it is a well rounded app. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Usenet Newsreader Mac

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