Sync Folders Pro For Mac Download Latest Version

FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files. Instead of copying every file every time, FreeFileSync determines the differences between a source and a target folder and transfers only the. The Sync desktop application is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. When you install Sync on your computer the app will create a special Sync folder. The Sync folder works just like any other folder, and provides the following features: Files in the Sync folder are backed up to the cloud automatically.

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We don't just mean back it up on Mac OS X for further recovery or transferring folders with files to your Mac, but real sync with macOS applications like iCal, Address Book, Music and Photos. Since Sync Service was removed from OS X starting from version 10.9, there are not too many solutions that can sync data directly between Mac apps. Jul 23, 2021 Sync Folders Pro is perfect for backups to external storage devices including: USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.) With each re-backup, the app finds and copies only new files and new file versions, thereby reducing backup time and extending the life of your storage devices.

Syncovery copies your data the way you need it, on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and NAS systems. Copy between local drives, network shares, mobile devices via MTP, or using FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV and many others.

Includes support for many different cloud storages, such as Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, Azure, DropBox, OneDrive, Rackspace, Sharepoint, Backblaze B2, and many others.

Create as many different jobs as you need. Run them manually (with Sync Preview), or let the scheduler run them automatically.

Sync folders pro for mac download latest version free

Syncovery is rich in features, including real-time sync, compression, encryption, email notifications, and much more. It can be extended via PascalScript.


Wizard Mode makes it easy to create your first profile.

Create your first sync or backup job step by step, with explanations of the main settings you need to make. Each job (or profile) works with two paths – source and destination, or just the left and right path (since profiles can be 2-way copy tasks also).

Take a look at some unique features that enable you to fulfill your requirements with Syncovery.

Syncovery’s multi-threaded folder listing algorithm provides an unparalleled speed, and easily handles millions of files and huge numbers of folders. Even more speed can be gained with our Destination File List Cache and Remote Service features.

This will help you save bandwidth as well as backup space. Syncovery can detect changed blocks in large files, and copy only these. The detection works by
keeping checksums in a database,
or with the help of the Syncovery Remote Service, or by using our revolutionary
File System Monitoring Service
(the File Sytem Monitoring Service is Windows only).

Real-Time Synchronization will make sure that changes are synced quickly. Syncovery listens to file system events and quickly performs the appropriate actions. For cloud servers, it can use polling to detect changes. These features are available on Windows and macOS only.

The SmartTracking sync mode is frequently used in two-way sync jobs. It can detect moved files, deleted files, and conflicts (files changed on both sides).


Syncovery allows you to keep multiple versions of modified files, allowing you to restore your files from an earlier date. The restore date can be chosen for individual files or multiple files, in our Restore Wizard.

Syncovery’s advanced NTFS copying features, high speed, and scaleability enable you to perform large-scale migrations.

Advanced Mode allows you to unleash Syncovery’s full potential. The Profile Overview shows your jobs (or profiles), their last and next run times, and the last result or current progress. You can easily create, edit, and run profiles. Syncovery offers various ways to start profiles. These are available when right-clicking a profile:

This mode has detailed progress dialogs, and shows the Sync Preview for you to confirm before proceding to the copying phase. It may also show additional confirmation dialogs according to your settings.

Unattended Mode also shows detailed progress dialogs, but does not show a Sync Preview and won’t ask any further questions. Some confirmations must be given beforehand, in the profile settings (for example, to delete files).

Running a job in the background is the most unobtrusive way to run a profile. You will see basic progress information in the Profile Overview, but no extra dialogs. This is how the scheduler runs profiles. You can still see detailed progress info by right-clicking the job that’s already running and choosing “Show Detailed Progress”.

This new feature in Syncovery 9 has proven to be extremely useful. You won’t see detailed progress dialog, and the job doesn’t block the Syncovery GUI. You can run multiple jobs simultaneously, and check the Sync Preview for each profile when it’s ready. After confirming the preview dialog, the job goes into the background again.

There are many ways to get started, solve problems, and succeed in fulfilling special requirements.

The most detailed documentation comes with the integrated help file, which you can access via the Help menu, or via the F1 key. We will also publish an HTML version of the help, especially for Linux users, since the Linux version doesn’t include the help file.

You will find additional documentation on specific topics on our web site. See the Documentation menu, and also use the Recent Posts and Seach facilities on this page.

Sync Folders Pro For Mac Download Latest Version

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We will usually reply very quickly, but certainly within 24 hours. Feel free to contact support, whether you are using the demo version or have purchased a license.

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Sync Folders Pro For Mac Download Latest Version 2020

Advanced Mode provides access to all settings in Syncovery. Most settings are profile specific and can be accessed when editing a profile in Advanced Mode. But there are also some global program settings.

Here’s a list of some useful Advanced Settings:

  • Detect Moved Files, see “Files”
  • Speed Limit (Bandwidth), see “Files->More”
  • Network Connections (specify user and password), see “Job”
  • Filter by File Date or Size
  • Cache Destination File List, see “Special”
  • Compress/Encrypt
  • Process Security and Shares, see “Special”

You should always run new profiles in Attended Mode first, and take a look at the Sync Preview to verify that the proposed copying actions are correct. For example, if there are already some files present on both sides, you’ll want to make sure that Syncovery doesn’t want to re-copy them. If your profile is configured to perform deletions, make sure that the proposed deletions are all as intended.

Profiles running in the foreground will show a detailed progress dialog. You can minimize the window while the job is running, as well as pause and cancel the job. To work on something else within Syncovery, you can open Syncovery another time.

You can also see this detailed progress for background jobs, by right-clicking the profile in the Profile Overview and choosing “Show Detailed Progress in Browser”. The progress will then be shown in your web browser, not in a Syncovery dialog.

When a profile completes, you will see the statistical results and have the ability to access the log file. Error messages will also be shown, if any. Whenever in doubt, the log file will provide detailed answers concerning any copying problems or incomplete results.

The log files are an important source of information for us, should you ever need support. Log files contain details about when and how the profile was started, and which files were copied, moved, renamed, or deleted. They also contain detailed error messages (if any), and each log file contains an overview of the profile settings at the end. Therefore if you send a log file to support, we won’t need any screenshots of your settings. However, because the log file contains your folder paths and/or URLs, as well as folder and file names, you may not be willing or allowed to share it with our support team. Sometimes logs can be manually “sanitized” before sending them.

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

We have purchased the tool on 2013 and since then we have been using it on a daily basis for backups and synchronization of files placed in different folders on different servers. The tool’s synchronization options, the way files are being compared, the user interface and its credibility, make it the ultimate tool for our daily work.Well done! We hope to continue working with you for many more years to come.

We collaborated with 9 of our branches across the globe to deliver Martin Scorsese’s Oscar Award Winning Feature Film Hugo. Syncing TBs of data and millions of files in real time pushed the boundaries of Syncovery to become a true enterprise product. Tobias Giesen’s support was nothing short of outstanding during this time. Based on our feedback he continuously and rapidly pushed out new new features. We have been a happy customer ever since.

Sync Folders Pro For Mac Download Latest Version Free

I just thought I’d let you know how impressed I’ve been by Syncovery in the few days I’ve been using it. I’ve used many backup and sync programs over the years, and yours beats the others hands down in terms of its flexibility, the clarity with which it tells you exactly what it’s about to do, and the safety features it provides (among many other things I like about it). Thanks!

Sync Folders Pro For Mac Download Latest Version Of Itunes

Excellent program! Great selection of options and many features. It works very well. Fantastic support! I am a .NET developer and will recommend the program to clients and others.

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